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The Reform Club - Lazarus

What is the Reform Club?

The Reform Club is for Lazarenes and our foreign friends, to discuss and debate the future of Lazarus both in politics and culture.

We want Lazarus to be democratic, open, friendly to other regions, and a force for good in Nationstates.

Do any of the points of discussion below appeal to you? Consider joining today!

Discord Server Link: LinkLazarus Reform Club

* * *

Chairperson: New Rogernomics,

Deputy Chairperson: TBA,

Tenured Opposition: TBA,

General Membership: New Rogernomics, Domais, New Vedan, Cianlandia, Keen trident, The Marsupial

* * *

Open up Lazarus to more participation?

    * Delegates should be regularly elected in a reasonable interval, such as yearly or bi-yearly, depending on what is best for regional security and activity.

    * Delegates could be elected from a pool of citizens cleared by the Council of Lazarene Security or some other method of security clearance.

    * Regular ministerial elections to coincide with Prime Minister elections, as to provide more ability for Lazarenes to get involved of their own accord.

    * Ministers should be directly elected by Lazarenes and not appointed by the Prime Minister, except in case of roles of security importance such as immigration or the regional guard.

    * Residents of Lazarus should have the ability to propose bills to the assembly, even if voting on them is left to citizens. All ideas should be shared, not just by cleared citizens...

Foreign Policy of openness?

    * Peace with the New Pacific Order and a Non-Aggression Pact, as the war has gone on long enough.

    * Ending of the proscription with the New Pacific Order, and to only ban those nations listed in the request to the NPO before the war began.

    * Conclude treaties with the remaining GCRs not currently treated with, inclusive of Balder.

Political and Media Freedom?

    * Reform the criminal code of Lazarus so that reporting on Assembly activity by media organizations is not a punishable offense in the future.

    * Allow for discussion of the internal politics of Lazarus outside of the region, and find a reasonable mix between protecting the right of citizens to discuss things in private and the right to express political opinions abroad.

    * Resolve the dispute with NS Today and other foreign media organizations by creating a clear code of conduct and ethics between them and Lazarus, and not relying on word of mouth.

Allow Military Volunteering?

    * Reform the Regional Guard Act to allow for members of the regional guard to volunteer for defending or raiding missions (???).

* * *

The point of the reform club is to discuss and debate, even if you disagree!

Where do we discuss and debate? The Lazarene RMB, on Discord, or basically anywhere we can discuss openly.

If you want to join the Reform Club Membership Roster please TG: New Rogernomics

The Kingdom of New Rogernomics