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A Place In The Sun - 25 June

[floatright][url=][img][/img][/url][/floatright][align=center][size=200][b]Pai Gow[/b][/size][/align]

You have four Pai Gow dominoes. From these, you choose two hands of two dominoes. If both your hands score higher than the dealer's, you win ten chips. If one hand scores higher, you get your ten chip stake back. Else you lose your ten chip stake. For more detailed rules, see our [url=]Game Guide[/url]. Your dominoes are [1,5], [2,2], [2,2], and [5,4]. What hands do you make?

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Two hands are dealt, Punto, and Banco. Which will score higher? Stake is ten chips. Winning bets on Punto pay ten chips. Winning bets on Banco pay nine. Winning bets on a tie pay ninety chips. For more detailed rules, see our [url=]Game Guide[/url].

Punto is dealt 10♠ and 5♣, scoring 5.  Punto is dealt a third card, 7♥, scoring 2.
Banco is dealt 6♠ and 9♦, scoring 5.
Banco wins.

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[floatright][img][/img][/floatright]Congratulations to our winners!  Walking out nine chips richer:

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