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RaiderCon 2020

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RaiderCon is an annual event held in July that celebrates the past, present, and future of raiding in NationStates. This convention first took place in 2015 to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of The Black Hawks. Players across NationStates come together to engage in discussions, games, and more. RaiderCon has daily programs that examine raiding from various angles and it is a fun time! If you are interested in checking out the content from years past, they can all be found in these dispatches.

The discord server can be found here: LinkSERVER. Please note that RaiderCon is an event intended to examine raiding and celebrate various aspects of it. The Coordinators have the authority to not mask someone or remove someone that is unverifiable, showcases they will not adhere to that mission, or engages in behavior in the server that negatively affects others.


Before RaiderCon, players will able to experience the opening act of RaiderVision. Hosted this year by The North Pacific, this event invites creative, musical performances to be submitted and voted upon. Submissions will open in June and voting will take place during RaiderCon. The winners will be announced at the conclusion of RaiderCon. Check out the announcement from Pallaith with more information on dates and participation instructions.


This year, we celebrate 5 years of RaiderCon! In honor of this awesome milestone, 2020 will have a theme: Building the Raider. Each day will review a different element of how raiding reflects an aspect of development. While raiding is typically regarded as a tool for destruction, the practice has a lot of layers and complexity. We hope to explore some of those layers this year. As always we will have great programs. These programs below will be accompanied each day by a live podcast in the discord server. Each day, Jakker will first speak about the theme of the day and other personal thoughts. From there, other guest speakers will be invited to speak. Both of these sessions will be recorded and shared. After the podcast, participants are welcomed to casually chat and discuss the topic of the day or other thoughts they may have. The daily topics and interviews will be:

Day 1: Building Raiding
July 1st: Why We Raid: Analysis of the Motivations Behind Raiding with Common-Sense Politics, Twobagger, Valfor, and Varax zwei

Day 2: Building Narrative
July 2nd: What Makes a "Good" Villain? with Ever-Wandering Souls, Santheres, Scardino, and Sedgistan

Day 3: Building Community
July 3rd: Training and Integration of New Raiders with A Bloodred Moon (Jo), Altino, Miss Bad Life Choices (Dakota), and ROM

Day 4: Building Leadership
July 4th: The Future of Raiding with Astrid Weisberg, Pterodaxtyl (Dax), Refuge Isle, and The Chariot (Steven)

Day 5: Building Legacy
July 5th: Spotlight on Commended and Condemned Raiders with Crushing Our Enemies, Mallorea and Riva, and Reventus Koth

The previous four RaiderCons have been primarily held off-site via a forum. Due to the transition to Tapatalk and in the hopes of greater access, we are shifting this year's event primarily on-site via the RaiderCon gameplay thread, dispatches, and our discord channel. You can find content from the previous years here. We are working to get all of those dispatches finalized and easy to maneuver. Interviews for this year's program will also be released via dispatches by Raidercon and announced in the gameplay thread during the event.

We are going to have a lot of fun activities for participants to engage with during RaiderCon. These will take place in the event's discord server. There will be a meme contest, trivia, and a Puzzle Hunt! These will be open to all attendees.

And of course, there will be raiding! We are looking to have some trigger battles (manual only), WFE creativity contest, and try out some old-school raiding by doing so on NationStates Century theme. Any of these particular RaiderCon-sponsored raiding activities will be led by TBH and therefore not open to defenders. With that said, defenders are welcomed to engage in these activities on their own.