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Guide to the Gaian RP

Guide to the Gaian RP

Rules of Gaian RP

The Gaian RP is set upon the mysterious Isle of Gaia, a lush world hidden away from all else. The exterior of the isle is surrounded by towering, nigh untraversable mountains, and beyond them, rocky waters that break even the mightiest of ships. Only a select few in Gaia know the way in and out of the isle, and only a select few are ever brought in.

  • No Godmodding

    • Godmodding may be defined as, but is not limited to, being invincible, having no weaknesses, avoiding every (or nearly) every attack or action, or of forcing hits/actions upon others.

  • No Power Playing

    • Taking control of another players character or RP content for any length of time without permission. It is up to the owner of said character or content to define the response or result. All power plays may be disregarded by the proper owner.

  • No mary sues or gary stus.

    • Characters who are completely perfect, without flaw, or who are completely imperfect.

  • Two character limit

    • You may only have two living characters at any given time. If one of your characters dies, you may create another one. However, if you appear to be simply creating and killing characters over and over, new characters may be rejected.

      The existence of relatives and similar NPC-ish characters is permitted, but they must not feature prominently or often, and will be considerably weaker than actual characters.

  • One person, one House.

    • The Royal Houses of Gaia, Ordek and Aether, as well as the Shanty Town of O'Hana, exist both IC and OOC. A person may only join a single House, and may only put their characters in the House which they are a part of. You may not put any characters in a House which you are not a part of.

      You are not required to join a House, nor are you required to put your characters in a House if you join a House. It is perfectly acceptable to be in a House and have one or both of your characters as houseless.

  • The outside world is null

    • All RP takes place on Gaia, and the outside world is not to be discussed or spoken of. You may say your character used to do X (such as craftsman, sailor, etc.) before coming to Gaia, but be vague. No references to anything that would be considered modern or futuristic. Do not make references to nations, real or fictional. The entrance/exit to Gaia is protected, and RPers may not cross through the gate.

Getting Started

Now that you've familiarized yourself with our rules, it's time to get started in the Gaian Roleplay! The first thing to do, is to fill out a character form. To do that, head on over to Linkthis topic on our forum, and fill it out accordingly. If you would like to join a House, you may find the application topics Linkpinned in the Regional Discussion forum of our offsite forum.

There are several native races in Gaia that you may choose from,

  • Humans, the most populous and prominent race on the island.

  • Elves, one of the lesser races of Gaia. Found mostly in the Central Plaza and the forests around it.

  • Dwarves, a prominent race in both the House of Aether, living largely in the mountainous areas of the the house.

  • Lizardfolk, one of the lesser races of Gaia, though prominent in the House of Ordek and the territories surrounding it, as well as near waterways in general. Lizardfolk can be described as looking like half human-half lizard people, with varying tail lengths, and a generally human size.

  • Vartai, one of the lesser races of Gaia, though prominent in the mountainous regions of the isle. Vartai can be described as looking like half human-half dragon people, though retaining a more human-ish appearance and size. Some have wings, while others don't, but they are a flightless race nonetheless.

  • Aarakocra, one of the lesser races of Gaia, though prominent in the House of Aether. Aaracockra can be described as looking like half human-half bird people, and though not much larger than humans, their general appearance is far more bird like. Though the Aaracockra have wings, they cannot fly high or for terribly long on their own.

  • Khajiit, one of the lesser and perhaps the least populous race of Gaia, and typically found on the outskirts of the Central Plaza. Khajiit can be described as looking like half human-half feline people, with a relatively human size and build, and a more cat like appearance.

If you would like to RP as a race that is not on this list, it will require specific approval by the Sovereigns for use and may significantly delay the time it takes for your form to be approved, and approval of new races is not guaranteed. Races that do not fit with the theme of Gaia will be rejected. Please note that just because a race may be accepted, it does not mean you will get to keep all the traits or abilities of that race.

Once your character(s) have been approved, you are free to join the RP as you wish!
When RPing in our Discord server, please assign a emoji reaction for use in separating your RP from other peoples RPs, so as to keep things from getting confusing!

If you need any help getting involved or understanding the Gaian RP, you may contact either Arudis or -tulov. House related questions should of course, be directed to the Sovereign in charge of the House in question.

Additional RP Resources

Our Maps of Gaia. These will help familiarize you with the boundaries of the Houses, as well as the general geography and biomes of the isle.

Gaian Magic. Magic in Gaia is not a solid, rigid system, and this will help you to get a feel for how it works in Gaia.

Our dispatch on Royal Houses. This will give you a general history of the three Houses and their part in Gaia.

House of Ordek dispatch. This will help familiarize you with the House of Ordek and how it functions, as well as the beliefs of those practiced in Ordek.

Territory of Ordek. This will help familiarize you with the area ruled over by Ordek, and the general atmosphere of its territories and cities.

House of Aether dispatch. This will help familiarize you with the House of Aether and how it functions.

Religion in the House of Aether. This will help familiarize you with the beliefs practiced by those in Aether.

The Serpent's Awakening - House Aether's Internal War. A small tidbit of history and lore from the House of Aether.

The Shanty Town of O'Hana dispatch. O'Hana, or Shanty Town as it is sometimes called, is a prominent non-House area within Gaia popular amongst outcasts. This dispatch will help to familiarize you with it.