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Caduceo for Prime Minister

So you've found yourself here, in my campaign for becoming the next Prime Minister. Though, you are probably asking - "who even are you?", so let me answer that for you. I am Caduceo, Minister of Internal Affairs of four terms and Deputy Chairperson of the Force Unity Party. Though you might know me more as:

Point is - I have a lot of experience inside and outside of the Union. I enjoy participating with the community a whole lot and I think it's time for a fresh yet experienced face as your new Prime Minister. I've shown many times before that I am capable of efficiently and properly executing my goals in office, so why not now? Of course, I can't just be asking for your vote without making any plans or promises, so this next section will contain exactly that:

This is the part of this campaign where I make bold statements and promises - though unlike other real-life politicians, I will stick to my word and I will make it happen, with your support every step of the way. So why should you vote for me in the July Elections?
Whilst my party and I have tons of plans and ideas we want to come to fruition, this part will outline my top priorities if I do get the golden chance of becoming your Prime Minister,
  • Inclusitivity on-site: I believe that we as a government have been lacking on the interaction and inclusion of our on-site Citizens and the rest of NationStates. While many before me have made valiant efforts towards that sector, it's still being neglected and in need of more attention. Though a small percentage of our population reside mainly on the RMB and nowhere else, they are still our Citizens and part of our greater community. Conversations on the RMB, full utilisation of Telegrams and Dispatches, use of the NationStates Forums - these are just some of the many ways we have in plan to further grow our consideration for the greater community. And not just in Force, but across our entire Union as well.

  • Organization, accessibility, and aesthethics: The pursuit of beauty, orderliness, simplicity, and quality of life. These, while many consider minor, are incredibly useful to show our Union's professionalism, accountability, and overall appeal. We have developed a beautiful and unique community and government, and making efforts towards organizing our World Factbook Entry, our Dispatches, our official graphics and formats are all needed to proudly showcase our Union's colors and flair. In fact, we've already taken steps in the right direction with this, having made a Directory, beautified our WFE, and creating banners for all government dispatches and organizations. These, overall, will all help our chances of attracting both Citizens and Allies.

  • Academia de Nocturna Project: One of my personal favorite long-term projects is the Academia de Nocturna, an up-and-coming collaborative on-site University (more specifically a wide collection of info through dispatches) that aims to help writers and learners exchange information with each other and help stoke the fires of their passion. You can see drafts and plans by viewing the Academia de Nocturna page, and I can assure you that we will skyrocket the progress of this project throughout my stay on this platform. Not only is this for the Union's exchange of information, but also a key point in collaborating with foreign allies for not only the better of the Union, but also the rest of NationStates.

  • Games, events, and the Community: As a proud Civil Servant of the Ministry of Culture, I have helped contribute ideas and work for several games and events for the community to enjoy, and I wish to focus even more on those throughout my stay. Besides helping resume current events such as the monthly Emoji Contest, I really just enjoy working with Culture and the entire community in having fun. One of the projects I'm very excited about is the Force's Forces project, a game similar to Hearthstone but themed after the Union and NationStates. The project is very much in the first stages of development, and while I will definitely keep working on that with or without being the Prime Minister, but if I do get elected, it will not only be a fun and enjoyable game for us, but will also provide a segue into putting down the foundations of implementing a trading card-based economy in our Union, like many other regions. I'm hella excited for that.

  • Power to the territories: with the rapidly increasing activity and participation in a handful of the Union's territories with passionate leaders spearheading the development and progress of their communities, we'd like to help territories in achieving self-sufficiency and having bigger voices in local and Union governance. We promote bringing more attention towards assisting and participating in local governments and keeping the local governance to their respective citizenry; we also encourage more passionate leaders to participate in the Governorship Program and grow their own communities. Together, with all of our efforts combined, the Union will grow more beautiful than ever.

Those are my top five priorities in office, but let me assure you - those are not all our plans. Me, my colleagues on our platform, and the Force Unity Party have dozens of plans we want to achieve and pursue in our offices. If you want to see more of these plans, I recommend reading the Force Unity Party Manifesto, the Latest CommUnity Newsletter, or this graphic found below about our Party Platform;

As this dispatch comes to an end, it's time for me to finally ask for your support. We cannot win this election without your help, so below you'll find how to support me, this campaign, the FUP, and my colleagues on the platform.

Vote for us, this the biggest help you can provide for the campaign. On July 7 or 8, the voting process will begin for the Elections, and having Caduceo as your first choice as Prime Minister, Alludo for RGBN House Representative (only if you are a valid citizen of RGBN), and Empire of Elysium for Heart House Representative (only if you are a valid citizen of Heart) are the best things you can do to help out this campaign. I hope you take the time to vote for us, you won't regret it if we win with your help.

Join the FUP, now this is in no way required in order to support us, because voting for us is well than enough, but if you do consider joining the Force Unity Party, then why not? We wholeheartedly encourage and help people in their path of Union politics and joining our developed and passionate party is a major step in making a name for yourself today. As I said, it's not required at all but I do appreciate it if you consider joining.

Our Vision
Unity - our end goal.
To unite the on-site and the off-site and then expand;
To unite the Union and then collaborate;
To unite with our allies and then grow stronger;
To unite the people and then provide.

Three Main Aims
Increase participation in the Union
Expand on our Foreign Relations.
Develop our Culture and Roleplay
The Force Unity Party (FUP) was one of the two Political Parties which split from the NFP on the 24th of April, 2020. Being only recently founded, the Party's History is limited, but its flame of determination is constantly burning, fueled by its members and the values they stand for

The FUP stands for many things, but above all, we stand for Unity. We hope to unite as a Union and together, work towards reform, stability, and independence - all through realistic planning, realistic development, for real success. We focus on ironing out the long-overdue wrinkles encroaching on the Union, then embroider in the colorful details afterwards for better quality of life for all.




Party Leader


Deputy Chairperson

House Leader

Judicial Affairs Advisor

Research Policy Advisor

Advisor on Defense
and Foreign Policy

Advisor on Domestic
and Territorial Affairs

Advisor on Culture
and RP Policy

Advisor on Communications
and Media Policy

The FUP's Manifesto is the core of our values, ideals, and motivations for our continued pursuit of our Union's future. Many of our policies are aligned to what we believe is for the best for the public interest, and will be pursued in a realistic manner that matches the pace of our Union's growth and place in the world. For a stable and safe present, and a glorious and ready future - Choose Unity.

Perhaps one of our most important stances in regards of Internal Policy is continued development onto the on-site platform through the full utilisation of things such as Dispatches, Telegrams, the RMB, and the NS Forums, as these will improve our overall presence and appeal, as well as outreach and interaction with citizens primarily on the NationStates platform. We've already made valiant efforts in this field, through the RMB Questions and continued conversations on the RMB; as well as the establishment of the Gameplay Forum Thread under us.

In our expansion onsite, we will also help establish official logos, banners, and seals for the Union Government and onwards, as we've slowly been doing before. This will help present a cleaner and more unified visual aesthetic for the Union, and better quality of life. We'll also work towards defined Dispatch and Forum templates and formats for use in things such as WA Announcements, Official Dispatches, Weekly Recaps, etc. - and the Union Dispatch Office advocated and established under us is already the foundation of the above, in which our next step will be establishing a Graphic/Format Repository to compile our official and finalized aesthetic choices, for better openness and accessibility.

Speaking of accessibility, we've already made a few good steps in that direction, with organizing the WFE and establishing a Directory, which we will continuously update to accommodate all the links related to the Union, to allow for people to know every inch of opportunity in the Union.

Working with the Ministries of the Government - especially Internal Affairs, Communications, and Culture - will be important in pushing our agenda.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is full of potential in the establishment of our interregional presence and collaboration with allies and friends. Obviously, for the best in the public's interests, the FUP will promote the development of our Foreign Affairs, including further building our relationships with regions we haven't interacted or collaborated enough - such as regions classified as Neutral or Engaged.

While saying that, we also won't stop further developing our Allied regions and Friendly regions, as working tightly with other regions is a win-win situation in our, and their, growth. We wish to further be more vigilant in our foreign policies and actions and be more gentle with more delicate matters.

Consulates, also known as Forum Embassies, are extremely underutilized, and we will promote the use of them in our forums, and on others' forums.

Both Culture and Roleplay are key points in one of our most beautiful aspects, our community. Our unique, warm, and comfortable community is one of the many things that make our Union as fabulous as it is, so we approach Culture and Roleplay as essential in our agenda.

We've seen many times before how the Ministry of Culture has been successful and fun within the community, with many events and contests be appealing to many people, such as the LinkEmoji Contest. We wish to further cultivate Culture, with more events be made available to the Union and beyond, such as the former Conquest event and an interesting take on NS Trading Cards coming soon.

Roleplay, on the other hand, is already one of our most developed and popular aspects, even being one of the main reasons for newcomer arrivals and retention. We promote creating better outreach programs to increase the number of players, and allow citizens to have a more active roll in shaping the overall storyline and policy, as well as providing more flexibility in changing the game's structure and opportunities.

Special thanks to United Nations of Colombia for helping with Roleplay

The Union's Territories, more importantly our States, require what we believe to be more autonomy, independence, and self-sufficiency (with exceptions from Foreign Affairs which is for more developed States; a Military, which we believe will be optional in accordance to the region's Government; and Judiciaries, which should also be in accordance to the region's Government) while being a part of, and with continuous support and assistance needed and wanted from, the Union and Capital.

We've seen many times in the past how passionate and hard-working leaders have formed up ideal and functional Governments, and we wish to maintain this standard with a Governorship Program to be enacted and enhanced, which will recruit and assist citizens who are interested in running one of the many Territories. We condemn forcing people to work as a Governor, as this could lead to a lack of interest and a waste of time and resources, and should not be our Union's priority. We wish to continuously advertise and publicize the Governorship opportunities available, as it's a position that can help people demonstrate many roles and attributes akin to founding and running a region.

One of our less prioritized and more long-term goals under this is also to expand the Governorship Program in the form of assisting newly founded regions and helping them, which not only helps in the Union's development but also our Foreign Affairs.

Special thanks to Great allegheny for amazing contributions to this section.

Our World Assembly participation has only been recently taken seriously, so we obviously wish to further advance our WA initiatives.

The WA Program was the core of improving our participation, and so we desire to expand on the Program with the use of Dispatches (as mentioned in the first section) similarly to other regions. Polling is also being conducted actively now, which we believe is a step in the right direction.

We wish to spread awareness as to how the WA Program actually works, and continue urging people to endorse both the Delegate and each other.

We oppose having the WA Delegate be an elected position, as constantly transferring endorsements will be both unreliable and difficult to maintain, and we believe it should be a position appointed by the Founder. This will allow for the position to be in the hands the Founder trusts most to serve in, though highly unlikely, the case in which the Founder ceases to exist, acting similarly as a Lord Protector position. They will also maintain the WA Program and we promote having a select assembly of members to help maintain the Program and to work with the Delegate, or maybe even have them work with the House of Representatives.

Special thanks to EGM for helping with this section.

The FUP takes a realistic approach at handling the issues plaguing our Union and preparing ourselves for the future we are heading towards. Included in this section will also be how we perceive the balance of powers and stability of the Union.

We believe that approaching both reform and change should be at the pace of our region's development and growth, and avoid having over-ambitious plans which could lead to a waste of time and effort altogether.

Transparency is a must in our democracy, so we wish to maintain the transparency, inclusion, and openness of our Union which has been developed over past administrations.

The Founder, unavoidably, is the most powerful position in the Government, and while we believe that the Founder's power is well under overpowered, we wish to provide more checks and balances to this power and perhaps even lessening it in the future, when we are in a secure enough place to do so.

Both the House of Representatives and the Court, while sufficiently powerful, we believe could hold slightly more power in other manners, as these two are some of our most democratic institutions.

Special thanks to Lashnakia for extensive contributions to this section.

Our Judiciary exists for a reason, so we believe in the preservation of the right to a fair trial and avoid conflicts of interests in Court, to maintain justice in our democracy.

We wish to protect Citizen rights, and oppose the exploitation of loopholes within these rights, so we wish to strive towards better defined rights and remove potential loopholes. Freedom of Speech and Press will be thoroughly protected by the FUP as much as possible and oppose the infringement of these vital democratic rights. Providing more rights will also be ideal in the future, all in good time.

The FUP has a unique approach when it comes to Education, which in this case is also synonymous to Outreach and Awareness.

One of the core projects of our Education Policy is the establishment of a regional collaborative university, the Academia de Nocturna, which steps have already been taken by us to establish it. The Academia project will provide knowledge on topics pertaining not only to our Union, but also to NationStates in general and even real-life topics. This project will also allow people to share topics and lessons they are passionate to talk about or are knowledgeable in, which brings in the collaborative effort not only amongst the Union, but also with our allies and friends. The Academia will exist under its own management and laws, currently being developed under the Ministry of Internal Affairs as its responsibilities include spreading knowledge and awareness.

Under the Academia project, we'll also provide context and awareness to our Clubs, developing them as they are also important in the community.

Similar to how we put it in our Internal Affairs section and World Assembly section, the spread of knowledge is vital in the growth of our Union and to citizen retention, so outreach and awareness programs towards Civil Service, donations, the Governorship Program, the WA, and many more are part of the FUP's agenda.

Encompassing this section will not only be our plans and goals as the Force Unity Party, but also our belief with Political Parties overall.

The FUP will avoid stagnating and will actively cooperate with its members in planning our policies, elections, passing of laws and amendments, and overall collaboration.

We will also push towards occasionally publishing a Party Newsletter under the Media Policy, which will help spread awareness of the FUP, help citizens get to know our members and plans, establish our Party's platform during elections, and much much more to help keep the FUP alive and open.

Parties, under HB33, has become important in the government's development and cooperation and camaraderie of Citizens as a community and government, so we wish to maintain the standard of Political Parties and let them become more involved in the Union's present and future.

Read factbook

Spread the word, even if just a little. Telling your friends - and I can't say this enough - only if they are in the Union already. Voting Fraud is unacceptable. - to see our campaign and for them to consider voting for us or supporting us in any other way. The more help, the merrier.

Here comes the bold conclusion to this dispatch. and if you did read throughout this entire thing - I really do thank you, and if you really do support me, I thank you so much more. Change is coming, it comes with you. That's all from me today, thank you for your time and I hope you have a safe, wonderful, and beautiful day.