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Annual Grand hunt

Libertalonians are mostly known for four things, Entrepreneurship, their love of guns, Rock music and their desire for meat products. Although vegans do exist, they're mostly quiet. As such there's a tradition known as the Grand hunt, where somewhere between a hundred thousand and a Million go out into a designated forest and hunt for 3 days with bows, spears, rifles and in rare cases, rocket launchers. Usually there would be News crews constantly trying to take interviews from hunters while people come to buy some of the meat that was caught.

Many activists denounce the tradition as "cruel" But the otherside argues that it keeps nature in balance. recently police had to be present incase of an animal rights activist and hunter clash. there is a case where the hunt did accidentally wipe out an entire ecosystem, they drove a local population of birds to extinction and soon the government had to step in. another time is when there was a hunt located at a forest near the coast, people littered into ocean, forcing the local rangers to clean it up for two weeks meanwhile a tragedy struck when a bunch of people died from a rockslide after they occupied a cliffside. 

despite all the mishaps, the Grand hunt is seen as distinctly Libertalonian and people still see themselves as the best hunters in the world.