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Auctor Regional Policies

The Regional Message Board

Noting that the Regional Message Board has limited space, and its use ought to be beneficial to the community of Auctor,

  1. Nations whose posts satisfy any of the following criteria are subject to being ejected and banned from the region at the discretion of regional officers with Border Control authority. Posts meeting any of these criteria are considered spam and will be suppressed:

    1. The post breaks site rules. Posts in violation of site rules will be reported.

    2. The post is adspam (an advertisment of another region or organization).

    3. The post is more than the second in a run of consecutive posts by the same player, within an hour.
      - Note: Posts by different nations may still be considered to originate from the same player.

  2. Posts meeting any of the following criteria will result in a warning, and may be suppressed. Nations that fail to comply after multiple warnings are subject to being ejected and banned at the discretion of regional officers:

    1. Double-posting: Two consecutive posts from the same nation within a 24 hour period. Nations should edit existing posts, rather than creating a new post that will remove an older post from view. Leniency will be given to obvious accidental posts.

    2. One-word posting: Posts that do not form complete sentences. Lenience will be given to new players greeting the region for the first time.

  3. Posts made in connection with RolePlay activities are subject to any existing rules of RolePlay.