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UPBC chronicle ISSUE #8

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  • Pandemic in Berantoba!

  • What's up in Cansilica?

  • Daunlaundic Elections!

  • The Berlian Conundrum!

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The UP CUP is Underway!

The UP CUP 2020 is underway and is being hosted by Daunlaund this year. Eight teams in total are playing for the trophy, those being Havadar, Cansilica, West Ankara, Pace e Saggezza, Latuaras, Berantoba, EllenburgAterno, The Pakistani Sub Continent and the Georgi and Utopiani Republics. West Ankara are currently topping the table with two wins closely followed by The Pakistani Sub Continent, Daunlaund and Havadar who all have four points. Its been a great tournament so far. With still two weeks left to play who knows who will win?

Pandemic in Berantoba!
This is the story as told by our Berantoban corespondant...
Montreux, 1st June 2020

A 45 year old man, John Boshman, was on his way back home with his car after a long day of work. He had just finished a presentation regarding a topic currently under discussion with the company he worked for. Because his house was quite far, he decided to stop at a local market, where a his go-to restaurant was located. He orders a delicious tomato soup, which was his favorite delicacy. As he continues the eat, a guy, dressed as a animal wrangler, with a "savage monkey" with a leash on his left hand walked through. The monkey, made a slight contact with John, and attempts to bit him. John manage to elude him, until he realizes a wound on his right hand. He quickly finishes his soup and left.
He quickly drives his car to a nearby hospital to check for his wound. The doctor gave him some medicine to heal his wound, and later put a bandage on his arm. He decides to go back home. He arrived back home, until his nose started dripping blood. He quickly puts his head up to stop the bleeding, and after a while it finally stopped. He went to shower and finally went to bed.

The next morning, he began feeling sick, and his throat was sore. His temperature was also high, and he decides to stay home. He calls his boss and tells him that he was sick and unable to work. Meanwhile his neighbor, knocks on his front door to give him a cake, following the neighbor's daughter birthday. He opened up the door and sneezes right on his face. His neighbor gave him the cake and cleans himself up. Later on in the evening, his neighbor also started dripping blood of his nose, and made numerous contact with different individuals across the city.

The Central for Disease Control (CDC), later acknowledged that the virus has spread among humans, and began several containment procedures on Montreux and Berantoba. The city was closed and subsequently quarantined to prevent spread outside of the city. Highway access, airports train station, harbors and etc was closed, but not before infecting almost 1,290 Montreux residents. The virus was soon revealed to be deadly to the elderly, and the mortality rate is low on younger people, although everyone is told to stay cautious of the new virus. While the outbreak slowly brings Montreux to its knee, other parts of Berantoba remained normal, with no cases confirmed to have occur. The central government wanted to ensure it remained that way, and impose strict measures to ensure that the virus remains in Montreux.

More Trouble in Cansilica!

There is more unrest in Cansilica as two warring factions battle for control over the country. Fighting has been violent and bloody and has led to much alarm in the international community. Earlier in the week this message was played on repeat to the people of Cansilica and the wider world.

The Station has been liberated. We, the free peoples united in goals, have struck a blow against your fascist autocrat. Your 'Rangers' lay dead and with them a hostage, they tried to end our righteous movement and the calls of the State. Patrin, we will get to you, we only have to get a single win. People of Cansilica, of the World, we are not the enemy, we fight for your freedom to be protected from the constraints of a forced society and ancient customs. We are the Sons, We are the Free, Egoism is the way forward.

Elections in Daunlaund

This morning the Daunlaundic Chancellor Adranan Figueroa called for elections. The four Daunlaundic political parties are all incredibly close in the polls. Campaigning has already begun as the nation gets ready to decide its new leader.

TheBerlian Conundrum

The Following story is from our Havadarian correspondent. There was a coup in Belaria against former leader Gorek Novikov, because he ended the war with Havadar and was seen as too weak and too much of a 'passivist'. The new leader of Berlia is Duran Seroska. He publicly executed his predecessor and said he wanted to lead Belaria into a new age.

It is widely speculated that they are on their way to producing a nuclear weapon.

Only time will tell what will happen.