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by The Interuniversal Imperium of The Great Imperator Jeffrey. . 380 reads.

[JOKE PROPOSAL] Repeal: "The World Assembly"

[font=Times New Roman][center][size=175]Repeal: "The World Assembly"[/size]
[size=125]Category: Repeal
Resolution: GA#1[/size][/center]

General Assembly Resolution #1 "The World Assembly" (Category: Bookkeeping; Effect: Sweeping) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

ACKNOWLEDGING that the World Assembly (WA) has acted as a major enforcer of international law for many years;

TROUBLED that much of the power in the WA is concentrated in a handful of oligarchs who use this power to further their own agendas and squash any opposition to them;

DISGUSTED that said oligarchs hide behind the guise of democracy and human rights to justify their actions;

ASSERTING that democracy is a failed ideology and that human rights are merely a construct,

DISAPPOINTED that the Security Council seems to serve only as a tool for petty squabbles;

CONCLUDING that the WA serves no purpose other than to benefit the few;

The World Assembly hereby repeals "The World Assembly" resolution and shall henceforth be disbanded.[/font]