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is Supercoin a currency?



Yes, it's a currency of Eraver, the currency is Supercoin (plural: Supercoins), Eraver uses the currency that described, by the Eraverians, as the Eraverian culture, Supercoin is the official currency of Eraver, Eraver's currency symbol is Ş, for example, if you go to the store, and if you buy food, it will costs Ş50 or Ş20, Eraver's economy has a economic output of 1 million, the Eraverian economy is made of three sector, the Government, the Private Sector, and the Black Market, the Government controls 21% of the economy, the Black Market controls 32% of the economy, and the Private Sector controls 46% of the economy, the Private Sector is the leader of the sector, and the Black Market is the runner-up, and the Government is at the third of the Sector, and the State (only for issue that you choose the socialist option) is at the 4th of the sector.