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Meta Mondays: Why Eraver has a periods of socialism?


Everyday, when the economy is capitalist, I got an issue and once I clicked on it, my economy is socialist, that happened during the periods of socialism, a Period of Socialism is the period when the economy transitions from capitalist to socialist, and once you clicked on it, the Eraverian economy will be socialist with the Private Sector suddenly disappears from the economic sector and being replaced by the State, however, the opposite term is a Period of Capitalism, so a Period of Capitalism is the period when the economy is transitioning from socialist to capitalist, once you clicked the option that changes your economy to capitalist, the period of socialism is over for you, and you have a capitalist economy, but before the beta update, Socialism makes your economy weaker because you clicked on it and it fell from Frightening to Weak, but in the beta update, it's no longer exist because your economy can be stay as Frightening forever, however, for the starters, once you clicked on the socialist issue, it stills exists on the newer nations.