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The North Pacific Exchanges

Countryes included:Freedomsland, Xeosia Later, 2 and 2 is Fish, Austro-Hungarian Slavia, Bulbasaur reichpact, 2nd paris commune, New Vizantiya, Kartujia, The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg, Territorio di Nessuno, Werfond, Republica Guilleana, Anne of Cleves, Picairn, Avharo, Nova-gallia, Brelfest and Comfed.

Freedomsland,Intion North,Empiriton:

1 Empiriton:0.9 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Empiriton:1.5 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Empiriton:0.95 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Empiriton:0.70 Petal Blizzards (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Empiriton:5 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Empiriton:2 Vizantiyan Reichmark (New Vizantiya)
1 Empiriton:6 kalye (Kartujia)
1 Empiriton:2.5 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Empiriton:0.5 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Empiriton:1.5 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Empiriton:0.24 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Empiriton:10 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Empiriton:1.6 Dollar Picairn
1 Empiriton:1.2 Rhile Avharo
1 Empiriton:3 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Empiriton= 4.5 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Empiriton- 1.7 wanda Comfed

Xeosia Later, Emerald Chip:

1 Emerald Chip=1.1 Empiritons (Freedomsland)Intion North
1 Emerald Chip=1.65 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Emerald Chip=1.11 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Emerald Chip=0.77 Petal Blizzards (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Emerald Chip=5.5 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Emerald Chip=2.2 Vizantiyan Reichmark (New Vizantiya)
1 Emerald Chip=4.4 4 kalye (Kartujia)
1 Emerald Chip=2.75 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Emerald Chip=0.55 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Emerald Chip=1.65 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Emerald Chip: 0.26 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Emerald Chip= 11 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Emerald Chip=1.74 Dollar Picairn
1 Emerald Chip=1.32 Rhile Avharo
1 Emerald Chip=2.7 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Emerald Chip=4.05 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Emerald Chip= 1.53 Comfed

2 and 2 is fish, Boi:

1 Boi=0.6 Empiritons (Freedomsland),
Intion North
1 Boi=2.25 Emerald Chips Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Boi=0.57 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Boi=0.42 petal Blizzards (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Boi=0.54 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Boi=3.6 kalye (Kartujia)
1 Boi=0.33 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Boi=1.5 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Boi=0.30 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Boi=0.9 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Boi=0.114 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Boi=6 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Boi=0.96 Dollar Picairn
1 Boi=0.72 Rhile Avharo
1 Boi=1.32 Vizantiyan Reichmark (New Vizantiya)
1 Boi=0.14 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Boi=1.8 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Boi=2.7 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Boi=1.02 Comfed

Austro-Hungarian Slavia, Confederate Dollar:

1 Confederate Dollar=1.05 Empiritons (Freedomsland), Intion North
1 Confederate Dollar=0.94 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Confederate Dollar=1.575 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Confederate Dollar=0.735 Petal Blizzards (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Confederate Dollar=5.25 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Confederate Dollar=2.1 Vizantiyan Reichmark (New Vizantiya)
1 Confederate Dollar=6.3 kalye (Kartujia)
1 Confederate Dollar=2.625 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Confederate Dollar=0.525 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Confederate Dollar=1.575 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Confederate Dollar=0.252 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Confederate Dollar=10.5 Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Confederate Dollar=1.68 Dollar Picairn
1 Confederate Dollar=1.26 Rhile Avharo
1 Confederate Dollar= petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Confederate Dollar=2.85 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Confederate Dollar=4.275 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Confederate Dollar=1.785 Comfed

Bulbasaur reichpact, petal blizzard:

1 petal blizzard= 1.30 Empiritons(Freedomsland), Intion North
1 petal blizzard= 1.95 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 petal blizzard= 1.235 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 petal blizzard= 6.5 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 petal blizzard= 2.6 Vizantiyan Reichmark (New Vizantiya)
1 petal blizzard= 7.8 kalye (Kartujia)
1 petal blizzard= 3.25 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 petal blizzard=0.65 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 petal blizzard=1.95 Leaves (Werfond)
1 petal blizzard= 13 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 petal blizzard= 2.08 Dollar Picairn
1 petal blizzard=1.56 Rhile Avharo
1 petal blizzard=0.312 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 petal blizzard=1.17 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 petal Blizzard=2.1 Francs Nova-gallia
1 petal Blizzard=5.85 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 petal Blizzard=2.21 Comfed

2nd paris commune

1 Dollar=0.20 Empiritons (Freedomsland), Intion North
1 Dollar=0.30Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Dollar=0.15 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Dollar=0.18 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Dollar=0.40 Vizantiyan Reichmark (New Vizantiya)
1 Dollar=1.20 kalye (Kartujia)
1 Dollar=0.50 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Dollar=0.10 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Dollar=0.30 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Dollar=50 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Dollar= 0.45 Dollar Picairn
1 Dollar=0.23 Rhile Avharo
1 Dollar=0.24Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Dollar=0.22 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Dollar=0.14 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Dollar=0.6 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Dollar=0.9 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Dollar=0.34 Comfed

New Vizantiynia, Vizantiynian Reichmark:

1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=0.5 Empiritons (Freedomsland), Intion North
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=0.75 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=0.475 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=1 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=0.45 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=3 kalye (Kartujia)
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=1.25 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=0.25Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=0.75 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=5Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=0.8 Dollar Picairn
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=0.6 Rhile Avharo
1 Vizantiyan Reichmark=0.12 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Vizantiniyan Reichmark=0.35 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Vizantiynian Reichmark=1.5 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Vizantiynian Reichmark=2.25 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Vizantiynian Reichmark=0.85 Comfed

Kartujia, Kalye

1 kalye=0.16 Empiritons (Freedomsland)
Intion North
1 kalye=0.24 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 kalie= 0.152 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 kalye=0.8Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 kalye=0.144 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 kalye=1 kalye (Kartujia)
1 kalye=0.4 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 kalye=0.08 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 kalye=0.24 Leaves (Werfond)
1 kalye=.,6 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 kalye=0.254Dollar Picairn
1 kalye=0.192 Rhile Avharo
1 kalye=0.0384 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Kalye=0.112 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Kalye=0.48 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Kalye= 0.72 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 kalye=0.272 Comfed

The Democratic Kingdom of Skaraborg, Skaraborgsk Anork:

1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.4 Empiritons, (Freedomsland), Intion North
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.6 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.38Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=2 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.36Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork= 2.4 kelye (Kartujia)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=1 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.5 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.6 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=4 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.64 Dollar Picairn
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.48Rhile Avharo
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.096 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.28 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=1.2 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=1.8 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Skaraborgsk Anork=0.68 Comfed

Territorio Di Nessuno, Niente:

1 Nessuno=2 Empiritons (Freedomsland), Intion North
1 Nessuno=3 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Nessuno=1.9.Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Nessuno=2.5 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Nessuno=1.8 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Nessuno=3 kelye (Kartujia)
1 Nessuno=2.5 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Nessuno=1 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Nessuno=3 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Nessuno=5Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Nessuno=3.2 Dollar Picairn
1 Nessuno=2.4 Rhile Avharo
1 Nessuno=0.48 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Nessuno=1.4 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Nessuno= 6 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Nessuno=9 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Nessuno=3.4 Comfed

Werefond, Leaves:

1 Leaf=0.7 Empiritons (Freedomsland), Intion North
1 Leaf=1.5 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Leaf=0.665 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Leaf=3.5 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Leaf=0.63 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Leaf=4.2 kelye (Kartujia)
1 Leaf=1.75 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Leaf=0.35 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Leaf=1Leaf (Werfond)
1 Leaf=7 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Leaf=1.12Dollar Picairn
1 Leaf=0.84 Rhile Avharo
1 Leaf=0.168 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Leaf=0.49 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Leaf=2.1 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Leaf=3.15 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Leaf=1.19 Comfed

Anne of Cleves, Anne Dollar:

1 Anne Dollar=0.1 Empiritons (Freedomsland),
Intion North
1 Anne Dollar=0.15 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Anne Dollar=0.095 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Anne Dollar=0,5 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Anne Dollar=0.09 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Anne Dollar=0.6 kelye (Kartujia)
1 Anne Dollar=0.25 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Anne Dollar=0.05 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Anne Dollar=0.15 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Anne Dollar=1 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Anne Dollar=0.16 Dollar Picairn
1 Anne Dollar=0.12 Rhile Avharo
1 Anne Dollar=0.024 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Anne Dollar=0.14 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Anne Dollar=0.3 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Anne Dollar=0.45 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Anne Dollar=0.17 Comfed

Picairm, Dollar:

1 Dollar=0.625 Empiritons (Freedomsland)
Intion North
1 Dollar=0.9375 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Dollar=0.59375 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Dollar=3.125 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Dollar=0.5625 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Dollar=3.75 kelye (Kartujia)
1 Dollar=1.25 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Dollar=0.3125 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Dollar=0.9375 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Dollar=6.25 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Dollar=1 Dollar Picairn
1 Dollar=0.75 Rhile Avharo
1 Dollar=0.15 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Dollar=0.4375 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Dollar=1.875 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Dollar=1 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Dollar=1.0625 Comfed

Avharo, Rhile:

1 Rhile=0.8 Empiritons (Freedomsland),
Intion North
1 Rhile=1.2 Bois (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Rhile=0.76 Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Rhile=4 Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Rhile=0.72 Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Rhile=4.8 kelye (Kartujia)
1 Rhile=2 Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Rhile=0.4 Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Rhile=1.2 Leaves (Werfond)
1 Rhile=8 Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Rhile=1.28 Dollar Picairn
1 Rhile=1 Rhile Avharo
1 Rhile=0.192 Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Rhile=0.56 petal blizzard (Bulbasaur reichpact)
1 Rhile=2.4 Francs Nova-gallia
1 Rhile=0.96 Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Rhile=1.36 Comfed

NOVA-Gallia, Francs

1 Franc=Empiritons (Freedomsland), Intion North
1 Franc=Boi (2 and 2 is Fish)
1 Franc=Confederate dollars (Austro-Hungarian Slavia)
1 Franc=Dollars (2nd paris commune)
1 Franc=Emerald Chips (Xeosia Later)
1 Franc=kelye (Kartujia)
1 Franc=Skaraborgsk Anork (The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg)
1 Franc=Niente (Territorio di Nessuno)
1 Franc=Leaves (Werfond)
1 Franc=Anne Dollars (Anne of Cleves)
1 Franc=Dollar PicairnRhile Avharo
1 Franc=Pacificals (The Pacifical Area)
1 Franc=Francs Nova-gallia
1 Franc=Brelfestian Dollar Brelfest
1 Franc=wanda Comfed