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by The Free Land of Animu Place. . 130 reads.

first murder mystery game of animu place FINISHED

rules you'll be in a location in which you cant get out there will be 3 roles psychic detective
detective:receives clue to who is the killer is every day
psychic:will chose a random person to check if he/she/it is the killer
killer:will get to kill someone every once in a day
there will be a limit (it matters on how many players are there)
you will use these clues to find the killer

people who want to play
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Job:professional soccer player hobby:soccer player
Republica Guilleana
Job:Hairdresser Hobby:reading
The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg dead
Job:Journalist Hobby:Travelling
Chinese rebel
job:dictator hobby:war
Anne of Cleves
job:artist hobby:drawing
job:pro gamer hobby:e sports

we will play this game with telegrams also upvote