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The Grand Libertalonian navy (WIP)


A short summary

The Libertalonian navy was formed directly after the independence war but because of the shipbuilding culture it grew quickly. Nowadays it's the biggest navy in Alterna and it has held that record eversince the second alterna war. so now instead of a wall of text, I'll show you the navy.

Naval overview

budget: 165.05 billion regal
Manpower: 550,000
admiral of the entire navy: Mercer de leginate
Headquaters location: new statheim's southern harbour
Ship numbers: 498 overall with 99 more planned

Missile destroyer
ravenheld class missile destroyer
Amount: 25 ships in service, 10 in reserve
Weapons: 32 Anti land Tomahawk cruise missiles, 32 AA 70mm cannon

modernized Battleship

Kabosata class Battleships
Amount: 10 ships in service, 2 in reserve
Weapons: three barrelled 203mm turrets (x3), 14 inch turrets (x2), Anti air missile launchers with 30 missiles (X2), 2 Anti ship missile launchers, 3 AA turrets hidden on each side.


Atraski class Frigate
Amount: 27 ships in service, 11 in reserve
Weapons: 70mm cannon, 2 anti ship missile launchers, 2 AA guns on each side.


Heliosa class diesel powered submarine.
Amount: 45 ships in service, 20 in reserve
Weapons: 8 naval based cruise missiles.

Aircraft carrier

Cunningham class aircraft carrier
Amount: 8 ships in service, 1 in reserve
Weapons: 4 AA batteries, capacity for 25 F72 eagles and 25 other aircraft.