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MAJOR 18 June 2020
Written by Omega

Few games are played at midnight. But in a tradition as old as the SPSF herself, the loyal sailors of TSP gathered in the moonlight to face their opponents in the annual “spring game.” The stands were always full as the announcer boomed “ladies and gentlemen, we! are! LIVVVVVVVVEEEEEE!” as the new recruits ran out with their new coach. It was an exciting time to be a fan of the sailors as a new coach with high expectations was coming into the program and two four-star recruits were about to get their first taste of the big stage. What a night it would be.

If their opponent showed up. They waited. They sat on the bench to see if they would come out of the tunnel. They walked out to a number of boos from the crowd as the entire defender conference had shown up to cheer on the new recruits.

The first drive was not ideal, but at least the raider of LKE could be held to a field goal. But then, the tide changed. The SPSF would drive down the field in seconds snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat. Raiders attempted to mount a comeback late in the first half and were quickly forced to fumble for a scoop and score by a new recruit.

Half time came and the brave men and women of the SPSF had run up the score so much, the raiders chose not to even show their faces and forfeit the rest of the game. An impromptu practice was held with some guest coaches from the RRA and TGW, some conference mates of the SPSF. After all, everyone knows in the Defender Conference it just means more, and we act like it. One of the new recruits broke his own personal record for the 40-yard chase and another started to figure out exactly what it is like to play under the major lights. Turns out, the raiders tried to show up after regulation had ended only to fumble on the snap and have the ball roll out the back of the endzone.

Needless to say, SPSF fans around the country are looking forward to the title run their new coach is about to start. When they bring home the trophy in four months, no one will be surprised.


[SPSF] phoenixofthesun
[SPSF] Omega
[SPSF] SwiftyGamer

[TGW] Haku

[RRA] Jamie

Defenses: 3

Detags: 5


MINOR 23 June 2020
Written by Phoenix

Mainland stops are a tenant for us.  We take the time to replenish our stocks on the ship, stretch our seafaring legs on shore, and take up small jobs and earn a bit of extra cash.  When we got the report that someone on the mainland accidentally let loose a bunch of puppies, we as the mighty protectors of the oceans of NationStates jumped on the case, fueled with motivation for puppy snuggles and extra pocket money.

However, we soon realized that we would be earning every dime on this mission.  

The puppies were everywhere, chewing on things, running around, and leaving messes everywhere.  They ran up and down the streets, yapping loudly, exploring their newfound freedom frantically, paying no mind to sense and reason.  Thankfully, we had other friends helping us chase the loose puppies, who were extremely skilled in the art of puppy defending.

In all, 53 puppies were rounded up and returned to their owners, who allowed us to play with them the rest of the day until the sun set.  While we would love to play with puppies all day long, there are (easier) chasing targets like pirates and whalers who sail the high seas.



[TGW] Haku
[RRA] Jamie
[SPSF] phoenixofthesun
[SPSF] Omega

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