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(DROPPED) Vote Lansaka for Rejected Realms Delegate!

(NOTE: This campaign has been dropped)

I am the nation of Lansaka, and I am officially running for the position of Rejected Realms Delegate in the election starting on July 1st, 2020.
Voting for me will allow you to have more powers within TRR. Want to see more of what's happening in the government? Want to be able to have more abilities on the forums and Discord? Want the ability to get involved in more government decisions?
To get all of those powers, vote for me.
Government reports will be released monthly, and a State of the Region will be released at the beginning of my term. I will also propose legislation that enforces future Delegates to post a State of the Region at the start of their terms.
More user-friendly events on NS and the forums will run under my leadership. As for RMB and TRR Awards, more of them will be added.
Citizens of TRR will get more abilities on the forums. They will be decided upon and implemented during my term, but only if you elect me. I am a man of my word. The only side I take here is the side that is honest. The side that you support.
An advice thread and an information thread will be added, both based on telling you the truth about COVID-19. False information and fake news will be removed. True information can save lives. False information can end them. I personally promise only true information about COVID and other viruses/illnesses will be allowed.
If you vote for me, you will get a direct line of access to talk to me. I will answer every NationStates telegram, forum message, and Discord private message I get.
Have an illness ravaging your nation? I will found the Rejected Realms Health Organization (RRHO) if I get elected. Using private funding from the Goat Corporation, the largest corporation in Lansaka, and the government of Lansaka, illnesses will be handled by the RRHO.
Do you think the Rejected Realms needs a couple more sites? No? Oh, well ok. Well still, I have at least one planned site for TRR to be launched sometime in my term. The plans are currently classified, but will be revealed a month before launch.
Think we need more Embassy security in case a troll region somehow gets an embassy with us? Worry no more, for applications will be required for a region to get an embassy with TRR!
And thus ends my campaign post.
Vote for a safer Rejected Realms.
Vote for Lansaka.
A Higher Position for Me Means More Power For You!
Lansaka for Delegate July 2020