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A bunch of issue ideas for NationStates

Here are a bunch of issue ideas for people to write about on the Got Issues forum:

General ideas
Subliminal messaging used in advertising
Freedom of information requests
Juvenile emancipation
Sports matchfixing
Corporate manslaughter
Heir to the throne having secret children out of wedlock - royal bastards - for monarchies
Public housing being trashed by tenants
Increasing STDs amongst the elderly
Scam artists claiming they have cancer
Government's paper usage
Expunging old criminal records
Hikikomori/social isolation amongst NEETs
Reversal of one child policy
Jury nullification
Exchange rates
Replicating robots in elections
Judge Judy-like TV shows in countries without courts
Leader's signature choice
Teaching handwriting/penmanship in schools
Judicial uniform in courts
"Useless" degrees
Mass psychogenic illness
Magnetic interference causing disruption to bird's migration
Exchange rate policy
Use of Mr. Big police procedure
Shrinking product sizes due to inflation
Witch/voodoo beliefs - primitive countries
Peaks in demand for electricity/water during sports matches
@@NAME@@ having an in-exile government
@@NAME@@ having a pretender to the throne
Dumping (in the context of international trade)
Phoenix companies
Salary of leader
Diplomats ignoring traffic laws

For developing countries
Poor electrical wiring causing electrical fires
Inefficient supply chains (see Linkhere)
Water quality
Safety of street food
Teachers not actually coming to school to teach
Outbreak of hookworms amongst people
Insurance for rural farmers
Corruption in obtaining drivers licenses
Corruption in construction of public infrastructure
Traditional foodstuff suddenly more expensive due to overseas demand - Linksee here.