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LazCorp Writing Competition

LazCorp Writing Competiton

Greetings Lazarenes. I am here to announce the beginning of a new regional writing competition. It will take place on the forums, can be found Link here and is open to anyone in Lazarus.

What is the topic and when is it due?
The topic is your nation. You can write anything to do with your nation, be it a newspaper article about a particularly interesting horserace, a diary entry from your leader or an account of a great military victory. As long as it is about something in your nation, you can write about it.
The deadline for submissions is a month from today although this may be subject to change, If it does change, you will be informed.

How will it all work?
You will enter your submission on the forums in a dedicated thread. If your having trouble, you can always TG it to me, Mzeusia and I will put it in the right place. After the dealine, I will consider all the entries and pick one winner. I will also pick runners up. The amount of them depends on the amount of entries but only up to a point.

I have a question
A question? Okay. Just telegram me, Mzeusia, quote me on the RMB or find me on Discord. My username is Mzeusia#8685.

Best of Luck with your Writing!