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Libertalonia, the independence war

A simple man named Hans Pax finds Paxana and quickly names it after himself. After He manages to be good with the natives, He establishes Redwood and is the man who discovered Paxana, he died after being eaten by a bear

A battle between the natives and the colonialists begin after the natives became sick from foreign diseases, after a while, the colonialists won and wiped out the native tribe, beginning the long list of atrocities to create the nation known as libertalonia

An empire called valeria quickly noticed the fledgling colonies and so begins to send fleets to secure the land for itself, but it’s competition, the Yrupoastani empire manages to grab some land around the southern isles and establish a community there.

Valeria and Yrupoastan are at war, the new world becomes a battlefield, more natives get killed, Redwood is nearly annihilated and Valeria wins the war.

On June 15th Valeria proceeded to try to take most of the profit of the new world’s most prosperous industry, meat by taxing the hell out of it, it goes badly and a few offices are burnt with a side of corpses and riots.


A revolutionary army led by woman and man named Lisa and william start the libertalonian war of independence and use gurellia tactics to whittle down the valerian forces