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Armed Forces Badge

Armed Forces Flag


Edrium Rebellion
Imperial War
Operation Forward Presence

Service Branches

Royal Serpens Land Navy
Serpens Land Army
Royal Serpens Land Air Force


Ministry of Defence, Fort Charlotte

Commander in Chief

King Edward II

Minister of Defence

Steve Wallace

Cheif of the Defence Council

Admrial Brendan Allan

Military Age

16 - 50 years old


Two years of service
(18-29 years old)

Active Personnel


Reserve Personnel


Annual Budget

US$29 billion

Percent of GDP


Foreign Suppliers

Alteran Republics, Dormill and Stiura, Corindia

    The Serpens Land Armed Forces are the military services responsible for the defence of the Realm of Serpens Land. They also serve to promote Serpens Land interests across the Western Isles and to provide humanitarian aid and peacekeeping. It consists of three service branches, the Royal Serpens Land Navy, the Serpens Land Army, and the Royal Serpens Land Air Force. In peace time, the Serpens Land Armed Forces have a combined strength of 42,850 active personnel and 279,170 reserve personnel.


    The Serpens Land Armed Forces were originally established in 1915 to fight against the Edrium Rebellion. The armed forces would not see combat again until 1942 following the invasion of Diachen by Neo Imperialist forces. The invasion and eventual annexation of Diachen would lead to Serpens Land to join the Free Powers in the Imperial War. Following the Imperial War, Serpens Land saw a rapid demobilization in response to a vast war debt built up during the Imperial War.

    In 1957, a military coup led by General Cornell Allard transformed Serpens Land into a republic. Under General Allard, Serpens Land strengthened it's armed forces and built up it's defensive capabilities. Universal conscription was introduced by the republican government in 1961. Serpens Land's armed forces continued to grow even after the transition back into a monarchy in 1967. Since the 1980s the armed forces have shifted their focus from defensive operations to a mobile force capable of performing overseas missions. Serpens Land's defence industry has also grown since the late 20th century. In the early 2000s, Serpens Land adopted it's first native fighter, the SF-100 Dragon.


    The Serpens Land Armed Forces continue to employ conscription. Technically, every Serpens Land citizen from 18 - 29 years of age must serve two years of national service in the armed forces reserves. However, as long as a "good reason" is provided any citizen may be exempt from national service. While most Serpens Landers complete their two years of national service due to benefits such as a reduced college tuition and high military pay, any reason provided for not enlisting is generally considered to be a "good reason".


    The Commander in Chief of the Serpens Land Armed Forces is the reigning monarch, King Edward II. However, de-facto control of the armed forces is vested in the elected government of Serpens Land. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is the government ministry responsible for the armed forces. The MOD is headed by the minister of defence - currently Steve Wallace. The Chief of the Defence Council (CDC) is the highest ranking officer in the armed forces. He or she is usually an Admiral, General, or Air Chief Marshal. The current Chief of the Defence Council is Admiral Brendan Allen. The CDC works with and advises the Ministry of Defence on defence policy.

    Each service branch also has departmental head who reports to the Chief of the Defence Council. The Royal Serpens Land Navy is headed by the First Sea Lord, the Serpens Land Army is headed by the Chief General Lord, and the Royal Serpens Land Air Force is headed by the Chief Air Lord.

    The headquarters of the Serpens Land Armed Forces is located in the capital of Serpens Land, Fort Charlotte. The primary Serpens Land naval base is SLNB New Plymouth in New Plymouth, the primary army bases are located in Duncan, Eaton and Richmond, and the primary air bases are in Carisbrooke, Richmond and Tara Moru.


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