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The Conservative United Party Manifesto

Conservative United Party
All Conservatives across the NWE UNITE

The Conservative Party believes in freedom for the nations of the New Western Empire.

Domestic Affairs

We support the current system for citizenship. Being in the World Assembly while also being in the region for a week is perfectly fine.

The current electoral system - for all positions - does not need changes.

The New Western Atlantic
We should make peace with the secessionist movement in the NWA by any means necessary.

The Emperor's Authority
The Emperor's hold over the region should increase; he should dictate most regional decisions - and have the government centralized around him.

The government should interfere in the evergrowing roleplay - as it is a critical part of the region.

Government and Law

The Constitution
Of course, everyone should have their rights mentioned in the Constitution. Also, the region should educate everyone about the Constitution.

The Government
Regulating the government is essential to making sure it consistently serves the nations of the region and regional allies. There shouldn't be any tolerance for government corruption.

To give a voice to less influential political parties, we must have 25 Senate seats. We also need term limits to motivate newcomers to prevent older members from cementing support - thus giving newcomers more opportunities to serve our government.

The Justice System
The High Court should be further regulated - as they are quickly becoming more powerful - and to guarantee checks and balances between each government branch.

The Press
We must bring change to the INN for it to become an active force in the region. We could encourage people to report about legislation and other aspects.

Diplomatic and Militaristic Affairs

The World Assembly
The World Assembly is vital for our region's influence and is crucial to the New Western Empire.

Our embassies in other regions must continue to operate to increase our region's influence. Gaining powerful allies is also essential.

The Military
As the region doesn't have a military, we must create an organized defensive force for our region's protection.

Our Agenda

  • Get recognized as an official political party.

  • Gain at least one Senate seat.

  • Recruit more members.

  • Unite most conservatives under our party.

Chairman - Tobosarsk
Secretary - Goodrum

Give Tobosarsk a telegram if you wish to join!

A Special Thanks to Ravennog for helping us :)