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The Progressive Democratic Party

The Progressive Democratic Party

To the Confederation. The Progressive Democratic Party is best the way forward because we see the problem of the growing distance between CCD and democracy. Without democracy, a region is just the founder. We seek to empower the region, not through war and forced loyalty but through peace, diplomacy, and letting nations speak their minds on what they think of the region. You can choose the future of the region, you could choose the authoritarianism and blind loyalty of the others or the democracy and loyal in which the government has to gain your trust. The choice is up to you.
  • Federalism - We believe that it is the job of the government to guide all nations to a greater more democratic further.

  • Peacefull Diplomacy - War can bring a region glory but with that glory comes disapproval of the stronger regions of the world. We fully believe that the best way to help the region grow past its mess past is with peaceful diplomacy.

  • Democracy - We think that all nations no matter how small should have a say in government. Not just the elites in the WA.

  • Progress - We know that we must move away from are fascist and authoritarian past and into the light of a new more progressive and democratic future of CCD.

Citizen Branch

The Citizen Branch or CB for short is the group of nations that work to further the cause of the Progressive Democratic Party outside of the senate. All nations in CB have a * by there name. The members of the CB will vote on who they want to be their Speaker of the Commons. The nation elected must be approved by the chairmen in order to be selected.

The Progressive Democratic Party's core goals are to:
  • Create more alliances with regions that will help us move to the future.