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Ministry of Defence, Fort Charlotte

Commander in Chief:
King Edward II

Secretary of State for Defence:
Steve Wallace

Chief of the Defence Staff
Admiral Brendan Allen

Military Age
16 - 60 years old

Two years of service mandatory for men and women 18 - 29

Active Personnel:

Reserve Personnel

Annual budget:
US$29 billion

Percent of GDP:

Foreign Suppliers
Alteran Republics

Domestic Suppliers
Wilcox-Ayers Aerospace, Serpens Land Electric Company (SLEC),
New Plymouth Shipbuilding

The Serpens Land Armed Forces are the military services responsible for the defence of the Realms of The Dominion of Serpens Land. The also promote the international interests of Serpens Land and provide humanitarian aid and peacekeeping. Since 1939, the Serpens Land Armed Forces has required all Serpens Land citizens to serve for 2 years in the armed forces reserves. All active personnel are volunteers.

The Serpens Land Armed Forces consists of three armed wings; the Royal Serpens Land Navy, the Serpens Land Army and the Royal Serpens Land Air Force. Under the Royal Serpens Land Navy, there are two sub-branches; the Serpens Land Fleet Auxiliary and the Royal Serpens Land Marines. On April 30 2020, the Serpens Land Space Command was formed. The Serpens Land Space Command falls under command of the Royal Serpens Land Air Force.

One of the main roles of the armed forces is to protect and enforce Serpens Land's territorial waters. The armed forces also helps protect important government officials, and participates in peacekeeping missions around the world.

The Commander in Chief of the Serpens Land Armed Forces is the reigning monarch, King Edward II. The armed forces are led by the Chief of the Defence Staff. The Chief of the Defence Staff also works with and advises the Ministry of Defence on defence policy.

All Serpens Land men and women who are between the ages of 18 and 29 are required to serve for two years in the military. This policy was originally enacted to increase the amount of available soldiers during the Second World War. It has been found that conscription decreases youth rebelliousness and lowers crime in general. Any attempts to remove conscription have not been successful. Conscripts are all in the military reserves and are not deployed overseas unless they volunteer to do so.


The Serpens Land Armed Forces is divided into three service branches.
Our service branches work together to protect our nation's interests at sea, on land and in the air.
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The Royal Serpens Land Navy (RSLN) is Serpens Land's naval force consisting of
approximately 60,000 Active Force and 250,600 Reserve sailors, supported by around 13,800
civilian employees. The mission of the Royal Serpens Land Navy is to generate combat-capable,
multipurpose maritime forces that support Serpens Landís efforts to participate in security operations
anywhere in the world, and defend Serpens Land and her citizens from maritime threats at home and
abroad. The Navy's people and our ships are able to respond to a range of situations and undertake
tasks such as combat operations, search and rescue, underwater recovery, trade protection, peacekeeping
and humanitarian aid and disaster relief.


The Serpens Land Army is the land component of the Serpens Land Armed Forces.
The current Serpens Land Army can trace it's roots back to the Serpens Land Expeditionary Force formed
at the beginning of the First World War. The Serpens Land Army is the smallest branch of the Serpens
Land Armed forces with only about 45,000 active and 100,000 reserve personnel. Serpens Land soldiers
fought in many of the major conflicts of the 20th Century, including the First World War, the Second
World War, the Korean War and The Malayan Emergency. Serpens Land troops also served in the Gulf War,
Iraq and Afghanistan and continue to maintain small numbers in several bases in the middle east.


The Royal Serpens Land Air Force (RLSAF) is the arial component of the Serpens Land
Armed Forces consisting of approximately 57,000 Active Force and 190,100 Reserve Force. It was formed
after the First World War on April 1st 1920. The RLSAF played a large role during the second world war both
in Europe and in the Atlantic. The Royal Serpens Land Air Force is responsible for ensuring aerial defence for
Serpens Land and her realms, as well as providing search and rescue, and humanitarian aid.


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