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Winter in July Event

Race to the South Pole
Sponsored by: Awerbar

Your Nation has decided to join in the annual dog sled race to the South Pole. The route follows the historical trail paved by the first men to reach the bottom of the earth. Starting from where the first Antarctic Expeditions ship got trapped in ice on the Ronne Ice Shelf the course follows a 700 mile trail that ends at the International Antarctic Research Station near the pole.

How the Competition will work:

The Race will be played for 30 rounds (30 days) or until all racers have finished the race or dropped out
Average speed will be 50 miles a day
Distance per day can change based on 4 factors, Dogs, Sled, Supplies, and Environment

The factors change daily by the roll of 4 20 sided die

Certain Rolls on the die could end in being unable to continue the race. (Ex: rolling a 0 on sled and a 0 on supplies could mean that you break a runner on your sled and donít have enough spare parts to fix it.)
Each person also receives 20 free points worth of *experience and training* that they can distribute among the 4 categories. (Ex: 0/20 +10 for dogs, 0/20 +7 for sled, 0/20 +3 for supplies, 0/20 +0 for Environment)

The higher the roll the better the run. However, some high roll situations may not be the best. (Ex: 18 +5 for dogs, 20+10 for supplies, 15+5 for Environment, 17+0 for Sled. Your Dogs are rested and ready to go, you have plenty of supplies, actually you have overstocked on supplies and your sled is heavier than usual. Instead of the runners skimming the top of the thin fresh and sticky layer of snow, the runners cut into it and the snow sticks to the skid. This creates more drag than intended and it slows you down. Lose 5 miles.)

Registration for this event ends on June 30th, to register send a telegram to awerbar that includes your starting points distribution.

Daily Race Updates will be posted on the Nordic Territories RMB daily (or whenever possible). Final Leaderboard will be posted on July 31st

The Rewards for this event will be 5 extra points to go towards then next event for first place, 3 points for second place, 1 point for third place

Registered Racers:
Awerbar 5,5,5,5 (NT)
Dollystana 7,3,3,7 (NT)
Empire of coolguy 7,6,3,4 (TN)
Local now news 7,6,3,4 (TN)
Mathuvan Union 7,2,3,8 (OZ)
Team Leo 12,4,2,2 (OZ)

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