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The Beautiful Game - 2022-23 Club Season

After an eventful World Cup and an eventful hangout, everyone gets back into the swing of things for club season. Chelsea are the defending champions in the Premier League, Lyon in Ligue 1, Real Madrid in La Liga, Ajax in the Eredivisie, Inter Milan in Serie A, and Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

Premier League

The 2022-23 Premier League starts off good. Liverpool have won their first five games, beating opponents like Leicester, Newcastle, and Southampton. Man United have four wins and one loss. Behind them are defending champions Chelsea followed by Man City, Tottenham, Everton, and Arsenal. Apabeossie has so far struggled during his debuts for the Gunners, only managing three shots on goal and no assists playing as an attacking midfielder.

In the 10th matchweek that’s happening in late October, Man United and Liverpool meet in Anfield. At this point, Liverpool have a record of 8-1-1 with 25 points while Man United are 7-2-1 with 23 points. Although Man United strike first thanks to Mason Greenwood (assisted by Laver), the Reds manage to strike back before the first half ends with a Salah goal. Both teams increased their physicality in the second half. A tough tackle by Virgil van Dijk in the 54th minute led to Liverpool gaining the ball back and staging a counterattack. “Wijnaldum has the ball, he passes to Republic of Satherland… running down the field, and gets tripped outside of the penalty box by Marquinhos! It’s gonna be a free kick for Liverpool!” The moments go by as the Liverpool players decide who should take the kick, but Salah decides to step up. “Salah will take the kick… goes over the wall and IT’S IN!!! WHAT AN AMAZING FREE KICK BY SALAH!!! DAVID DE GEA HAD NO CHANCE OF GETTING THAT IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER!!!” Later in the game, Liverpool has the ball with Outer Sparta going down the field. He gets across midfield before Laver Island goes for a tackle on the Liverpool player. “Oh man, that’s gotta hurt for Sparta. Laver is issued a yellow by the ref for his challenge.” At the end of the game, Liverpool wins 2-1 and they go ahead of United by five points.

At the same time in London, rivals Chelsea and Arsenal meet in the Emirates for their game. Apab gets ready for this tough game and wants to prove his worth (so far, the young Korean has zero goals and only three assists). Gor Kebab is coming off two straight clean sheets against opponents like Wolverhampton and Tottenham. Arsenal get the first opportunity to score in the first ten minutes but Jiménez’s shot gets punched over the goal by Gor. The Gunners get a corner but Çağlar Söyüncü’s header gets saved by Gor. In the 26th minute, Chelsea get an opportunity but could not find many open shots. The first half ends in a 0-0 draw. In the 64th minute, Arsenal get an opportunity with Lee Seung-woo moving the ball. “Seung-woo passes it to Daniel James. He shot deflects off of Gor but Lacazette gets the ball. His shot deflects off of Chelsea defender Joe Gomez and Arsenal get a corner.” A few moments later, Oxlade-Chamberlain takes the corner. “He takes it short to Lacazette, who then passes the ball back toward Apab. He shoots and IT’S A GOAL!!! THE 19-YEAR-OLD GETS HIS FIRST IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE! WHAT A PROUD MOMENT FROM APAB TONIGHT IN THE EMIRATES!!!” The match soon ends with Arsenal holding onto their 1-0 victory over Chelsea. After the game, Gor gives Apab a pat on the back and says, “Congrats on your goal. You’re only 19, but you managed to beat me with that shot. Even though we play for rival clubs, I’m happy for you scoring your first Prem goal even though you guys beat us.”

“Thanks, it means a lot to me,” replies Apab. “And yeah, being in rival clubs won’t stop us from becoming friends off the pitch.” The two players swap their jerseys before they head to the locker room. With Arsenal’s win, they jump up to 4th place with a record of 5-3-3 and 18 points. Chelsea is still in the 3rd position with a record of 7-1-3 and 22 points.

The halfway point of the season rolls around and each team has played 19 games. The top five of the standings is as shown:
1. Liverpool: 14-4-1, 46 points
2. Man United: 13-3-3, 42 points
3. Chelsea: 12-3-4, 39 points
4. Man City: 10-4-5 34 points
5. Arsenal: 9-5-5: 32 points

The Champions League group stage is complete at this point. Liverpool have won Group C, Man United have won Group B, Arsenal finished runners-up in Group E, and Chelsea won Group H. In their Round of 16 draws, Liverpool plays Eintracht Frankfurt, Man United plays Bayern Munich, Arsenal play Roma, and Chelsea play Dinamo Zagreb. Everton, Man City, and Tottenham made it through the Europa League group stage. In the knockout round, Everton plays Genk, Man City plays Fiorentina, and Tottenham plays AC Milan.

Leading goal-scorers so far in the Premier League are listed below:
1. Mo Salah (LIV) – 13 goals
2. Marcus Rashford (MUN) – 12 goals
3. Gabriel Jesus (MCI) – 10 goals
4. Jadon Sancho (TOT) – 9 goals
4. Sadio Mané (LIV) – 9 goals

Laver has managed to score four goals, Sparta and Apab both have three to their name, Sather has scored two times, and Gor has achieved eight clean sheets. Sparta leads the Premier League in assists with nine.

Ligue 1

In France, the Ligue 1 season has a good start. While former phenoms PSG have lost four of their first five games (they have taken quite the hit after breaking many Financial Fair Play rules regarding their transfer moves two years ago), Marseille and Lyon are neck-and-neck, having the same record and points (4-1-0, 13 points). Monaco, Rennes, and Bordeaux complete the top five at this point.

Marseille and Lyon play each other in the 8th matchweek in Lyon. The Champions League gets ready to gear up against his rivals. The game starts with Lyon possessing the ball. Adil Aouchiche looks downfield for any open players. He passes it to Anthony Martial but TCL intercepts the ball in the 25th minute. “Looks like TCL is gearing up for a Marseille attack, he passes it to Parfait Guaigon in the midfield. Now Ousmane Dembélé has the ball and his shot gets deflected out of bounds by Lyon’s goalkeeper Neto.” Marseille prepare to line up for the corner. “Thauvin takes the corner and it’s headed in! TCL with his first goal this season for Marseille! The American left back shows us he can do some scoring!” Before the first half ended, Lyon managed to answer with a Rayan Cherki header assisted by Memphis Depay, tying the game at 1-1 apiece. In the second half, Lyon takes the lead thanks to an Aouchiche strike from distance. In the 82nd minute, Marseille was able to answer with a Dembélé free kick. The final score would end in a 2-2 draw, showing that this will be a tight race for Ligue 1’s best.

Soon, the first half of the season ends with all teams playing 19 games. Here are the midseason standings:
1. Marseille: 14-2-3, 44 points
2. Lyon: 13-4-2, 43 points
3. Monaco: 11-5-3, 38 points
4. Rennes: 11-3-5, 36 points
5. Lille: 9-6-4, 33 points

Meanwhile, PSG languish in 16th place with a record of 3-4-12 and 13 points. Top goal-scorers in Ligue 1 are listed below:
1. Ousmane Dembélé (MAR) – 12 goals
2. Anthony Martial (LYO) – 11 goals
3. Rayan Cherki (LYO) – 10 goals
4. Nicolas Pépé (MON) – 9 goals
5. Florian Thauvin (MAR) – 8 goals

TCL has three goals and four assists during his time for Marseille, leading all Ligue 1 defenders in goal-scoring. For the Champions League draws, Marseille finished runners-up in Group B behind Man United. As for Lyon, they finished in third in Group C behind tough opponents like Liverpool and Ajax. Marseille plays Atlético Madrid in the Round of 16. Lyon gets transferred to the Europa League knockout stage and play Dynamo Kyiv while Monaco goes up against Braga. Lille and St. Étienne made it through the Europa League group stage. Lille plays AZ Alkameer while St. Étienne go up against AEK Athens. Bordeaux did not make it out of the EL group stage.

La Liga

The La Liga season starts off with defending champions Real Madrid taking an early lead in the standings after five games, winning all five of their games. Barcelona has four wins and one draw (the sole draw was to Atlético Madrid). Rounding out the top five are Atlético, Sevilla, and Valencia.

In the 9th matchweek, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid play in their derby (with Real hosting). In the first half, Kylian Mbappé got on the board for Real with a strike that beat goalkeeper Jan Oblak in the 15th minute. Although Atlético got a great chance before stoppage time in the first half, Antoine Griezmann shanked his shot off the crossbar. The second half saw Atlético trying to come back. Griezmann scored in the 56th minute on a free kick that beat Real’s goalkeeper Luca Zidane. However, Real would answer in the 68th minute from Rodrygo, notching his four goal this season. Vinícius Júnior scored his second goal of the season after receiving a pass from Rodrygo in the 84th minute. Real Madrid would beat their rivals Atlético by a score of 3-1.

During the 13th matchweek, the El Clásico between Barcelona and Real Madrid takes place, one of the largest football rivalries in the world. Barcelona is hosting this one and the action is expected to be fierce. Alienage has an opportunity to add to his goal total, scoring 7 so far this season. The game starts with Barcelona getting a good attack in the 8th minute, eventually leading to a cross from Neymar that Roberto Firmino beautifully finished to give Barca an early 1-0 advantage. They would double their lead in the 35th minute thanks to an Alienage goal struck from distance and put away in the top corner of the goal. In the second half, Real managed to get back in the game with a header from Isco in the 61st minute and a strike from Rodrygo ten minutes later. With the two teams tied 2-2, it’s quite a tight and fierce game from both sides. In the 83rd minute, Barca are on the attack. “Here’s Álex Collado, he’s moving down the field. He passes it to Neymar. Neymar… crossing it to Alienage, but he gets knocked down by Madrid defender Raphaël Varane!!! The ref gives a penalty kick to Barca!” Alienage takes a deep breath before coming up to take his penalty. “Here’s Alienage… and he converts! Barca are up 3-2 in this exciting game!” Barcelona eventually wins against Real Madrid by a score of 3-2, cutting down Madrid’s lead in the standings from four to one.

The midseason standings in La Liga look like this:
1. Real Madrid: 15-2-2, 47 points
2. Barcelona: 14-3-2, 45 points
3. Atlético Madrid: 11-3-5, 36 points
4. Sevilla: 10-5-4, 35 points
5. Valencia: 9-4-6, 31 points

The top goal-scorers so far are as shown:
1. Neymar (BAR) – 15 goals
2. Kylian Mbappé (RMA) – 13 goals
3. Alienage (BAR) – 11 goals
4. Bryan Gil (SEV) – 10 goals
5. Antoine Griezmann (ATM) – 9 goals

For the Champions League group stage results, Real Madrid were runners-up in Group H just behind Chelsea, Barcelona won Group E, Atlético finished runners-up in Group D behind Bayern, while Sevilla were eliminated after they finished last in Group F behind Juventus, Dinamo Zagreb, and Porto. For the EL teams, Valencia, Athletic Bilbao, and Real Sociedad made it to the knockout stage. Valencia plays Inter Milan, Bilbao plays RB Salzburg, and Real Sociedad plays Lazio.

Serie A

The Serie A season begins with Juventus taking an early lead in the standings, winning their first five games. Regnum Italiae has been very impressive, scoring three goals so far. Defending title-holders Inter Milan are not too far behind with four wins in five games. AC Milan, Roma, and Atalanta wrap up the top five.

The 8th matchweek features a big game between Juventus and Inter Milan in Turin. The top-two clubs prepare to square off in Turin. Inter Milan take an early lead thanks to a Romelu Lukaku strike in the 20th minute. However, Regy and Juventus lead another attack and they get a free kick opportunity. Paulo Dybala takes it and he gets it in to tie the game at 1-1. During the second half, the game is highly contested between the two sides. Inter get an opportunity at the 58th minute but Eden Hazard sends it wide. Six minutes later, Juventus move down the field but Regy puts his shot just over the goal. “Damn, how did I miss that!” Regy angrily shouts. At the 80th minute, Juventus manager Gianluigi Buffon subs out Dybala with American forward Josh Sargent. Soon, Juventus have another attack going. “Here’s Sargent with the ball… goes to Regy… IT’S A GOAL!!! REGY ANSWERS THE CALL FOR JUVENTUS AND PUTS THEM IN FRONT OF INTER!” The game ends with a 2-1 win for Juventus as they expand their lead in Serie A over rivals Inter.

In the 12th matchweek, the Milan Derby gets underway with AC hosting this one against Inter. The hosts answer first with a Lautaro Martínez goal in the 13th minute. Inter would answer twice before the half ends with a goal from Christian Eriksen and a goal from Reinier. Eventually, Milan would tie the game in the 65th minute with a goal from Paul Pogba. In the 76th minute, Milan manager Zlatan Ibrahimović decides to sub out starting forward Tim Prica for Ed Carlos. The young Brazilian would score the winning goal ten minutes later and Milan wins 3-2 over Inter.

The halfway point of the season approaches and here are the standings:
1. Juventus: 14-5-0, 47 points
2. AC Milan: 13-2-4, 41 points
3. Inter Milan: 13-2-4, 41 points
4. Roma: 11-3-5, 36 points
5. Napoli: 10-4-5, 34 points

The top goal-scorers at this point are as shown:
1. Regy (JUV) – 13 goals
2. Romelu Lukaku (INT) – 12 goals
3. Lautaro Martínez (MIL) – 10 goals
3. João Félix (ROM) – 10 goals
5. Paulo Dybala (JUV) – 9 goals

In the Champions League group stage, Juventus won Group F and Roma won Group G. Both Inter and AC Milan finished third in their respective groups, so they get transferred to the Europa League knockout stage. Juventus races Copenhagen in the Round of 16 while Roma goes up against Arsenal. Inter play Valencia while Milan play Tottenham in the Europa League knockout round.


The Bundesliga season is in full swing! Eintracht Frankfurt have surprised everyone and they won their first five games against opponents such as Bayer Leverkusen, Hertha Berlin, and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Leverkusen, and Mönchengladbach are behind Frankfurt.

In the 6th matchweek, Dortmund face off against rivals Bayern in Munich. It should be a good battle between the defending champions Dortmund against Bayern, who boast a tandem of Polish strikers The Kingdom of Denmark and Robert Lewandowski. The match begins with Bayern mounting an attack in the 7th minute. “Lewandowski… he crosses one to KoD but it’s just out of reach for the young star. Bayern had a good opportunity there but they just couldn’t get it done.” Dortmund has the ball back and they get an attack going. “Here’s Erling Håland, he going down the field, slips past Thomas Müller! Here’s the shot, and it’s good!!! WHAT A MAGNIFICENT SHOT BY HÅLAND AS HE PUTS IT RIGHT IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER!!! Dortmund are up after 24 minutes!” The first half ends with Bayern down 1-0. In the second half, Bayern gets it going and in the 53rd minute, they get a goal from Philippe Coutinho. Twenty minutes later, Bayern get on another attack and are presented a free kick opportunity. “Lewandowski will take the free kick… AND HE SCORES!!! LEWANDOWSKI CAN DO IT ALL AND HE PUTS BAYERN AHEAD!!! Ter Stegen had no chance of getting there!” The game soon ends with Bayern coming back 2-1 against Dortmund.

In the 11th matchweek, Bayern travel to Frankfurt to face Dizgovzy’s team. Frankfurt gets on the scoreboard first thanks to a Diz goal in the 14th minute. However, Bayern were not discouraged and they answer back nine minutes later with a strike from KoD. In the 39th minute, Frankfurt go on another offensive. “Here’s İlkay Gündoğan, he passes it to Filip Kostić. Kostić to Raheem Sterling, and he gets brought down in the penalty box by Niklas Süle! Penalty awarded to Frankfurt!” Sterling converts the penalty kick to bring Frankfurt back up 2-1. In the second half, Bayern get an opportunity in the 72nd minute. Lazar Samardžić’s shot gets saved but a corner is awarded to them. “Leon Goretzka takes the corner and it’s headed in! Ivan Perišić won the challenge over Sergi Roberto and ties the game for Bayern!” Frankfurt managed to get an opportunity in stoppage time but Diz’s shot goes wide. The game ends in a 2-2 draw as Frankfurt still retains their top spot in the standings.

The halfway point of the season is here and the standings are as shown after every team has played 17 games:
1. Eintracht Frankfurt: 13-2-2, 41 points
2. Bayern Munich: 12-4-1, 40 points
3. Borussia Dortmund: 11-4-2, 37 points
4. Bayer Leverkusen: 10-4-3, 34 points
5. FC Schalke: 9-5-3, 32 points

Here are the top goal-scorers:
1. Diz (FRA) – 15 goals
2. Robert Lewandowski (BAY) – 14 goals
3. KoD (BAY) – 12 goals
4. Erling Håland (DOR) – 11 goals
4. Raheem Sterling (FRA) – 11 goals

In the Champions League group stage, Dortmund won Group A, Bayern won Group D, Eintracht Frankfurt finished runners-up in Group G, but Leverkusen finished last in Group B and are eliminated. Dortmund gets drawn against Man United, Bayern against Real Madrid, and Frankfurt goes up against Liverpool in the Round of 16. While Schalke didn’t make it to the Europa league knockout stage, Mönchengladbach and Wolfsburg did, where they will play Panathinaikos and Anderlecht, respectively.


During the 13th matchweek, Ajax and PSV face-off in Amsterdam. Rivierenland, Suomessa, and South St Maarten get ready as this will be a big game (Ajax and PSV are tied in points). During the first half, neither team could get much going. For Ajax, David Neres got a good look but sent his header wide of the net. PSV’s Lucas Moura sent a shot just over the net. Riv also has some good looks but he had one shot saved and another blocked by Maarten. It’s been a good performance for the defender stopping the likes of Riv, Neres, Yari Verscharen, and Suo. Ultimately, the first half ends in a 0-0 draw.

“Alright Suo, let’s get ready for the second half. We’re gonna cream Maarten and PSV!” says Riv.

“Let’s get ready. We need this game,” says Suo.

During the second half, PSV got a good opportunity to begin the half. “Here’s Mohamed Ihattaren, the young Dutch prospect blazing down the field! He passes it to Moura, and he shoots and scores! PSV GO UP IN AMSTERDAM!!!” Ajax soon needs an answer, and they play possession until they get some open opportunities. Suo has the ball and motions Riv to move ahead. He lobs a pass to him in the left side of the field but Maarten knocks him down! “Looks like Riv’s not happy about that and the two go after one another! Oh my, Amsterdam is going crazy over this!” The ref issues both players a red card and the two are sent off. Riv is quite angry at his Dutch teammate and Suo goes up to Riv. “Hey, what happened back there?”

“He hit me pretty hard! Besides, I don’t want to talk about it!” Riv shouts in an angry tone with his face looking pretty red. On the PSV side, Ihattaren tries to calm Maarten down but the defender pushes him out of the way. With both teams at ten players, the rest of the game is quite uneventful as the two sides try to calm tensions down, merely passing the ball to one another. PSV would win this game 1-0 and take a lead in the standings. Maarten is handed a one match ban while Riv gets three off. In Ajax’s next four games, substitute Brian Brobbey takes over in the forward spot next to Neres; he would score three goals. PSV’s defense is a little weaker with Maarten gone during the game against Twente, but Luiz Felipe does a good job filling in for him.

The Eredivisie approaches the midseason point and here are the standings with each team having played 17 games:
1. PSV: 15-1-1, 46 points
2. Ajax: 13-2-2, 41 points
3. Feyenoord: 13-2-2, 41 points
4. AZ: 10-3-4, 33 points
5. Vitesse: 8-3-6, 27 points

The top goal-scorers are listed below:
1. Lucas Moura (PSV) – 15 goals
2. Luis Sinisterra (FEY) – 13 goals
3. Riv (AJX) – 10 goals
4. Myron Boadu (AZA) – 9 goals
4. David Neres (AJX) – 9 goals

Suo has three goals to this name while Maarten has two goals (both from penalty kicks). As for the two Dutch players, neither Riv and Maarten are on speaking terms at the moment. Looks like the fallout from the infamous brawl is still there. Can the two manage to repair their relationship?

In the Champions League draw, Ajax finished runners-up in Group C behind Liverpool while PSV finished third in Group D. Ajax gets drawn against Barcelona in the Round of 16 while PSV gets transferred into the Europa League knockout round, playing Zenit St. Petersburg in the Round of 32. AZ made it through the Europa League group stage and plays Lille while Feyenoord did not make it.

Other Leagues

In the MLS, Toronto FC is in the Eastern Conference playoffs. They already beat Atlanta United in the quarterfinals and got past New York City FC in the semifinals. Toronto faces off against the Portland Timbers in the 2022 MLS Cup. The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth’s squad would win the game 2-0 and he scored both of his team’s goals. 2022 is the young Canadian’s last season with Toronto. In a media session, he responded to a question about his future endeavors, saying “Well, this will be my last season with Toronto. I love my teammates, I love this great city, but it’s time for me to go on a new journey to Europe.” On January 1, 2023, Poliet joined AS Monaco and he gets ready to play for the French squad.

The Croatian league has Dinamo Zagreb in first place and Libertandonien has scored six goals. Zagreb would do well in the Champions League group stage, finishing runners-up in Group F. They are drawn against Chelsea in the Round of 16.

In Iran, the Persian Pro League has the Tabriz-based club Tractor at the top of the standings after 15 games. Sepahan, Persepolis, Esteghial, and Padideh round out the top five. Yahlia has done well and has scored ten goals for Tractor. European clubs are actively scouting out the young Kiwi and a transfer move might be inevitable. Everton, Newcastle, and Wolfsburg are the rumored clubs looking to sign him after the season.

In Poland, Poland-kaliningrad's Lech Poznań is currently on the top of the table at the halfway point. He’s been doing well in the defensive line and has been a big reason as to the club’s success.

In South Korea, the K League 1 has finished with Ulsan Hyundai winning the league. FC Seoul, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, Pohang Steelers, and Suwon Samsung Bluewings round out the top five. Pilipinas and Malaya scored 16 goals for Ulsan and gets a big transfer move to Sevilla, where he will soon play for the La Liga side and face tougher opponents.

Champions League Knockout Round – Round of 16 (first leg in mid-February, second leg in mid-March)

The first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 match between Dortmund and Man United gets underway in mid-February. Two goals by Mason Greenwood and Bruno Fernandes put Man United up 2-0 in Old Trafford. The second leg takes place in Dortmund three weeks later where Erling Håland scored the only goal of the game as Man United won 2-1 on aggregate.
The first leg of the Juventus-Copenhagen game takes place in Copenhagen. There were no goals in the first half, but Juventus struck twice in the second half thanks to goals by Dybala and Luca Coccolo to take a 2-0 lead. The second leg takes place in Turin. Thanks to goals by Fagioli, Tomas Espinoza, and two from Regy, Juventus easily overwhelms Copenhagen and wins 6-0 on aggregate.

The Marseille-Atlético game starts in Madrid. The only goal of first leg was scored by Griezmann. The second leg takes place in Marseille. TCL gets ready to put Marseille back on track after their 1-0 defeat back in the middle of February. Marseille were able to take an early advantage and midfielder Parfait Guaigon scored in the 22nd minute. However, Atlético were able to tie things up and get an away goal thanks to Griezmann in the 43rd minute. In the second half, Marseille dial things up a notch. In the 55th minute, the hosts got a corner but TCL put his header over the goal. Nine minutes later, they got into a one-on-one situation where Thauvin marched down the field but was tripped by Atlético defender Renan Lodi in the penalty box. The French striker would convert the penalty kick to put Marseille up 2-1, but they need one more goal to put them ahead since Atlético has the away goal advantage in aggregate. In the 83rd minute, Marseille got a gift from midfielder Abdoulaye Dabo and he put Marseille up 3-1 in this game and 3-2 in aggregate, a lead they won’t relinquish.

Liverpool and Eintracht face off the first leg in Frankfurt. The game’s first goal was scored by Sadio Mané in the 21st minute assisted by Sather. Frankfurt would answer as Raheem Sterling took advantage of an excellent pass by Gündoğan to put Frankfurt back in the game. In the second half, Mané scored again thanks to a neat pass by Werner that got past Frankfurt defender Lucas Hernandez. Liverpool took a 3-1 lead as Sather scored from distance in the 82nd minute. The second leg takes place in Anfield and Liverpool now have the home crowd. Frankfurt get an opportunity early but defender Dayot Upamecano inadvertently blocked the ball with his arm, leading to a penalty kick by Frankfurt in the 13th minute. Diz put his shot in the top-left corner to put Frankfurt up 1-0 but down 3-2 in aggregate. However, Mo Salah answers in the 28th minute to tie the game up and make it 4-2 on aggregate. In the second half, Liverpool put the game out of reach in the 73rd minute with a goal from Wijnaldum. Although Diz scored in the 87th minute to tie the game up, Frankfurt lost 5-3 on aggregate to Liverpool.

The first leg of Roma-Arsenal takes place in London. The game was boring and ended in a 0-0 draw. In the second leg, there was more action. Arsenal shocked the hosts as they took a 1-0 lead over Roma thanks to Lacazette. Although Roma equalized in the 56th minute with a Justin Kluivert goal, they could not find another as Arsenal beat Roma 1-1 on aggregate thanks to their away goal.

The first leg of Barcelona-Ajax takes place in Amsterdam. Barca struck first in the 39th minute with a goal from Firmino and doubled their lead in the 66th minute thanks to Neymar. Riv would score thirteen minutes later to put Ajax on the board, but they have a daunting task as Ajax is down 1-2 and has the away goal disadvantage. The second leg takes place in Camp Nou. There wasn’t much scoring as the only goal came from Alienage. Barca eventually won the second leg 1-0 and the aggregate 3-1.

Chelsea and Dinamo Zagreb’s match took place in Zagreb for the first leg. Lib scored the only goal and put the Croatian club up 1-0. In Stamford Bridge, Chelsea dominated the second leg thanks to goals by Gilmour, Batshauyi, and Jérémy Doku.

Champions League Knockout Round – Quarterfinals (first leg in early April, second leg in mid-April)

Man United-Bayern

Old Trafford is the site for the first leg of Man United and Bayern. Laver gets ready to play and help Man United get closer to the final. The game opens up with a fantastic opportunity from the home team in the 7th minute but Danny Ings pushes his shot wide. Ten minutes later, Laver would score to put United up 1-0. At the half, United had the edge in possession but Bayern had more shots. In the second half, Leon Goretzka scored the tying goal in the 76th minute, and the game would eventually end in a 1-1 draw with Bayern having the advantage in away goals.

The second leg of this matchup takes place at the Allianz in Munich. The first half featured some action as Bayern struck first with a KoD strike in the 20th minute. However, United would equalize right before the first half ends thanks to Rashford. Bayern applied more pressure in the second half and around the 56th minute, United concede a penalty thanks to an Aaron Wan-Bissaka handball. Lewandowski converts to put Bayern up 2-1 and 3-2 on aggregate. Lewandowski strikes again in the 70th minute to double Bayern’s lead and the home team eventually took the win. Laver and KoD have a post-game handshake and the two exchange words before going their separate ways.


The first leg of Juventus-Marseille takes place in Turin. The hosts strike early thanks to a Dybala goal. Marseille tried to get an opportunity but Dabo’s shot gets saved. Juventus controlled most of the possession by halftime and continued their dominance in the second half. They get a free kick opportunity as Marseille defender Tanguy Kouassi is fouled. Regy goes up to take it. “Here’s Regy for the kick and it’s an easy one for him! Juventus take a 2-0 lead and are in good position for this first leg.” In the 64th minute, substitute forward Fandje Touré’s shot goes off the crossbar and Thauvin couldn’t convert the rebound. Another opportunity for Marseille was missed when TCL’s shot in the 85th minute went wide to the right. Juventus won the first leg 2-0 and are in good position heading into the second leg at Marseille.

The second leg of Juventus-Marseille takes place at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille. TCL readies to get his team to come back while Regy looks to prevent Marseille from doing that. The first half is a possession battle but Marseille has the edge in shots thanks to them getting more opportunities; however, they could not get a single goal out of any of them. Juventus managed to get a counterattack in the 39th minute but Regy’s shot gets saved by Lafont. The score remains 0-0 at halftime and Marseille need answers quickly or else their Champions League run ends here prematurely. In the second half, the home team quickly assemble an attack after kickoff. Juventus concedes a corner but their defense holds strong. Marseille threatens again in the 63rd minute. “We have Guaigon, he passes to TCL who is playing wide. TCL… Dembélé… goal! Marseille are back in this game!” Juventus went on the offensive and tried to nab an away goal that would surely eliminate Marseille. They had a really good chance in the 76th minute with a free kick but Dybala put his shot wide. Marseille couldn’t find another opportunity and the game ends with them winning 1-0 in the second leg but losing 2-1 on aggregate. TCL walks off the pitch in disappointment while Regy celebrates with his team on making it to the semifinals.


Liverpool-Arsenal start in Anfield for the first leg. Sather and Sparta get ready to take on their English rivals while Apab doesn’t shy away from a tough matchup like this. Arsenal get an early opportunity. “James passes it to Apab and his shot gets punched out of bounds by Alisson.” Arsenal’s corner didn’t bring about anything as Lacazette’s header wasn’t on target. In the 32nd minute, Liverpool are on the attack. Sather passes the ball straight to Werner and the German star gets the goal. The first half ends with Liverpool up 1-0. The second half begins with Liverpool taking control of possession to prevent any big threats from Arsenal. They would get a goal from Salah in the 64th minute. In the 78th minute, Liverpool are gifted a corner. “Robertson takes the corner, and it’s van Dijk! Virgil van Dijk’s header puts Liverpool up 3-0!!! Arsenal are doomed in Anfield!” The game ends with Liverpool winning 3-0, with Arsenal having a tough uphill battle once the two sides head over to North London.

The Emirates is home to the second leg of Liverpool and Arsenal. The Gunners are in a big hole as they try to claw back into this game. Things look promising for them in the 15th minute as Jiménez puts in a shot that was out of Alisson’s reach. They could have gone up 2-0 but Apab’s shot bounced off the left post in the 40th minute. Although the Gunners have the edge in possession and shots, they head into the half with only a 1-0 lead. The second half featured Liverpool going for a possession game, and the midfield certainly did the Reds service as they held the ball for most of the first ten minutes. Arsenal got a free kick in the 73rd minute but Jiménez couldn’t convert. A shot from Seung-woo got saved in the 79th minute. Liverpool have the ball in the 89th minute and were cooking up another attack. “Here we have Sparta, he dribbles past Arsenal defender Max Aarons… now he lobs a pass to Adam Hložek… and it’s in! Hložek gets his first Champions League goal and the Czech star has a great night as he clinches Liverpool’s spot in the semifinals!” Liverpool wins 4-1 on aggregate over Arsenal. Apab congratulates Sparta and Sather before leaving back to the locker room.


The first leg of Barcelona-Chelsea takes place in Camp Nou in Barcelona. Although the hosts expected to get on the scoreboard early, it was Chelsea who struck first thanks to Mason Mount. Barca eventually answered in the 36th minute with a Frenkie de Jong goal. The game remains 1-1 until Alienage scored a free kick in the 64th minute. He followed that up with another goal six minutes later assisted by Neymar. The hosts eventually won 3-1 and have a big advantage over Chelsea.

The second leg of the CL between Barcelona and Chelsea takes place in Stamford Bridge as they prepare to get back into this one, trailing Barca by a score of 3-1. The game kicks off. Chelsea get a great start to the game as they move the ball quickly down the field and start to chip away at the Barcelona defense. It pays off with a superb strike from Hudson-Odoi to put the Blues up 1-0 in the 11th minute. Barcelona try to scrape back and gets another good opportunity. Arthur Melo passes the ball to Alienage but Alienage’s shot attempt gets saved by Gor. The half ends with Chelsea up 1-0 and down 3-2 in aggregate. Barcelona knows they cannot concede another goal or else Chelsea would be up on away goals, so they come up with some new tweaks in halftime. The camera points at Imperium Anglorum, the owner of Chelsea, adjusting his suit in the executive suite. In the second half, Barca starts off with some nice possession and passing. They get a free kick opportunity in the 55th minute but Neymar sends it over the goal. Soon, Chelsea were on another attack in the 68th minute. “Here’s Gilmour, he passes it to Mount who slips past Barca defender Chumi. He then passes it to Gilmour… he shoots and scores!!! CHELSEA LEAD 2-0 AND HAVE THE AGGREGATE ADVANTAGE!!!” Alienage is feeling the pressure as Barcelona needs to score or else their dreams at a Champions League title are dead. In the 74th minute, Barca coach Luis Enrique decides to sub out Firmino with Ansu Fati. Chelsea manager Frank Lampard subs out Batshuayi with Jérémy Doku. A few minutes later, Barca go on the attack but Gor saves two successive shots. Chelsea attempt to counter but they can’t convert either as Ederson comes up strong in his end. Soon, the 89th minute approaches with Barca on a last-gasp attack before stoppage time. “Collado is moving down the field and he passes it to Alienage. Alienage to Fati… and FATI SCORES!!! BARCELONA NEEDED THAT AND YOUNGSTER ANSU FATI DELIEVERS!!! STAMFORD BRIDGE IS IN SHOCK AS THEIR COMEBACK BID IS STIFLED!!!” Gor sighs in frustration after conceding that goal. The game soon ends with Chelsea winning the second leg 2-1 but Barcelona winning the aggregate 4-3.

Champions League Knockout Round – Semi-finals (first leg in late April, second leg in mid-June)


In early May, the first leg of the first semifinal game between Bayern and Juventus takes place in Bayern. The only goal scored was KoD’s in the 37th minute that took the home team up 1-0. A week later, it’s time for the second leg in Turin. The hosts got off to a great start in the 12th minute thanks to a beautiful strike by Regy. However, Thomas Müller would equalize 16 minutes later with a free kick. Before the half ended, Juventus threatens the Bayern end with a free kick of their own. “Dybala takes the kick… OH MY! IT’S A BIG MISTAKE FROM IVAN PERIŠIĆ AND HE PUT THE BALL IN HIS OWN GOAL! Juventus takes a 2-1 lead and need one more goal to go ahead for good!” In the second half, Juventus went up 3-1 and took a 3-2 aggregate lead thanks to a goal from Houssem Aouar. If the result holds, Juventus will be back in the final ever since their win in 2021. Things looked bad for Bayern as the hosts were threatening once again in the 83rd minute. “We have Regy dribbling the ball… he shoots but it’s saved by Christian Fruchtl.” Bayern’s fortunes went up as they mounted an attack a few minutes later. “Now it’s Goretzka moving down the field. He passes to Lewandowski who then passes it to KoD… and he scores!!! THE YOUNG POLISH STAR WITH THE GOAL BAYERN NEEDED!!! Bayern ties it 3-3 on aggregate with the away goal advantage!” KoD is swarmed by his teammates in celebration while Regy is in shock. “Damn it, this is bad! Our chances of the finals are slipping away!” says the Italian. The game soon ends. “And we are done in Turin as Bayern advance all the way to the Champions League finals! They’ll face the winner of Barcelona-Liverpool in June!”


The first leg of the Champions League semi-final match between Liverpool and Barcelona takes place in Anfield. Sparta, Sather, and Alienage are all ready to play hard in the first leg to make things easier for the second. The game starts off with Liverpool getting a few opportunities early but the Reds were stopped by Barca’s defense. Eventually, Liverpool get another opportunity in the 30th minute. “Here’s Wijnaldum, he passes it… and Werner gets tripped up in the Barca half! It’s gonna be a free kick for Liverpool!” Salah goes up to take the kick. “Here’s Salah with the kick… the ball is in the air and headed in!!! It’s Sparta who delivers for Liverpool and puts them up 1-0!” Nine minutes later, Liverpool get an interception and Salah converts to put Liverpool up 2-0. In the second half, Barca tried to get things going, but Alienage hit the crossbar with his strike in the 60th minute. In the 83rd minute, Firmino had an open look but it was saved by Alisson. The game ends with Liverpool up 2-0 on aggregate, forcing Barcelona to pull off a big comeback once the two teams head to Camp Nou in Barcelona for the second leg.
The second leg of the Champions League semi-final match between Liverpool and Barcelona takes us to Spain. Liverpool is up 2-0 on aggregate, so the Catalan side need to play their best. The last time the two teams met, Liverpool came back on a 4-0 victory after losing the first leg to Barca 3-0 in 2019. The match starts with Barca moving down the field, threatening the Liverpool defense. Neymar tries to get around van Dijk but is unsuccessful. Alienage has a shot blocked by TAA and another saved by Alisson. It didn’t take long for Barca to get on the scoreboard as Arthur put in a fabulous strike to put them on the scoreboard. Liverpool tried to answer back but a Salah shot was saved by Ederson and Mané could not convert the rebound. The first half ends with Barca up 1-0 but down 2-1 on aggregate. In the second half, Barca get more opportunities and convert in the 60th minute thanks to a Neymar shot. Nine minutes later after stifling a Liverpool attack, Barca go on the counter. “It’s de Jong, he passes downfield to Neymar… then to Alienage, who jukes out van Dijk! He gets an open shot and puts it in!!! ALIENAGE WITH THE SKILL MOVES AND THE FINISH TO PUT BARCELONA UP 3-2 ON AGGREGATE!!!” The Liverpool side is tense after giving up three consecutive goals. Sparta says, “Damn it, we cannot let this slip away from us! We need to focus and get the away goal we need.” Liverpool go on another attack in the 85th minute. “Robertson goes to Sather, who slips past a Barca defender. He shoots but it’s saved by Ederson.” Sparta got an opportunity in stoppage time but puts his header just wide. “Damn it! How could I have missed that sure shot?” he speaks to himself in disgust. The game soon ends with Barcelona winning 3-2 on aggregate over Liverpool. “And that’s it! The final whistle blows, and it’s Barcelona’s night in Camp Nou! What a stunning comeback! Luis Enrique is a proud man tonight and the manager celebrates with his players. Liverpool are left wondering how they let a 2-0 lead slip away from them.” The Liverpool players are stunned. “How did we let them come back?” asks Virgil van Dijk.

“Ugh, this is not a good feeling. It slipped out of our hands!” shouts Sather.

“This just wasn’t our night,” sighs Andrew Robertson. Other players, such as Sparta, continue to lie on the ground. “This is the worst night ever!” he cries. “Why did we have to disappoint our fans and not clinch the win?” Sparta mustered whatever remained of his strength, with the help of Salah and Mané, to head back to the locker room. In the locker room, Sparta cries to himself; the young star disappointed that he couldn’t fulfill his promise of bringing back the Champions League trophy to Liverpool.

Premier League – 2nd half

We now go back to the Premier League which has now reached the second half of the season. For Liverpool, they keep up their form with victories against Burnley, Tottenham, and West Ham United, but they drew with Man City. Man United snatched some wins against Brighton, Aston Villa, and Everton. However, they lost against Wolverhampton and Laver went off with a minor strain (though he would be well enough for their Arsenal game next week). Gor’s Chelsea has been holding steady at third place while Arsenal have climbed to fourth, passing Tottenham in the standings.

The 27th matchweek brings a game between Arsenal and Tottenham in the Emirates. For Apab, it’s the opportunity to snatch a win after their prior 4-2 loss to Tottenham earlier in the season. He faces off against Son Heung-min in a fierce battle for North London. The first half begins and Arsenal strikes first with a goal by Daniel James assisted by Söyüncü. In the 34th minute, the Gunners get another opportunity. “Here’s Oxlade-Chamberlain going down the field, he passes to Apab and it goes in!!! Arsenal are up 2-0 against Tottenham thanks to the strike by the young Korean!” In the second half, although Tottenham get an opportunity, a shot by Son went wide of the goal. In the 68th minute, Apab would get a second goal for Arsenal as he kicked a pass from Lee Seung-woo in midair that went in the back of the net. Arsenal would win 3-0 against their rivals Tottenham and Apab shows what he is made of in the Premier League. After the game, Son goes to congratulate Apab. “Oh my, you shown yourself what you’re made of!”

“Aww thanks. It means a lot coming from my club rival and international teammate,” replies Apab.

“You got a lot to be proud of, and you’re only 19! Well, I’ll see you soon when we all get ready for the Asian Cup this summer!” says Son. The two bid farewell after a jersey exchange.

In the 32nd matchweek, Man United host Chelsea in Old Trafford in what is expected to be a great game. Laver and Gor get ready for their respective sides. The first half wasn’t very eventful with no scoring. Chelsea did get an opportunity but a Mason Mount shot bounced off the left post. Arsenal’s Jiménez had a free kick but he pushed that one over the goal. In the second half, Man United get an opportunity. “Fernandes passes the ball to Laver… and he gets tackled in the penalty area by Joe Gomez! Man United get a penalty kick!” Laver is the one to take the penalty. Gor is using mind games to throw off the young Dane’s composure. “Here’s Laver with the kick… and he puts it in the top right corner! United go up 1-0 in Old Trafford!” The home team would get another goal thanks to Mason Greenwood in the 87th minute and they win 2-0 over Chelsea.

The 37th matchweek dawns upon us with Liverpool on top with 93 points. Man United is behind with 92, snatching three more points after a win against West Bromwich Albion earlier in the day. If Liverpool can win against Arsenal in Anfield, then they clinch the Premier League title.
“Oh man, it will be a splendid day if we win,” says Sparta.

“Hopefully you’re feeling better right now,” says Salah. “You were really upset earlier in the week.”

“I am feeling better. And I’m ready to do my best today and get the win!” Meanwhile, Apab is chatting with his Arsenal teammates before the game; his club currently sits in fourth place. Liverpool gets a good start to this game and stymies the Arsenal defense thanks to a Sadio Mané strike in the 12th minute. Arsenal answered in the 33rd minute with a strike from Alexandre Lacazette, quieting down the Anfield crowd for a little bit. Though Liverpool would get another opportunity before the first half ends, it was to no avail as Timo Werner had his shot saved by Kepa. The 2nd half gets going and Liverpool has the ball, but Andrew Robertson’s pass gets intercepted by Daniel James. “Now James has the ball and Arsenal launch a quick counter! James passes it to Apab with Alexander-Arnold and van Dijk defending the Korean. Apab’s shot… gets saved by Alisson.”

“Ahh dang, that wasn’t my best,” Apab says to himself.

“We held off their attack,” shouts van Dijk to his teammates. “Now it’s time to get back in this game!”

It is now the 73rd minute and the score remains 1-1. Jurgen Klopp has decided to sub out Werner for Adam Hložek. Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta subs out Oxlade-Chamberlain for Bukayo Saka. Robertson gets a throw-in for Liverpool. He gets it to Sather who dribbles down the field, passing it to Hložek. “And here’s Hložek, but his shot gets deflected into the stands by Kepa.” Liverpool get a corner. “Álexander-Arnold takes the corner. He passes it short to Dayot Upamecano, who passes it back to Wijnaldum. Wijnaldum to van Dijk, and the Dutch defender heads it in!!! LIVERPOOL GETS THE GO-AHEAD GOAL AND ANFIELD IS ROARING!!! If Liverpool can hold it for just over ten minutes, they will have won the Premier League title!” Arsenal soon bring in substitute striker Gabriel Martinelli to get a tying goal. Arsenal get one last chance in stoppage time with a corner. “Here’s James with the corner, it gets headed away by Robertson but the ball reaches Apab… and his shot goes wide.” After Alisson’s goal kick, the ref blows his whistle. “THAT’S IT, FOLKS!!! LIVERPOOL ARE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS ONCE AGAIN! It’s a spectacular night here in Anfield and all the Liverpool side is celebrating!” Sparta drops on his knees and feels a rush of joy, crying tears of joy. With Liverpool at 96 points, their title race is complete.

After the 38th matchweek, here are the final standings:
1. Liverpool: 97 points
2. Man United: 95 points
3. Chelsea: 88 points
4. Arsenal: 80 points
5. Tottenham: 74 points
6. Everton: 69 points
7. Man City: 65 points
8. Leicester City: 60 points

The top four teams get to play in next year’s Champions League. Tottenham and Everton punch their tickets for the Europa League. Man City finished in seventh after a not-so-stellar second half performance, letting Everton finish ahead of them. The top goal-scorers are listed below:
1. Mo Salah (LIV) – 29 goals
2. Marcus Rashford (MUN) – 25 goals
3. Sadio Mané (LIV) – 22 goals
4. Callum Hudson-Odoi (CHE) – 20 goals
5. Raúl Jiménez (ARS) – 19 goals

Sparta scored seven goals and provided a league-leading 17 assists. His midfield teammate Sather scored six goals and provided 11 assists. As for the rest, Laver scored nine goals for Man United, Apab scored eight impressive goals in his first year at Arsenal, while Gor recorded 14 clean sheets for Chelsea.

For domestic knockout tournaments, Everton won the FA Cup, beating out Newcastle in the finals. The EFL Cup was won by Chelsea after they beat Liverpool. The Community Shield pitted the two Liverpool teams against one another, but Liverpool beat Everton 3-1 to win that competition.

Ligue 1 – 2nd half

The second half starts out nicely for Marseille and Lyon as they both keep things close between the two. Poliet’s first game with Monaco has been successful; though he hasn’t scored, he did show his ability and flashiness that Monaco were looking for in a new forward.
The 33rd matchweek brings a game between Marseille and Monaco in the Stade Louis II. Marseille is currently on top of the standings but Monaco is in third place with another strong season under their belt. Poliet has done well in his new surroundings and has scored six goals. The game starts with Monaco on offense. In the 9th minute, their midfielder Thomas Lemar lobs a pass for Poliet. He tries to get around TCL but gets brought down by the Marseille defender at the edge of the penalty box. Poliet takes the free kick attempt but it gets blocked by the wall. In the 35th minute, Marseille get an opportunity as TCL dribbles down the field, passing it to Coutinho up front. “It’s now Coutinho, he shows off his skills… gets past a Monaco defender and dishes it to Dembélé… who scores!!! Ousmane Dembélé has his 24th goal this season as Marseille get rolling here in Monaco!” The first half ends with Marseille up 1-0 over Monaco. In the second half, the home team gets going in the 63rd minute with another attack. “Raskin goes for Firbacher… he finds Poliet and it’s a goal!!! The young Canadian has been wonderful for Monaco and equalizes the game!” Marseille soon had a chance but Thauvin has his shot saved. For Monaco, Nicolas Pépé put his shot wide and Poliet almost had another goal but Umtiti kicked the ball out of harm’s way before it could slip in. The game ends in a 1-1 draw with Marseille having a slim three-point lead over Lyon.

The 38th and last matchweek draws upon us. Marseille has 83 points and leads Lyon by only two points. Marseille plays Lille at home while Lyon is matched up against Bordeaux. TCL is ready to play in the biggest game of his Ligue 1 career and Marseille have a shot of winning their first Ligue 1 title in 13 years. Lille starts out with the ball and soon march down the opposing end. Timothy Weah tries to give himself space on the left wing but gets tackled by TCL. The American defender gets a yellow card for the challenge and Lille get a free kick. Weah’s attempt gets saved by Lafont and Marseille hold up. In the 22nd minute, Marseille are threatening the Lille defense. Coutinho passes to Dembélé but he gets fouled in the penalty box. Dembélé converts the penalty kick and scores his 28th goal of the season to put Marseille up 1-0. Lille soon get back into the game with a strike from Xeka in the 40th minute. The two teams are tied heading into halftime. Meanwhile, Lyon lead Bordeaux 2-0 up in the half with a goal from Cherki and a goal from Ndombele. In the second half, Marseille take control of possession and shots. They have a few good opportunities but Coutinho’s shot gets saved and Thauvin couldn’t convert the rebound. In the 76th minute, Lille are pressing on the Marseille defense. Paulinho’s pass to M’Baye Niang gets intercepted by Umtiti. He passes to an open Dembélé on the opposite side of the field, but before he can take off, he gets fouled. Marseille soon regroup and are on the attack once again. Didier Deschamps subs in youngster Xavi Simons for Parfait Guaigon. TCL is now playing as a winger. “Here’s TCL up in the attack, passes it to Coutinho. TCL makes a move toward the middle and Coutinho goes back to him… and it’s in!!! The American defender impresses and gets the go-ahead goal for Marseille!” Marseille can’t celebrate for long as Weah scores the equalizer in the 85th minute. In the 89th minute, Marseille gets another opportunity. “Here’s Simons looking for Dembélé… and it’s gonna be a penalty as he gets brought down in the box!” TCL prepares to take the penalty. "TCL steps up to take it. This can define the league for his team. There he goes... Oh my word! He's a youngster with a great quality! It's a clean, perfectly taken Panenka to give Marseille its first title in 13 years! He surely has nerves of steel!” The final whistle soon blows and TCL celebrates with his teammates on their big accomplishment.

Here is the final table for Ligue 1:
1. Marseille: 86 points
2. Lyon: 84 points
3. Monaco: 79 points
4. Lille: 72 points
5. Rennes: 67 points
6. Saint-Étienne: 62 points

Here are the top goal-scorers:
1. Ousmane Dembélé (MAR) – 28 goals
2. Anthony Martial (LYO) – 25 goals
3. Rayan Cherki (LYO) – 21 goals
4. Nicolas Pépé (MON) – 20 goals
5. Florian Thauvin (MAR) – 17 goals
TCL scored six goals and has been a key part of Marseille’s defense line featuring the likes of Tanguy Kouassi, Samuel Umtiti, and Bouna Sarr. Poliet finished the season with Monaco with nine goals, a nice debut from the Canadian national who had recently moved from the MLS. Although there were concerns about how he would adapt in Europe, Poliet has done well and looks to bring another Ligue 1 title to Monaco.
For the Coupe de France, Lille beats Lyon 3-2 in the final. The top three qualify for the Champions League. Lille qualifies for the Europa League with their Coupe de France win while Rennes and Saint-Étienne also qualify.

La Liga – 2nd half

The second half of La Liga begins. It’s still a close battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona for the top two spots after five games. Meanwhile, Pilipinas sat on the bench for his first day in Sevilla, though he did come in as a substitute and played for ten minutes against Valencia.
The 26th matchweek is the El Clásico with Real Madrid hosting it. At this point, Barca have climbed back on top of the standings and have a one-point lead over Madrid in the standings. The first half starts and Madrid had a stellar opportunity in the 6th minute but Vinicius' one-on-one against Ederson didn’t succeed. Barca were knocking on Madrid’s defense in the 23rd minute but Neymar’s cross to Firmino was just off the mark. The rest of the half didn’t produce much action, so it’s still a scoreless draw in the Bernabéu. In the second half, Barca got on the scoreboard thanks to a goal from Firmino. Madrid answered back in the 80th minute thanks to a strike from Rodrygo. In the 87th minute, Barca go on the attack once more. Riqui Puig passes to Neymar but the Brazilian gets brought down in the penalty area by Varane. Alienage goes up to take the penalty. “Alienage can score to put Barca ahead… here he goes… and OH MY GOD!!! IT BOUNCED OFF THE CROSSBAR!!! THE YOUNG SPAINARD IS IN SHOCK!!! Madrid fans are cheering right now!” Alienage blames himself for the miss. “Christ, how did I miss that???” he laments. Time runs out and the two teams draw 1-1.

The 37th matchweek brings a chance for Barcelona to clinch the La Liga title. The Catalan side has 90 points while Real Madrid has 88 points (they have already played Eurasies’ Eibar and beat them 4-1). All Barcelona has to do is to win against Sevilla in Camp Nou. Alienage is getting ready and he gets pumped up for the game. Pilipinas is featured in the Sevilla starting lineup and he has been decent in his debut season for a top European league. Barcelona had an early opportunity and Alienage goes down the field. He attempts to cross the ball to Firmino but the Brazilian gets dragged down by Sevilla defender Colin Dagba in the 6th minute. Neymar converts the penalty kick and that’s his 30th of the season. The rest of the first half didn’t feature much action, though Alienage did get a yellow card and Pilipinas had an opportunity to score but put his shot wide. The second half starts with Sevilla going on the offensive. “Pilipinas goes down the field… he passes to Suso. Suso… Morata, and Sevilla ties it up thanks to Morata’s header!” Alienage knows a draw wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world since their final game is against Osasuna, but he knows a win in Camp Nou would be all that sweeter for Barcelona fans. Barcelona pushes once again. Substitute Iliax Moriba passes to Firmino. His shot gets saved and goes out of bounds. “The corner is taken by Arthur, it’s a struggle near the goal but it’s scored! Out of that scrum, Frenkie de Jong puts the ball in and Barca leads 2-1 with twenty minutes to go!” The hosts soon get a third goal and Alienage puts it in in the 89th minute for his 23rd goal of the season. The final whistle blows moments later. “Barcelona are your La Liga champions! It’s been a fantastic season for the Catalan side in the post-Messi era!” Alienage celebrates with his teammates and he gets an opportunity to give a post-game speech by his captain Neymar and his coach, Luis Enrique. “I’m very proud of this club, this city, and all of my teammates and coaches who have helped me realize my potential to play for this amazing club! Today is a fantastic day, but everything will be complete once we win the Champions League final!” Alienage says in Spanish.

The final standings are as shown:
1. Barcelona: 94 points
2. Real Madrid: 91 points
3. Atlético Madrid: 84 points
4. Sevilla: 72 points
5. Valencia: 64 points
6. Real Sociedad: 60 points
7. Getafe: 55 points

Here are the top goal-scorers:
1. Neymar (BAR) – 30 goals
2. Kylian Mbappé (RMA) – 25 goals
3. Alienage (BAR) – 23 goals
4. Antoine Griezmann (ATM) – 22 goals
5. Bryan Gil (SEV) – 21 goals

Alienage was very impressive for Barca and paired well with Neymar and Roberto Firmino up front. New Sevilla addition Pilipinas played well in his games and scored three goals. Although the Filipino needs a little work adjusting to the much-tougher La Liga, he has been promising and should compete for a starting lineup next season. Eurasies has impressed for Eibar, scoring eleven goals for them. The Copa del Rey was won by Barcelona and they beat Real Madrid 2-0 in the final. The top four get a Champions League spot while Real Sociedad and Valencia get a Europa League spot. Since Barcelona won the Copa del Rey, Getafe gets a Europa League second qualifying round spot.

Serie A – 2nd half

The second half begins in Serie A. Regy has been doing fantastic and has scored five goals in the first three games. Defending champions Inter are five points behind Juventus at this point as Buffon’s Juventus squad is doing better than Antonio Conte’s Inter squad.

The 28th matchweek features an Inter-Juventus matchup in Milan. The last time they played, Juventus beat Inter 2-1 in Turin. The first half doesn’t feature much action as the two play to a 0-0 draw. Regy and Dybala got opportunities but couldn’t convert their shots. Hazard missed a penalty while Lukaku couldn’t convert an open header. The second half gets going with Juventus on the attack. Fagioli passes to Dybala. The Argentine striker crosses it to Regy and he heads it in. It’s his 21st goal of the season and the Italian star shows why he’s the best in the league. Inter answered in the 71st minute with a free kick from Hazard. However, Juventus substitute Josh Sargent scored the winning goal assisted by Regy in the 88th minute as Juventus sweeps Inter this season.

The 36th matchweek is here. Juventus has 88 points and can clinch the Serie A title with a win over Roma. Inter Milan only has 81 points and they play Lazio. Both teams have played 35 games and have three more to go. Regy gets ready to play in Rome, knowing the stakes of today’s matchup. The game begins with Roma having possession. They soon get a goal from João Félix in the 8th minute. Juventus tries to respond but Dybala’s shot goes wide to the right. In the 31st minute, Juventus get another attack. “de Ligt goes to Fagioli, he shoots and it gets blocked! Oh wait, that’s going to be a handball on Roma defender Enrico Del Prato! The Turin club gets a penalty shot!” Regy takes the penalty and gets it in to tie the game for Juventus. The two teams go into the half tied 1-1. In the second half, Roma makes a substitution and manager Francesco Totti puts in his 18-year-old son, Cristian, into the game for Justin Kluivert. Cristian makes an immediate impact and dishes out a long-distance strike to put Roma up 2-1 in the 59th minute. Regy is getting worried but he knows they have two more games to go if they can’t get the win. “Let’s go for the win!” he shouts to his teammates. Juventus get a corner in the 75th minute. “Fagioli takes it… and the ball gets headed in!!! It’s Matthijs de Ligt who gets the header to tie the game once again!” Regy congratulates the Dutch defender and Juventus regroups. They stifle a Roma attack and are once again on the offensive seven minute later. “Betancur passes the ball to Regy. The Italian has it and does a cross… and Dybala finishes!!! REGY WITH THE GREAT CROSS AND THE REST IS HISTORY!!! Juventus have come back and the Serie A title is within their reach!” Roma couldn’t get another goal and the final whistle blows. “Juventus are Serie A champions once again! Inter’s 1-0 win over Lazio doesn’t matter as Juventus are far too ahead at this point for them to catch up! Despite not having Ronaldo with them, the Turin club is still rolling!” Regy celebrates with his teammates and Buffon is a proud manager today.

The final standings are as shown:
1. Juventus: 97 points
2. Inter Milan: 90 points
3. AC Milan: 83 points
4. Roma: 73 points
5. Napoli: 65 points
6. Atalanta: 64 points
7. Fiorentina: 58 points

The top goal-scorers are as shown:
1. Regy (JUV) – 28 goals
2. Romelu Lukaku (INT) – 25 goals
3. João Félix (ROM) – 21 goals
4. Paulo Dybala (JUV) 20 goals
5. Lautaro Martínez (MIL) – 19 goals

Regy dominated for Juventus and was a big reason to their success this year. In the Coppa Italia, AC Milan beat Juventus 2-0 to claim the domestic league title. Since Milan won that competition, Fiorentina were awarded a Europa League qualifying round spot. The top four get Champions League spots while Napoli and Atalanta qualify for the Europa League group stage.

Bundesliga – 2nd half

The 2nd half of the Bundesliga starts. The battle between Frankfurt and Bayern has been close with the two sides keeping pace with the title race. Behind the two are Dortmund, Leverkusen, and Mönchengladbach as they all compete for a Champions League spot.

The 23rd matchweek features Leverkusen playing against Frankfurt in the BayArena. The hosts fall behind thanks to a goal from Raheem Sterling. Diz would add a second goal before halftime to double the lead. Eventually, Frankfurt got two more goals: one from Filip Kostić and one from İlkay Gündoğan to crush Leverkusen 4-0 and they now lead Bayern by four points (thanks to Bayern’s earlier loss to Hertha Berlin).
The 26th matchweek is where Dortmund hosts rivals Bayern. The Munich team won 2-1 in their last meeting and a win against Dortmund would put Bayern four points above them and one point behind league leaders Frankfurt. The first half ends with no scoring. Håland got a chance but Fruchtl made a tremendous save while KoD was stifled by the Dortmund defense for the half. The second half didn’t feature much action, but the 85th minute brought a goal from Ivan Perišić as Bayern struck late to beat Dortmund 1-0.

The 34th and last matchweek of the Bundesliga approaches us. The big game is the title decider between Bayern and Frankfurt in Munich. Bayern and Frankfurt have 80 points apiece but Frankfurt leads in goal difference. Dortmund are in third with only 75 points. Diz and KoD both get ready for their respective teams. The first half begins with Bayern having the ball. They play possession for a couple of minutes, eventually leading to Benjamin Pavard passing the ball to the central midfielder Goretzka, who tries to get the ball to Lewandowski but his pass gets intercepted by Lucas Hernandez. In the 13th minute, Bayern’s work pays off for them early as Thomas Müller scores the first goal of the match. In the 29th minute, Frankfurt get an attack going. “It’s Filip Kostić with the ball… he passes it to Diz and the American scores!!! Frankfurt tie things up in the Allianz and we have a ballgame! It’s the 26th goal from him as the current Bundesliga goal-scorer!” Bayern manages to stifle another Frankfurt attack before the first half ends and Alphonso Davies marches down the field. The ball gets passed to Lazar Samardžić and he puts Bayern up with a nice strike. When the second half begins, KoD gets into a conversation with his fellow Polish striker.

“If we win, let’s all go to a bar and celebrate together!” says KoD.

“I don’t think we need that. We would probably be doused in beer anyway by the fans on the street,” replies Lewandowski.

“Ha-ha, you’re certainly about that! Anyway, let’s go on the field and do our best!”

The second half of the game begins. Frankfurt get the ball early and are already marching down the field in the 51st minute. “Here’s Diz with the ball, he just flanked Pavard and crosses it to Sterling, who puts the ball into the goal!!! FRANKFURT HAVE THE ADVANTAGE AGAIN AS THEY TIE THINGS UP!!!” The game remains 2-2 heading into the 75th minute where Bayern get another attack. “Here’s Müller again, passing it to Lewandowski. He crosses it to KoD but he puts his header wide.” KoD is discouraged at that miss. “Dang, I should have put that one in. Oh well, time to regain my focus,” he says. In the 84th minute, Niklas Süle intercepts the ball from Djibril Sow and Bayern get the ball back. Süle passes the ball to Goretzka who then goes to Lewandowski. “Lewandowski… he eludes Sergi Roberto and does another cross to KoD… and HE HEADS THIS IN!!! WHAT CAN BE A BETTER STRIKER DUO THAN THIS??? Lewy provides an accurate cross and his young club and international teammate provides the finish!” Soon, the game finally ends as Frankfurt could not get another goal. “That’s it, everyone! Bayern are league champions once again and it’s their 31st title! Frankfurt were very close to winning it but fell just short!” The Bayern team celebrate their win with their fans in the Allianz. Meanwhile, Diz sits on the ground in a disheartened manner. “Damn it, we were this close to winning!” he shouts. “All this work was for nothing!”

Here are the final standings for the Bundesliga:
1. Bayern Munich – 83 points
2. Eintracht Frankfurt – 80 points
3. Borussia Dortmund – 75 points
4. Bayer Leverkusen – 66 points
5. Borussia Mönchengladbach – 60 points
6. Schalke – 55 points
7. VfL Wolfsburg – 53 points

Here are the top goal-scorers:
1. Diz (FRA) – 26 goals
2. Robert Lewandowski (BAY) – 24 goals
3. KoD (BAY) – 22 goals
4. Erling Håland (DOR) – 21 goals
5. Raheem Sterling (FRA) – 20 goals

While Diz led the Bundesliga in scoring, KoD formed a deadly partnership with Lewandowski and the two were phenomenal up front for Bayern. The DFB-Pokal was won by Leverkusen after beating Dortmund 2-1 in the final. Since Leverkusen already qualified for a Champions League spot, the Europa League second qualifying spot was given to Wolfsburg. The top four qualified for the Champions League while Mönchengladbach and Schalke made it to the Europa League group stage.

Eredivisie – 2nd half

The 29th matchweek brings a rematch of Ajax and PSV in Eindhoven. Riv and Maarten have been treading their own ways and the two haven’t talked much since the incident. Riv will play in the starting lineup while Maarten sits on the bench as a sub to avoid possible confrontations on the pitch. Ajax struck first with a goal from Ryan Gravenberch in the 24th minute. PSV answered back in the 39th minute when Ritsu Doan headed in a free kick from Ihattaren. The rival teams are in a 1-1 tie by halftime. In the second half, Ajax got a goal from Suomessa in the 59th minute. Around the 65th minute, both teams make substitutions. Ajax subs out Riv and puts in Brobbey. PSV subs out Doan and puts in young Australian midfielder Jacob Italiano. After a bout with no scoring, in the 70th minute, PSV decided to make another change. They subbed out defender Luiz Felipe and sent in Maarten. The young defender got a throw in and dribbles down the field. “Here’s Maarten… to Moura… it’s in! Lucas Moura puts PSV level with Ajax 2-2 thanks to Maarten’s assist!” However, close to stoppage time, Ajax get a good opportunity with Suo going the field. He spots an open David Neres but before he can shoot, Maarten goes up and slide tackles Suo. The ref gives a free kick after issuing a foul to Maarten. On the Ajax sideline, Riv is angry. “OH, COME ON! HOW WAS THAT NOT A YELLOW?!” he shouts while stomping on his empty water bottle. Suo takes the free kick but his shot gets blocked by the wall. The game ends in a 2-2 draw. Although there were no confrontations between the two Dutch teammates, Riv’s outburst in the bench will draw quite a few stirs in the media.

The 32nd matchweek is a special one as PSV has a chance to win the Eredivisie. The Eindhoven side has 83 points while Ajax is behind with 79. Ajax already played and beat Heracles today. If PSV can win against AZ at home, then they win the league title. PSV strikes first with a goal from Jorrit Hendrix, but AZ ties the game up before the half ends with a goal from Myron Boadu. In the second half, Maarten goes down the field but gets fouled near the penalty box. In the 66th minute, Maarten puts in his free kick to put PSV up 2-1 and closer to their title. In stoppage time, AZ get another opportunity and threaten to tie the game up but their corner is unsuccessful. That’s it! PSV are the Eredivisie champions!!! It’s a proud moment for the team and they put a stop to Ajax’s dominance!” Although Riv is taken aback by the news that PSV won the league, he begrudgingly opens up his DMs with Maarten and sends a text that says, “Congratulations Maarten on winning the league! I hope we can repair our strained relationship once and for all. I’m sorry for my role in the fight.”

Maarten soon replies with a text message that says, “I accept your apology and I’m also sorry for what transpired that night in Amsterdam. We can’t let one fight affect our friendship. If you want, I can invite you over to my place in early June and we can hangout and such.”

“Deal. I’m glad we were finally able to settle this.”

The final standings are as shown:
1. PSV – 87 points
2. Ajax – 83 points
3. AZ – 74 points
4. Feyenoord – 70 points
5. Heracles – 62 points
6. Vitesse – 56 points
7. Utretcht – 50 points
8. Heerenveen – 45 points

The top goal-scorers are listed below:
1. Lucas Moura (PSV) – 31 goals
2. Riv (AJA) – 25 goals
3. Luis Sinisterra (FEY) – 23 goals
4. Myron Boadu (AZA) – 22 goals
5. David Neres (AJA) – 20 goals

Maarten scored five goals for PSV as a defender, mostly utilizing his penalty and free kick abilities while also becoming one of the top defenders in the league. Despite Riv’s three-match suspension, he finished second on the top goal-scorer list. As for the KNVB Cup, Ajax won the title and beat Feyenoord in the finals 3-1. PSV qualifies for the Champions League group stage and Ajax goes to the third qualifying round. AZ goes to the Europa League third qualifying round while Feyenoord goes to the second qualifying round. The winner of European competition playoff between the teams placed in 5th to 8th is Heracles and they get a Europa League second round qualifying round spot.

Champions League – Final (early June)

Rome is the site for the Champions League final between Bayern and Barcelona. KoD and Lewandowski have been a force for Bayern up front while the triple threat of Neymar, Firmino, and Alienage have taken Barca to the finals despite Messi and Suarez retiring. KoD and Alienage meet in the pre-game handshake and wish each other luck. Bayern goes on the offensive first. Müller tries to get the ball to KoD but it’s intercepted by Barca defender Chumi. In the 17th minute, Barcelona get on the scoreboard first thanks to Alienage’s strike assisted by Arthur. A few minutes later, Bayern are threatening once again. KoD’s shot gets saved by Ederson and Bayern get a corner. Goretzka takes it but Barca defends it well, preventing any possible shots. In the 40th minute, Barca are on the attack. “Arthur to Firmino… he goes for Alienage, and he gets it in!!! TWO GOALS FOR ALIENAGE AND BARCA WITH THE DREAM START!!!” Before the first half ends, Bayern launch one final attack. Alphonso Davies is going down the field. He passes it to Samardžić, who then finds Davies crossing the field and he heads it in during stoppage time to put Bayern back in the game. Barca lead 2-1 at halftime. Alienage is feeling very good as he scored the two goals that put Barca up. KoD, on the other hand, is feeling a little anxious but know they can still get back into the game.

The second half soon begins. Both teams vie for possession to control the pace and flow of the game. Barca tries to throw off Bayern’s pace with fouls as Collado and Nélson Semedo have already received yellow cards. In the 56th minute, Bayern get a free kick but Lewandowski pushes it over the goal. Nine minutes later, it was Barca making a move towards Bayern’s end. “Neymar goes for Firmino… he dukes out Benjamin Pavard and scores! FIRMINO!!! WHAT A FINISH!!! And Barca are now up 3-1!” Although KoD is getting worried, he tries to calm himself down. “Deep breaths… deep breaths… we can still come back!” In the 68th minute, Barca and Bayern make some substitutions. Luis Enrique subs out Collado with Carles Aleñá while Hans-Dieter Flick puts in Malik Tillman in place for Goretzka. In the 82nd minute, Bayern are on the attack. “Here’s Müller, he goes for Lewandowski and it’s a goal! Don’t count out Bayern yet as Lewandowski’s header keeps them in the game!” Barca soon makes another switch and subs out Neymar for defensive midfielder Oriol Busquets. They now play possession to avoid giving Bayern another attack, but a pass from de Jong just couldn’t make it to Arthur and Bayern get a throw in. The German club soon makes another switch and subs out Niklas Süle for young striker Karim Adeyemi. In the 87th minute, KoD tries to get the ball to Adeyemi but the youngster’s shot gets blocked by Busquets. Adeyemi tries again but his shot gets saved by Ederson. Five minutes into stoppage time, Bayern have one last gasp. “Müller goes to Tillman, he goes to KoD. KoD with the shot…. and he couldn’t get the finish as he puts the ball over the net.” The young Polish player covers his face in horror as it’s all but over for Bayern. Ederson’s goal kick officially ends the game. “It’s all done! Barcelona are Champions League winners once again! The post-Messi era for the Catalan club is looking fine as they have secured the Treble for the season! The return of Luis Enrique in 2020, the return of Neymar that same year, the addition of Alienage filling in Messi’s shoes… it’s a wonderous journey for Barcelona! As for Bayern… they fell just short of the title and the young Polish star is very disappointed tonight.” Alienage celebrates with his teammates and Barca are feeling joy tonight. Bayern’s defeat is difficult for KoD to swallow. “We came so close! Sigh… it’s so disappointing that after all our work here to go to the finals, we lost!” he cries. He gets consoled by Lewandowski and Müller and the three now walk back to the locker room.

Europa League – Final (late May)

The Europa League final takes place in Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus, Greece. Man City and Monaco prepare to play against each other. City won Group H in the group stages and beat Fiorentina, Lille, Porto, and Lyon on their way to the finals. Monaco was originally in the Champions League but got third place in Group G, transferring them to the Europa League knockout stage. They beat Braga, AEK Athens, Mönchengladbach, and Inter Milan on their way to the finals. Poliet is excited to be in the finals of a European competition in his first year there. The game starts with Monaco taking possession. Their initial attack gets stifled by City’s defense and the England club opens up scoring with a Kevin De Bruyne strike in the 17th minute. However, the French club will get back into the game with Poliet scoring six minutes later. City get a free kick in the 34th minute and Gabriel Jesus knocks that one in to put them in the lead. Before the first half ends, Nicolas Raskin heads in a corner in stoppage time to tie the game again. Poliet heads into the locker room and is feeling optimistic about Monaco’s chances after Raskin’s goal that tied things right before the half. The second half begins with City having possession. They soon get a goal from Bernardo Silva in the 54th minute. City get another opportunity in the 68th minute. “Here’s De Bruyne dribbling down the field. He shoots from range… and wow! KDB with the killer strike! Man City have gone up 4-2! It’s the Belgian’s second goal of the game!” Meanwhile, Poliet is getting worried and tries to rally Monaco back. In the 79th minute, Poliet puts his shot wide to the right. “Goddamn it!” he shouts in frustration. Nicolas Pépé’s header missed the mark in the 85th minute, and City eventually ran out the clock. “That’s it, folks! City are Europa League champions here in Greece and it’s their first ever European title!” Poliet is disappointed after losing the final, but he is looking forward to his future with Monaco and their results in European competition and the Ligue 1 season are promising.

Other Leagues – 2nd half

The Croatian First Football League was won by Dinamo Zagreb with Osijek, Hajduk Split, and Rijeka rounding out the top four. Lib scored ten goals and the Swiss midfielder will play for Bayer Leverkusen next season as he secures a big transfer move for the summer.

In the Ekstraklasa, Pol-Kali and Lech Poznań qualified for the Championship Round and eventually won the title. The young Polish defender has been excellent and has scored three goals. Legia Warsaw, Piast Gliwice, and Lechia Gdańsk, round out the top four.

The Persian Pro League was won by Tractor as Yahlia lead his team to victory against fellow Tabriz team Machine Sazi. Persepolis, Esteghlal, Sepahan, and Padideh round out the top five. This season will be Yahlia’s last in Iran as he recently completed a transfer to Everton, meaning he’ll pack his bags and move to England.

Women’s season - Frauen-Bundesliga

In Germany, Feria-Alkaline and Miharr prepared to dispute yet another league title, the Frauen-Bundesliga with Bayern. They had won the competition for three consecutive years and are determined to win it a fourth time. The season started in the best way possible for them. After the first five games, they were unbeaten and hadn't conceded a single goal. On the 10th matchday, the first of the two biggest games of their season arrived, against VfL Wolfsburg. The match was taking place away from home, and without a doubt, it was a difficult task for the entire Bayern squad. As the match started, both teams tried to take dominance of the encounter but neither team was able to do so. On the 36th minute, however, Wolfsburg took the lead. "Wolfsburg now has a free kick from 32 yards out. It's going to be Ingrid Engen who'll take it. She swings a beautiful cross into the box... It's in! Wolfsburg are leading and Ewa Pajor is the goalscorer!". Feria and Miharr were shocked. "Oh no, not this," said Miharr.

"It's alright, Miharr," Feria told her. "Everything's going to be alright, let's get back in the game." she added as they made their way into the middle of the pitch.

The first half ended the second one began rolling in. As the match died out, it seemed as if Wolfsburg was going to take all three points but Bayern managed to pull one back on the 84th minute. "Miharr is advancing with ball... Fantastic shot from Miharr! That was a thunderous shot from distance from the American midfielder! Just like that, with a 26-yd shot, Bayern have gotten back into the game." Miharr ran to her teammates and jumped in joy after scoring. "My goodness Miharr! That was amazing!" Feria told her, beaming with happiness. Miharr smiled.
"Thanks Feria," she said as they shared a quick hug with the rest of their teammates. Eventually, it was thanks to that goal that both teams ended the match level. After the final whistle, Feria and Miharr went back to the locker room with their teammates.

Following that game, the league ran smoothly for the American duo as they did not find any major problems on their way. Finally, their second match against Wolfsburg arrived on the 19th week. By this point, the league was practically theirs. Bayern found themselves first, with 47 points, Wolfsburg was right behind them with 43 points. If Bayern won the match, the title was going to be a sure thing for the Bavarian squad. In addition, they were at home, so they had an extra advantage coming into the match. Similar to the first game, it lacked action as the teams tried to find themselves comfortable enough. The first half was goalless, although the second 45 minutes did produced something big. "Melanie Leupolz crosses the ball... penalty! It's a penalty to Bayern! Protests are useless as the referee's decision stands, Bayern has the chance to take the lead." As the main striker, Feria had the responsibility to take it. She grabbed the ball and prepared to take it. "Feria heads up. She'll take the penalty for Bayern. There she goes... 1–0! Straight into the top right corner! It's a great penalty from the American striker and Bayern are going in front after 65 minutes." The crowd cheered and Feria celebrated with them as she went near the corner flag. "Great job Feria!" exclaimed Miharr.

“Thank you, Miharr," she replied. They smiled at each other and kept on celebrating the valuable goal. 25 minutes later, the match ended. Now, Bayern had a seven-point advantage over Wolfsburg; a win against their next rival would mathematically give them their precious fourth consecutive title. The following week, Bayern defeated Duisburg with a score of 4–0, with Feria scoring a brace and Miharr adding another one. They had done it. Bayern had won its fourth title in a row and the dynamic American duo were thrilled with this achievement. They later received their title at home after winning against Turbine Potsdam 2–1 on the last week.

Standings (top 3)
1. Bayern Munich 59 pts
2. VfL Wolfsburg 52 pts
3. Turbine Potsdam 44 pts

Goalscorers (top 5)
1. Feria (BAY) - 32 goals/8 assists
2. Ewa Pajor (WFB) - 21 goals/7 assists
3. Adrijana Mori (TPD) - 16 goals/5 assists
4. Miharr (BAY) - 14 goals/17 assists
5. Pernille Harder (WFB) - 12 goals/7 assists

Division 1 Féminine

In France, The Oriental Empire and the rest of the Lyon squad were ready to win the league once again. The league began and Orient's team advanced as always. Ten matches in, Lyon had accumulated 26 points and were undefeated so far. On the 11th matchday, they faced Paris Saint-Germain at home. It was a crucial match for Orient as the win would propel Lyon to yet another French title. The match stated and PSG dominated the first half, but they didn't manage to break the deadlock mostly thanks to Orient's defensive actions. During the second half, Lyon adopted a more offensive style of play and it worked out rather sooner than expected. "Alex Greenwood gives the ball to Orient and she advances with it... great through ball! It's a one-on-one with the keeper... Ada Hegerberg has given Lyon the lead inside 55 minutes!" Orient ran towards her teammates in joy. "This is great!" she thought as she celebrated with her Lyon teammates. Nothing else really happened and the match ended. The scoreline stood the way it had been. Orient was relieved and walked with her teammates back to the locker rooms after the final whistle.

On the 17th matchday, they faced PSG once again. Now, they had made the trip to the French capital for this game. Canadian striker Jordyn Huitema opened the score after 34 minutes. "PSG are attacking. It's a great chance for them to score... Here's the shot... It comes off the post but Huitema is there to get the rebound! The home team are now winning!" With Lyon now trailing, it was natural that the squad was upset. It wasn't different for Orient. "Ugh, fantastic. We're losing," she said, shaking her head as she made her way into the middle of the pitch. Shortly before the end of the match, Lyon tied the game. "Nikita Parris runs through... it's a great solo run by the English winger and a fabulous goal!” Lyon had tied the encounter just minutes before the final whistle and Orient sighed in relief. "Ahh, this is good," she thought. Keeping their rivals at bay was the main goal as it would lead them closer to the league title. The game ended, both teams went home with a point and a few weeks later, Lyon did it. After winning their game, crushing Dijon 6–0, including a goal and two assists courtesy of Orient, Lyon had won the title once again. The main objective was completed and all it was left to do was to prepare for the upcoming Women's World Cup during the summer.

Standings (top 3)
1. Lyon 58 pts
2. Paris Saint-Germain 51 pts
3. Montpellier 35 pts

Goalscorers (top 5)
1. Ada Hegerberg (LYO) - 28 goals/6 assists
2. Jordyn Huitema (PSG) - 25 goals/12 assists
3. Nikita Parris (LYO) - 16 goals/10 assists
4. Marie-Antoinette Oda Katoto (PSG) - 15 goals/8 assists
5. Clarisse Le Bihan (MTP) - 12 goals/5 assists
Orient scored eight goals and provided 14 assists for Lyon.


St Scarlett is ready to compete in the FA Women's Super League with her team, Manchester United. She had never won the league title before, although had enjoyed some success in domestic cup competitions. Regardless, she was determined to make this her year – to win the league with Man United. As the season started, everything went according to plan. They won their first two games and then, in the third week, the first tough encounter arrived. The rivals Arsenal were defending champion. Scarlett prepared for this task and the match began. Arsenal soon took control over the game and found the back of the next after 25 minutes. "It's a free kick for Arsenal from a promising position. Here's Lisa Evans to take it... it's in off the left post! Arsenal have taken the lead here!" The entire Arsenal squad celebrated. Manchester United were stunned and upset, including Scarlett. "No! We can't be losing!" she thought. Scarlett was upset but she knew there was nothing she could do but to keep on playing. The first half then ended and the second half started soon after. Arsenal kept their dominance and made their way in. "Daniëlle van de Donk plays a quick ball to Kim Little. She gives the ball to Miedema... 2–0 for Arsenal! It's the Dutch forward Vivianne Miedema who has doubled their lead!" With the match close to an end, the frustration in the United squad imploded. Scarlett shook her head in disbelief. "Great, now it's two goals. We're gonna lose this game," she said to herself. Unfortunately, Manchester United wasn't able to do much and ended up grabbing a consolation goal on the 92th minute courtesy of Mollie Green. "It's over. Arsenal has snatched a home win over Man United". Scarlett couldn't get over her anger related to the loss. "No, this can't be, this is supposed to be our year," she thought.

The next few games ran smoothly, with United collecting 7 points out of 9 possible. The Manchester derby arrived by the 7th week. However, it was a pretty balanced encounter and both teams gained a single point after a goalless draw. It wasn't exactly what Scarlett anticipated but she was fine with the result. "Eh, it's alright. One point is better than none,” she said to herself after the match ended. Three matchdays after their draw, they faced the final challenge of the first half of the season, against Chelsea. Their rivals were first – two points ahead of Scarlett's team – so a win here was crucial for both squads. As the first half started, Manchester grabbed control of the match. Chelsea tried to assert their dominance and scored, but it was ruled offside. The score was still 0–0 and Scarlett was relieved following the decision. She sighed. "Okay, they didn't score. Let's get back at it," she said to her teammates. They nodded and the game resumed. Halftime came in with both teams still without a goal. The next 45 minutes were full of action and Manchester United got their chance in this match. They obtained a corner and Scarlett stepped up to take it. "United will have a corner kick. Scarlett whips it in... it's a mess inside the box... a goal for the home team! 1–0 for Manchester United and Ella Toone is the goalscorer!" Scarlett burst in happiness, especially now that she had provided the assist. "Yes! This game is surely ours!" she thought as she ran to her teammates in celebration. She wasn't wrong. Manchester United ended up winning the game thanks to that solitary goal. For everyone in the United team, that was enough. All three points were theirs and now the focus was on the next matches. They drew their next game against Reading 2–2 and on matchday 12, they had to face Arsenal once again. The only team that had previously defeated them. Although nervous, Scarlett tried to remain calm. "It's just another game," she thought. The teams jumped into the pitch and the first half began. Manchester quickly obtained the advantage. "Scarlett plays it short. Now, Groenen has it... Jackie Groenen gives it to Katie Zelem... It's in the back of the net! 1–0 for Manchester United!" An early goal was perfect. "Great! We're ahead," exclaimed Scarlett. With United leading, her worries began to disappear. The second half was completely different from the first 45 minutes. It turned into a more physical match and Scarlett ended up receiving a yellow card. Nonetheless, the score stood and Manchester had won the match.

Two weeks later, the second part of the Manchester derby arrived. This time, at home. It was a difficult task but the teams found it manageable enough. A quiet match, the action wasn't present until the last 45 minutes of play. “Free kick for City, 22 yards from goal… Wonderful goal! Georgia Stanway has curled it in! 1–0 for the visitors.” Considering the fact the match was slowly expiring, Scarlett got anxious and worried. With this goal, her team only had 25 minutes to do something about it. Fortunately, they obtained a great opportunity a few minutes later: a penalty. “Penalty for United! Here's Toone… We’re tied!” Scarlett was thrilled and celebrated with her teammates. A full grin spread across her face as she shared a quick hug with the rest of the United squad. The match was finished, and both teams gained one point just like their first game of the season. At last, their final game against Chelsea came during the 17th week. They tied 0–0 and United stayed on top.

Manchester were the league leaders with 4 remaining games. Unluckily, Manchester lost their next two games and tied the next one. They had left the league open for anyone and it was Chelsea the top contender to win the league at this point. Coming into the last game, United and Chelsea had 40 points each, and their form varied greatly. Scarlett's team had gained just one point compared to Chelsea’s 9 points during the last three games. Manchester had to win the game in order to secure the title. Tied on points, they had the advantage after their 1–0 win over Chelsea earlier in the season. The Blues won their game 3–0 against Tottenham, leaving Manchester no other choice but to win. 85 minutes in, there was no response. It seemed as if Chelsea was going home with the trophy, then the tables turned. “Toone with the ball. Now Zelem… Penalty! It’s a penalty for United! What a great chance to win the match and the league”. Nervousness spread throughout the entire team. It was the moment they had been waiting for. At last, they decided who was going to take it, Scarlett. She placed the ball on the spot, took a deep breath and prepared to take it. “It will be Scarlett. Can the center back give her team their first ever title? She absolutely can! It’s in! Manchester United are going to win the league!” Scarlett ran, overwhelmed with joy. “Yes! Finally! We did it!” she exclaimed as she was surrounded by her teammates and celebrated in unison. Minutes later, it had ended. The league had ended and the title belonged to Manchester United. The following week, in front of their fans, they raised the title up and high.

Standings (top 3)
1) Manchester United 43 pts
2) Chelsea 43 pts
3) Manchester City 39 pts

Goalscorers (top 5)
1. Vivianne Miedema (ARS) - 21 goals/11 assists
2. Ramona Bachmann (CHE) - 17 goals/6 assists
3. Georgia Stanway (MCI) - 14 goals/8 assists
4. Ella Toone (MUN) - 12 goals/5 assists
5. Lisa Evans (ARS) - 10 goals/7 assists

Scarlett scored five goals and provided ten assists playing as a defender.

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