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Guide to the Nation RP

Guide to the Nation RP

Rules of Nation RP

Our Nation RP is geared towards being a large and open sandbox with but a loose set of restrictions. We like our freedom to create, and we want our community to enjoy that same freedom. We shall not go about creating a rule or strict system for every single thing, and therefore, abuses to the system and rules we do have shall not be taken lightly.

  • Content Ownership and Plagiarism

    • Each person is in full, and total control of the content they create and use in RP. This includes, but is not limited to, the land and sea territory of their claims, of maps, of any military designs they make, of religions or specific ideologies made, so on and so forth. Others may use and modify their content only with the express permission of the creator. This is not to say two people cannot make a similar religion or a similar ideology, as after all, similarities occur in real life stuff too. This just means do not derive it from or claim it to be an extension of another person's content if they say no. Use of another person's content without their permission, or when told not to, shall be held as plagiarism. A content creator may reasonably revoke the right of others to use their content if changes, alterations, or similar events to it, are happening which they did not approve of, or they feel the quality of their content is being degraded.

      Finally, the fact that all RPers are in control of their RP content at all times, does not provide an excuse for Godmodding or Power Playing. Everyone takes hits in wars and conflicts, so remember to be reasonable. An RP is best done if the conclusion is generally agreed upon well in advance, and that the events in the RP work to achieve such a conclusion. This will often help to mediate between control of content and the avoidance of god modding.

  • No Godmodding

    • Godmodding may be defined as, but is not limited to, being invincible, having no weaknesses, avoiding every (or nearly) every attack or action, or of forcing hits/actions upon others.

  • No Power Playing

    • Taking control of another players character or RP content for any length of time without permission. It is up to the owner of said character or content to define the response or result. All power plays may be disregarded by the proper owner.

  • No mary sues or gary stus

    • Characters who are completely perfect, without flaw, or who are completely imperfect.

  • Use of magic

    • Magic is not allowed within Nation Roleplay in any capacity.

  • Realism

    • By and large, please try to keep into the realm of realism as much as you can. Some deviations are allowed, provided they don't stray too far. For example: No dragons, strange alien races, star trek or star wars like ships/weapons, etcetera. All people on Vinea are human or reasonably human (reasonably, in that they do not deviate enough from being human to be considered something else. One example is that Renaria's people are technically alien, but despite their origins, are only slightly different humans.) If there are going to be deviations, try to keep them balanced. (For example, the Renarii have abnormally long life spans, but a low fertility rate, while Tulovians have a high tolerance to cold, but a reduced tolerance to heat.)

  • RP Ownership

    • The creator, or owner of, an RP is generally considered to be in charge of said RP, and their rule is law, except in cases which contradict RP rules.

  • Nuclear Weapons in RP

    • The ownership of nuclear weapons in RP is restricted to those who are willing to give a decent explanation of how their nation came to acquire them, or if they are given nuclear weapons by another nation. (So, this does not mean your nation cannot have them, but you must provide some details of your nation's project and path to building them, as well as the general time frame it was done in.)

Getting Started

Now that you've familiarized yourself with our rules, it's time to get started in the Nation Roleplay! The first thing you're going to want to do, is file yourself a map claim. To view the map itself, either to see who is where, or to decide what area you want, head on over to this dispatch. Follow the steps listed in the spoiler below to submit a map claim.

Before submitting a claim, please read the following rules.

  • Initial claims may not exceed 750,000 sq miles. 1 pixel = roughly 7.48 sq miles. (Don't worry about pixel counts, this is for the Cartographer to worry about.)

  • Expansion may be given beyond this limit for active RPers who provide good reason for their expansion. Expansions by non-RPers will be denied.

  • CTEd nations will be removed at the Cartographer's convenience.

  • First come, first serve.

  • If you wish to use your claim to RP as multiple nations, they may only be partitioned once every 30 days or at the Cartographer's convenience. Needlessly re-partitioning your claim again and again may result in loss of right to repartition (though you will still be allowed to do so in-RP, the map will no longer be updated to reflect this.)

Now that you have read the rules, here is how you can submit a claim. You must fill out the following form and submit it to discopolaris on discord (this is the fastest way), or send a message to Arudis via telegram.

Nation Name:
RP Nation Name:
What area do you want?: (Images are helpful)
Would you like your claim broken up into multiple IC nations?: (If so, please try to provide an image)
What color would you like your claim to be?: (Hex codes are helpful. If no preference, leave blank.)

You will be notified if your claim is approved or denied. If denied you will be told why. Please understand that updating the map takes time, so map claims may take some time to properly process.

Once you've filed a claim, the next thing you're going to need to do, is fill out a Power Point Ranking Chart 2.0 (PPRC2). At the bottom of the dispatch, you will find a spoiler containing the raw BBCode to the PPRC2. Take this BBCode and fill it out, then publish it into a Dispatch under Meta > Gameplay.

There are three main types of PPRC2s that you may fill out, a Primary PPRC2, a Secondary PPRC2, and a Tertiary PPRC2. If you only intend to RP as a single nation, you need only concern yourself with a Primary PPRC2. If you would like to RP as multiple nations, then please see the spoiler directly below.

First off, you are not required to submit Secondary or Tertiary PPRC2s to RP as multiple nations. These are only if you want to make them, or if you would like them to eventually be ranked on the Great Power System (which is not currently functional.) If you do not file a Secondary or Tertiary PPRC2, all other nations you RP as will be expected to operate under the umbrella of your Primary PPRC2.

Now then,
For those of you who would like to RP multiple nations, we have the Secondary and Tertiary PPRC2s. The Secondary PPRC2 is for the nation you consider to be your next most important. While a Primary PPRC2 is allowed a total of 1500 points, a Secondary PPRC2 is only allowed 750 points.

As for a Tertiary PPRC2, there is no limit to how many Tertiary PPRC2s you may submit for your nations, but if we feel someone is attempting to abuse this system (such as trying to farm for points), there is a good chance they will be rejected. When it comes to points, Tertiary PPRC2s may only use 450 points (However, for Tertiary PPRC2s, you may set the number for "Environment Condition" to any number between 0-100 you wish, without subtracting from the 450. We recognize that just because a nation is small on the world stage, it does not mean its environment is horrible or in ruin, and in fact can mean the environment is more untouched. The only catch is that we ask you to be reasonable. If we see a whole bunch of people throwing Tertiary PPRC2s and maxing it out to 100/100, we may revoke this privilege. So please, set it to what you realistically believe it would be in your nation.)

For "Roleplay era", if this is for your Primary PPRC2, simply list "Modern". This does not imply you have to use modern tech, as it is perfectly acceptable to us for you to have a nation that is stuck in the medieval ages, it merely signals you will be part of the main RP timeline, and can RP with everyone else. If you wish to create a PPRC2 for a nation in the past or for a past era of your nation(s), click the spoiler below. If not, ignore the spoiler and continue on. If you want to RP in the past but do not wish to make a past PPRC2, your Primary PPRC2 will be applied as appropriate, and you need not worry about working with more numbers.

To prevent the abuse of having people try to create a new chart for every single year, PPRC2s of the past shall apply for a period of 30 years, or for the life span of a nation/government, if said nation/government existed for a time shorter than 30 years. This will be listed under "Roleplay era". For example: "Roleplay era: 1960-1990". Beyond this, the system is relatively the same, though the further back you go, the more industries (and thus points) you will lose access to. The system of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary will still be applied as necessary, though in the absence of Secondary and Tertiary PPRC2s, the Primary shall be the umbrella for the era once again.

Once you have your PPRC2(s) filled out, you will need to submit them for approval. The absolute quickest way to do this is to Linkjoin our Discord server, and post about it in #nation_ooc, ping a @Nation RP Moderator, and we will look at it ASAP. This is the most recommended method, as much of Nation RP and its discussion takes place on our Discord. If you do not wish to join the Discord server, you may telegram Arudis or post about it on our Regional Message Board.

Once your map claim and your PPRC2 have been approved, you are free to join the RP as you wish!

Please note, that we also emphasis quality over quantity, and combined with our focus on collaborative progression and work, RP in our region is often (but not always) a bit slower than many other regions.

Additional RP Resources

At this time the only the National Language Directory dispatch will be updated. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Once you've gotten yourself established in our RP, there are a couple fun things we have around you can join in!

First we have our National Language Directory dispatch! This lists the National Languages of the various IC languages, and whether or not they are based off a real life language - or literally just a real life language, under an In-Character name. The use of real life languages is on a first come first serve basis, or, whatever players wishing to use the same language may agree upon. If you would like to be added to it, please get in contact with Arudis, either on NS or Discord.

Next we have our Currency Exchange Rate dispatch. This exists entirely as a means to give us an IC bearing of currency values, without constantly trying to relay them through the values of real currencies. You are not required to join this dispatch, but if you wish to join, your currency must be using the gold standard to be listed.

The next few systems we have are a bit more exclusive, due to how labor intensive it is to make updates to them,

Our Culture, Time Zone, and Continents and Oceans Maps. Each of these require you to have been a part of Nation RP for 65 days. That is not 65 days in the region, that is 65 days, in the Nation RP. This means having a PPRC2, a Map Claim, the works.

Our Culture Map lists areas according to the umbrella culture occupying areas (for example, Russian, Ukrainian, and Serbian cultures, would all simply be listed as "Slavic" under this type of map, and would not be distinguished. Further, areas are not specifically broken down. Whatever is the majority, is what stands. So, using real life as an example, if "EXAMPLE STATE" had a population that was 10% Slavic, 44.1% Germanic, and 45.9% Turkic, it would be mapped as "Turkic".

Our Time Zone Map is rather self explanatory. You may request your nation(s) and their region/states/provinces (of reasonable size. We will not be mapping areas that are only a few pixels in size.) to be colored in according to the time zones you prefer.

Our Continents and oceans Map is by and far our most extensive and labor intensive map, and even once you have met the 65 days requirement, it may take some time to get on it. On this map, you may name any unnamed sea territories you border. But, once a name has been published in a map update, it is permanent, so choose wisely about what you wish to name. Two people sharing a common sea area will be expected to agree upon a name, and no name shall be published without the approval of both.

LinkHistorical Timeline. This is a common timeline for important events which have happened in the history of Nation RP, or of the nations in the RP. Entries should be brief, and addition to the main Timeline may not be quick.

More such resources may be added in the future. As they are thought of/created, there will be a need for help in providing them with initial content. Anyone who helps with the creation of such content, either directly, or merely through allowing themselves to be added as content, shall be exempt to any time limits that may be added upon release.

RP Systems

The Great Power System
The Great Power System (GPS) is a RP system that will rank nations according to how they fill out their PPRC2s, as well as published dispatches, in RP actions, and a small array of other things.

The Great Power System is not yet operational, and there is no ETA on when it may come to fruition.

Colonial Warfare System

The Colonial Warfare System (CWS) is a RP system that will allow Primary (and possibly Secondary) nations to colonize the continent of Aegia through the use of a system of provinces and province limits, and to fight with other Colonial Powers, in which they may gain or lose provinces.

The Colonial Warfare System is not yet operational, and there is no ETA on when it may come to fruition.

NPC System

The NPC System (NPCS) is a RP system in which Non-Player Countries will exist on the map, and may be manipulated, influenced, and fought over using a specially designed system.

The NPC System is not yet operational, and there is no ETA on when it may come to fruition.

Strike System

For those who violate the rules or attempt to abuse the systems of our Nation RP, there will be a series of punishments that will escalate with each offense. Serious offenses may result in a quicker escalation of/jump in punishment, or even removal from the region (such as in the event of refusal to remove stolen player content).

  • Strike one, verbal warnings to cease and desist. Depending on severity of offenses, and time between them, you may receive multiple of these before escalation to an actual "Strike two".

  • Strike two, a moderator warning to cease and desist.

  • Strike three, a second moderator warning to cease and desist.

  • Strike four, a one month (30 days) exclusion from "Open" RPs/RP events.

  • Strike five, a one week (7 days) mute in Nation RP channels (IC and OOC).

  • Strike six, a one month (30 days) mute in Nation RP channels (IC and OOC).

  • Strike seven, a three month (90 days) mute in Nation RP channels (IC and OOC).

  • Strike eight, banishment from Nation RP.

If you would like to appeal a punishment that has been applied (only Strike two punishments and above can be appealed), compile your appeal and send it to discopolaris (Arudis), who will forward it for review by the entire Nation RP Moderation Staff. Each punishment may only be appealed a single time, so be certain of your appeal.