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The Reform Club - Lazarus


[color=green][size=120][b]What is the Reform Club?[/b][/size][/color]

[size=120]The Reform Club is for Lazarenes and our foreign friends, to discuss and debate the future of Lazarus both in politics and culture.[/size]

[size=120]We want Lazarus to be democratic, open, friendly to other regions, and a force for good in Nationstates.[/size]

[size=120]Do any of the points of discussion below appeal to you? [b]Consider joining today![/b][/size]

[color=green][size=120][b]Discord Server Link: [url=]Lazarus Reform Club[/url][/b][/size][/color]
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[spoiler=Membership Roster][b]Chairperson:[/b] [nation]New Rogernomics[/nation],

[b]Deputy Chairperson:[/b] TBA,

[b]Tenured Opposition:[/b] TBA,

[b]General Membership:[/b] [nation]New Rogernomics[/nation], [nation]Domais[/nation], [nation]New Vedan[/nation], [nation]cianlandia[/nation], [nation]keen_trident[/nation], [nation]The Marsupial[/nation][/spoiler]

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[color=green][b][size=120]Open up Lazarus to more participation?[/size][/b][/color]
[spoiler][list][i]* [b]Delegates should be regularly elected[/b] in a reasonable interval, such as yearly or bi-yearly, depending on what is best for regional security and activity.

* [b]Delegates could be elected from a pool of citizens[/b] cleared by the Council of Lazarene Security or some other method of security clearance.

* [b]Regular ministerial elections to coincide with Prime Minister elections[/b], as to provide more ability for Lazarenes to get involved of their own accord.

* [b]Ministers should be directly elected by Lazarenes[/b] and not appointed by the Prime Minister, except in case of roles of security importance such as immigration or the regional guard.

* [b]Residents of Lazarus should have the ability to propose bills to the assembly[/b], even if voting on them is left to citizens. [b]All ideas should be shared, not just by cleared citizens...[/b][/i]

[color=green][b][size=120]Foreign Policy of openness?[/size][/b][/color]
[spoiler][list][i]* [b]Peace with the New Pacific Order and a Non-Aggression Pact[/b], as the war has gone on long enough.

* [b]Ending of the proscription with the New Pacific Order[/b], and to only ban those nations listed in the request to the NPO before the war began.

* [b]Conclude treaties with the remaining GCRs not currently treated with[/b], inclusive of Balder.[/i][/list][/spoiler]

[color=green][b][size=120]Political and Media Freedom?[/size][/b][/color]
[spoiler][list][i]* [b]Reform the criminal code of Lazarus[/b] so that reporting on Assembly activity by media organizations is not a punishable offense in the future.

* [b]Allow for discussion of the internal politics of Lazarus outside of the region[/b], and find a reasonable mix between protecting the right of citizens to discuss things in private and the right to express political opinions abroad.

* [b]Resolve the dispute with NS Today and other foreign media organizations[/b] by creating a clear code of conduct and ethics between them and Lazarus, and not relying on word of mouth.[/i][/spoiler]

[color=green][b][size=120]Allow Military Volunteering?[/size][/b][/color]
[spoiler][list][i]* [b]Reform the Regional Guard Act[/b] to allow for members of the regional guard to volunteer for defending or raiding missions (???).[/i][/list][/spoiler]
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[size=120]The point of the reform club is to [b][u]discuss[/u] and [u]debate[/u][/b], even if you disagree![/size]

[size=120][b]Where do we discuss and debate? [/b]The Lazarene RMB, on Discord, or basically anywhere we can discuss openly.[/size]

[color=green][size=140][b]If you want to join the Reform Club Membership Roster please TG:[/b] [nation]New Rogernomics[/nation][/size][/color]

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