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Lilith J lyndon (WIP)

Lilith J lyndon

Lilith wearing the uniform while watching a military excerise

Libertalonian President

In office:
2016 - 2020 (possible second term)

Preceded by: Manfred pullock


In office:
2008 - 2016

Preceded by: Sasha mctavish
Succeeded by: clint westwood

Personal Details


22/5/1985 (35)
literney in kabosata, Libertalonia



Political Party:

The liberal workers party




an orphan named smirnov


Tailsman university
- Law degree


something similar to orthodox christianity


plz help how do I do that

"can you people try to atleast not litter?"
- Lilth j lyndon
Lilth is currently, the 45th president of Libertalonia, with her sturdy cabinet and more or less unconventional strategies, she plans to make libertalonia a better nation, especially after the disaster called Manfred.

Early Life

Born into a rural family in the state of kabosata, Her father worked the fields while her mother was busy in the airlines as a stewardess. Lilth was more familiar and loving to her dad as she helped him in the fields to grow crops and deal with machinery while he helped to introduce her slowly to the political climate of her nation, her father is seen as a pretty good guy and a loving father.

At age of 12 her mother was hospitalized after the plane she was on got shot down by terrorists in the southern nation of Yrupoastan. She vowed revenge and joined the military at 18 years old, by the time she enlists her mother will have passed and her father mournful.

Having to work her way to the rank of sergeant, she is deployed in 1991 alongside the 15th armored divison to the central region of sahara to help allied forces take down the nation of Ukazistan due to them invading their neighbours. She would witness the horrors of war and come back traumatized, racking up a hefty therapist and alcohol bill. unfortunately she is forced to be deployed again in 1995 to the south paxana region to fight terrorists in Yrupoastan, needless to say, she had revenge for her mother and came back with more PTSD and racked up more bills.

1996 was her lowest point, Her father died from cancer, Her mind is not doing well and more importantly, an addiction to alcohol. She drank a lot and still does to this day, the few friends she still had from the military managed to help her through college and tried to find her a job, luckily in 2008, a job would appear for her.

Rise in Politics

Senator Sasha was Forced out and arrested, turns out, she ran a human trafficking ring in a few poor countries. Lilith quickly spotted this as an opportunity to run for a senator position and after a while, she got the job.

Although being a senator in Libertalonia is quite boring, to say Lilth helped her party to run down a few policies that are unfit is an understatement, she critized the hell out of many policies and frankly got the nickname, the senate’s reaper. She became frustrated with the senate because of the constant arguing and indecisiveness and at some point started thinking about presidency.

The Manfred era, which is disasterous in many people's eyes, was a pretty dark time, he sent manufacturing jobs to Eisteria, weakened the armed forces and even dropped out of the 1975 global climate accord stating the idea that they plan to weaken libertalonia. He was doomed to have a single term, so this inspired Lilith to persue presidency.

In 2016, Lilith runs against a talk show host halvard constana for the presidency, Halvard was a somewhat radical socialist who didn’t like guns and wanted more militarization of the police to protect the nation from “the menaces”. Lilith decided to try and, fool with the media while making her supporters love her as she promises UBI, free healthcare, more mental health care and to improve the infrastructure. Even as halvard tried using scandals such as a warcrime scandal and the “favors to superiors” to his advantage, she kept going.

The day she won brought her to tears as she was sworn in.


Lilith’s presidency is going pretty well, she managed to bring some work back to the country, the infrastructure is getting better and more importantly, the GDP and income are on the rise. However, Lilith is said to focus a bit too much on the military as she spends alot on veterans, the rearmament of the LAF and trying to force other nations to increase military budgets.


  • The Militarization act
    The militarization act will make military training mandatory, anyone between 18 and 35 who is either working a part time job or unemployed will be forced to become part of the reserves as a way to expand the army. It would also help the R&D of the military to research more weapons and technologies to modernize the LAF. Conscription is very unpopular in many people's eyes and thus it barely got enacted, however the supporters claimed it was a good thing because of the increasing possibility of a war between Libertalonia and the South Paxana alliance led by Yrupoastan, Either way, the act is now in effect

  • The 4 year plan
    The plan is basically an upgrade of the entire infrastructure of the nation. Major highways will receive an expansion especially the western coast. The 350+ coal plants will begin to slowly get phased out and soon get replaced by nuclear powered plants and thorium reactor areas. finally the public transport system and private transportation will receive extra funding to improve their sectors. the act also barely got through.

  • The senate reform act
    The senate reforms were enacted almost immediately after Lilith became president. The first act was to remove the filibuster due to how much senators abuse filibustering. the second act is to reform the way acts are passed and it is said to make the senate more productive and to actually do something about the problems in the nation.

  • LGBT legalization act
    After the death of the homosexual celebrity james Maddison, there was an uproar to introduce LGBT rights into libertalonia and how the nation treated gays badly for too long. Lilith soon enacted the LGBT legalization act which legalized gay weddings and made sure gays don't suffer discrimination from the law. The major opposition was the Southern baptism church which stated that gays are what's wrong with the nation, fortunately it passed and the southern baptism church only ruined it's reputation.

For & Against

  • For: A strong military, free markets, Gay rights, healthcare for all, Veterans, Alliances, equality, Ability to bear arms, environmental protections, Right to protest, democracy, moderately sized government, thorium reactors

  • Against: Pacifism, isolationism, communism, Central market planning, Fascism, Homophobes, countries that don't care about the environment, Yrupoastan, Eisteria, most of South paxana, totalitarianism of any kind, Anarchists,

Personal Information


Personal Trivia

  • She has actually been in the parade, driving a Humvee alongside the troops during the 2017 parade.

  • Sometimes she's seen walking the halls with teary eyes while looking at her unit's photograph on the wall.

  • She does photoshoots to boost morale of the troops in foreign lands

  • Lilith does show a bit of favouritism towards her home, Kabosata.

  • Lilith is diagnosed with PTSD and sometimes lose it with her command staff, causing a few incidents.


“The senate's job is to improve the nation, unfortunately it's more like a daycare centre where everyone screams at eachother”

“If a war begins then we shall fight until our very last breath”


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