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Welcome to the South Pacific Independent News Network

Founded in 2003, the South Pacific Independent News Network (SPINN) is an independent news organisation whose goal is to provide good news, insightful commentary and timely information to all South Pacificans.

The SPINN is committed to providing quality content on a regular basis. This content will come in the form of a variety of publications aimed at keeping the public informed, but also aimed at providing all South Pacificans with opportunities to share their views with others. The following publications comprise our repertoire:

The SPINN - Commentary from our Senior Editors on the major regional issues of the week

Culinary Corner - Recipes from around the world, one each week, for citizens to try

Real News - Articles from our correspondents on what truly happens behind the scenes

Random Musings - Opinion columns from our guest contributors on issues of regional importance

Our Contributors
The SPINN publishes most of its content using pseudonyms, with the notable exception of Culinary Corner, where recipes are credited to whoever suggested them; and Random Musings, where the author is named unless they specifically request to remain anonymous. If you wish to submit content to the SPINN, review our submission guidelines and send your recipe, opinion column or analysis piece to this nation.

Our Editorial Stance
The SPINN is an independent news organisation; it is not affiliated with the Government of the South Pacific and may publish content that either supports or opposes government policies and officials, but said content does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Editorial Board. Views that reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board will be published in the form of editorials.

If any published content is inaccurate or misleading, send a message to this nation so that your concerns may be addressed.

The South Pacific Independent News Network (SPINN) is an independent news organisation established in 2003 with the goal of providing good, insightful and timely commentary on regional events for the citizens of the South Pacific. The SPINN is not associated with the Government of the South Pacific.