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The Black Banner of the Great Star

Gonfalon Variant
Typical Variant

- The Aetherian Legions during the War of Vengeance (2319 NAC)

The Black Banner of the Great Star is the official name of the Empire's national banner. It is composed of a Obsidian Black field and Daffodil colored trims and emblem. The Black represents Influence, Elegance and Prestige while the Daffodil yellow represents cultural wealth, spirit, honor and loyalty. The Emblem at the center is a 12-Pointed Star known as the Great Rays or the Great Star. It stands to represent Virtue, Life, a Bright Future and Resilience against darkness.

The two variants of these Imperial banners can be found where Imperial loyalty is greatest; military fortifications, historical monuments, palaces, temples,
planetary suburbs, cities and even in doors. But while the Empire sees it's banner a symbol of it's grandeur, to it's enemies it is seen as the flag of a dangerous, corrupt, and militant regime.

Regardless of however the flag is interpreted, the Great Star will continue to illuminate the Empire.

Great terra and its dominions