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My European Voting Guide (will expand globally soon)

This is a voting guide I have compiled for countries in Europe, will slowly expand globally, from the perspective of an internationalist conservative. This is mainly from the POV of supporting economic liberalism and European integration, however social conservatism is welcomed. It is mostly a list of EPP and RE countries. The exception to this is the British Conservative Party. The UK is the most eurosceptic country in Europe, and its national character does not suit European integration. It is for the best if the UK does go through Brexit and leaves the EU.

Albania - Democratic Party (EPP associate)
Andorra - Democrats (EPP) or Liberals (EPP)
Austria - Austrian People's Party (EPP)
Belgium - Reformist Movement (RE) or Christian Democrat & Flemish (EPP) or Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (RE)
Bosnia - Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (EPP)
Bulgaria - GERB (EPP)
Croatia - Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats (RE)
Cyprus - Democratic Rally (EPP)
Czechia - Christian & Democratic Union - Czechoslovak People's Party (EPP) or Mayors and Independents (EPP)
Denmark - Venstre (RE)
Estonia - Estonian Reform Party (RE)
Finland - National Coalition Party (EPP)
France - La Republique en Marche (RE)
Georgia - European Georgia (EPP observer) or United National Movement (EPP observer)
Germany - CDU-CSU Union (EPP)
Greece - New Democracy (EPP)
Hungary - Democratic Coalition (S&D)
Iceland - Liberal Reform Party (EU)
Ireland - Fine Gael (EPP) or Fianna Fail (RE)
Italy - Democratic Party (S&D) or Piu Europa (RE)
Latvia - Development/For! (RE)
Liechtenstein - Patriotic Union (N/A - Non-EU)
Lithuania - Homeland Union (EU) or Liberal Movement of the Republic (EU)
Luxembourg - Christian Social People's Party (EPP) or Democratic Party (RE)
Montenegro - Democratic Montenegro (N/A - Non-EU)
Netherlands - People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (RE) or Christian Democratic Appeal (RE) or Democrats 66 (RE)
Norway - Conservative Party (EPP associate)
Poland - Civic Platform (EPP) or Polish Coalition (EPP)
Portugal - Social Democratic Party (EPP)
Romania - National Liberal Party (EPP)
San Marino - Future Republic (RE)
Serbia - Democratic Party (S&D)
Slovakia - For the People (?)
Slovenia - New Slovenia (EPP)
Spain - Partido Popular (EPP) or Ciudadanos (RE)
Sweden - Moderate Party (EPP)
Switzerland - Green Liberal Party (RE)
Turkey - Republican People's Party (S&D observer) or Iyi Party (N/A) or Democracy & Progress Party (N/A)
Ukraine - Servant of the People (?) or European Solidarity (EPP)
United Kingdom - Conservative Party (ECR)