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Regional Message Board Act 2020


AMENDED 29th JUNE 2020

The Commission to the World Assembly, on behalf of the Imperial Council, decrees the following:

  • This body declares the Confederation's Regional Message Board (RMB) is to be respected as a sanctuary of political and intellectual discussion;

  • This body demands that the RMB is used only for in-character events and/or administrative posting;

    • This body requests that all administrative posts are marked as out of character using "OOC";

  • This body requires that all RMB posts are written in well formatted, comprehensible English;

  • This body outlaws any form of spam;

    • This body considers regional recruitment from outside regions as spam;

  • This body forbids double, triple, or more posting in succession by a single nation;

    • This body exempts Imperial Council, and Imperial Senate, nations making administrative announcements from the above;

  • This body grants nations who hold a seat on the Imperial Council the right to censor comments of nonsensical, proactive or aggressive natures;

    • This body grants the nation of the President of the Imperial Senate the right to censor comments as above;

  • This body redirects the posting of all off-topic discussion to the Confederation's discord server:;

  • This body instructs all nations to end their communications with the Confederation's motto, "Hail the Confederation!";

    • This body clarifies that shortened or otherwise modified forms of this motto are not permitted;

  • This body warns that a breach, however minute, in the above act will be viewed as an act of insurgency against the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators and will be punished via the appropriate legal proceedings; and

  • This body reserves the right to amend the above legislation at any given time.