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A bunch of issue ideas for NationStates

Here are a bunch of issue ideas for people to write about on the Got Issues forum. I do not guarantee that these will make good issues, or that they will not overlap with other existing issues. Now sorted into different categories.

Subliminal messaging used in advertising
@@LEADER@@ not popular on social media - buy followers?
Hackers holding the country's critical infrastructure for ransom
Cryptocurrency regulation
Misinformation in digital media
Stock trading without the internet -- falling behind

The merits of lobotomy
Outbreaks of mass psychogenic illness
Whether expensive medications for rare diseases should be subsidised 
The ethics of placebos
Ethics of having fast food ads during kids shows
A Theralizumab-style controversy

[b]Economy and Business[/b]
Tax authority's inability to collect taxes (see Greece, Italy)
Corporate manslaughter
Exchange rates - fixed or floating
Shrinking product sizes due to inflation (shrinkflation)
Dumping (in the context of international trade)
Companies escaping debt by phoenixing
Misinformation causing a bank run
Companies increasingly using stock buybacks (ban the practice?)
Attracting start-ups to @@NAME@@

Driving tests/licenses for the elderly
Increasing STDs amongst the elderly (could be a no contraception issue)
Gentrification - displacement, increasing rental costs, rent controls
Should the government fund "useless" degrees
An issue on chaebols (nut rage incident in particular)
Performance pay for teachers
Grade inflation
Increasing declining birth rates -- race to multiple pregnancies?
Shutting down businesses on a holy day
@@NAME@@'s anthem being boring
Looting after a natural disaster
Usage of hostile architecture
Large airbnb parties annoying neighbours
Usage of low quality cladding for buildings (Grenfell fires)
Making feminine sanitary products free (Issue name: No strings attached?)

[b]Politics and Geopolitics[/b]
Government refusing too many freedom of information requests
Government's excessive usage of paper
Salary of leader/politicians being set by politicians
An issue about disputed borders - suggested name: Drawing the Line 
An issue about @@NAME@@ having enclaves in other countries - could also use the same name above
Military bases built on coral reefs near @@NAME@@
Cabinet room being bugged (see Australia–East Timor spying scandal)
Increasing levels of political polarisation
@@NAME@@ having an in-exile government
@@NAME@@ having a pretender to the throne

[b]Crime and Justice[/b]
Juvenile emancipation
Expunging old criminal records
Jury nullification
Judicial uniform in courts (level of formality)
Use of Mr. Big police procedure/other questionable methods to extract confessions
Making fines proportional with salary
Use of nutriloaf in prisons

Match fixing in sports
Ultramarathon deaths
Ethics of having gambling ads during sports
Nation unsuccessful at Olympics -- what to do about it?

Dangerous landmarks (see El Caminito del Rey)
Peaks in demand during sports matches/a popular TV event causing strain to water/electricity networks
Witch/voodoo beliefs in primitive countries
Drab communist buildings and what to do with them - suggested name: 50 Shades of Grey

Heir to the throne having secret children out of wedlock - royal bastards - for monarchies
Magnetic interference disrupting avian migration patterns
An issue about people being trapped in a cave after a storm (Thai cave rescue)
Websites selling novelty Lords and Lairdships - for countries with a feudal system
Space debris from a Daguo rocket landing on @@NAME@@
Periodic locust outbreak
Uncontacted peoples deep within the jungle/on an isolated island
Easter egg issue on NS's trading cards system 
Easter egg issue on The Purge

[b]Developing nations[/b]
Poor electrical wiring causing electrical fires
Inefficient supply chains (see [url=]here[/url])
Water quality
Safety of street food
Teachers not actually coming to school to teach
Outbreak of hookworms amongst people
Insurance for rural farmers
Corruption in obtaining drivers licenses
Corruption in construction of public infrastructure
Traditional foodstuff suddenly more expensive due to overseas demand - [url=]see here[/url].
Accepting structural assistance loans