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The Lightning Fast Guide to NationStates

If you are new to NationStates, here is a very quick rundown of how everything works.

  • There is no war mechanic. Nations cannot attack each other.

  • Your nation is affected only by how you answer issues.

  • Nations can send telegrams to each other. (Click here to block them)

  • You can make multiple "puppet" nations if you like.

  • Regions are where nations reside. They also host multiplayer communities and organizations.

  • New nations start out in a feeder region (These ones).

  • Nations can move between regions. When you are on a region page, click "Move [your nation] to [region]".

  • Any nation can create a region. (Try it!)

  • The founder of a region has absolute power over their region, including the ability to eject other nations.

World Assembly
  • IMPORTANT: You are only allowed one nation at a time in the World Assembly.

  • The World Assembly (WA) is like the UN. Member nations vote on legislation in the General Assembly and Security Council.

  • WA members in the same region can endorse each other.

  • The nation with the most endorsements in a region becomes the WA delegate of that region.

  • WA delegates have administrative control over regions that have no founder.

  • Raiding organizations invade regions by entering and capturing the delegate position.

  • The WA delegate of a region may place a password to limit entry, either as a defense or to cement control.