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Koem Kab Defeated, 9003 Commended, and Hunger Games 4 - Card News, edition 5

Koem Kab Defeated, 9003 Commended, and Hunger Games 4

June 14, 2020

Card News, edition 5

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Koem Kab Loses the #1 Spot

The current Deck Value leaderboard

In perhaps one of the most unexpected moves ever, Luna Amore has completed their rise to the top of the deck value leaderboard, thanks to hyper-inflation of Misplaced States and Aki Zeta. We covered this last week, but Luna continued to inflate, and now sits comfortably at the top. Of course, Luna acknowledges the temporary nature of the standing, but this still does highlight an interesting style of play. The last time Koem Kab was in second came as a result of Farrakhan inflating their season 1 card, briefly taking the number one spot before the card was quickly deflated. Others have also seen success with inflation, such as Kwaj, Bawkie, and Timao. However, none of these players have achieved the level of success reached by Luna Amore. Rather than buying a card from others at high prices, the inflation was done between Steampunk Ariel and their main. Somehow, more than 1000 bank was moved more than a dozen times, despite multiple players watching it happen in front of their very eyes. This move definitely brings into question the viability of hyper-inflation as a way of making it up the Deck Value leaderboard. For example, 9003 and Noahs Second Country both own many copies of their own inflated cards, and still have a good amount of stability from them. We have also seen hyper-inflation from N00027 via The Dark System, which sits above 800 MV. These 1000+ bank transfers are safely done on cards with 40+ owners, with seemingly no real risk. 13 cards constitute a top 20 placement on a leaderboard for N00027, while less than 100 make up 199K for Luna. Card News will continue to track the fate of these cards in the future.

The current top 3 cards

The First Card… Defense?
Following the first ever card raid, covered in last week’s news, it appears that defending against pull events is possible. Sometime on Saturday, Ever-Wandering Souls matched on Old Tyrannia S2, and began bidding up, announcing the pull event on the Cards Discord. In line with most pull events, the card was found 7 times in the first 10 minutes, by Feu de Glace, Mikeswill, Refuge Isle, Westinor, and N00027. However, pulls abruptly stopped after the first few minutes of the event, despite continued bidding and more packs being opened than ever. The reason? N00027 and Noahs Second Country flooded the market with common cards selling well above MV, and farmers began pulling those instead of the legendary card. It’s been theorized that this was possible, but this was the first time the technique has ever been applied, and it clearly worked. Souls, not believing the circumstances, also attempted to run a pull event on HMS Unicorn, but no copies were found - though 8 copies of world-domination were. There’s a lot of speculation around the potential of this ‘defense’, from crashing officially sanctioned pull events to simply maintaining scarcity or even protecting transfers. The fact that commons and 10 bank is so accessible means that the pull event meta itself will probably move towards less public events and less success overall. Noahs Second Country also went ahead and formed the Card Defenders Alliance, though the actual intention of the organization remains unclear. Of course, this realization could be used to maximize pull event success too - as demonstrated by pull events on Abacathea and Noahs Second Country by The Northern Light and Noahs Second Country. By waiting for transfers to leave the market, more copies of the card were pulled in less packs after a 50 minute halt to the pull events.

9003 Commended
The resolution, now known as SC#311, written by Noahs Second Country and Ransium has passed 13,882 votes to 4,806. The resolution highlighted 9003’s many contributions to the card community, including various tools, collections, and service via the Card Olympics and TNP Cards Guild. Congratulations to 9003!
The text of the resolution:

The Security Council,

Seeing the popularity of art collecting among many nations throughout the smallest and largest regions of the world, yet saddened to see much of this artwork being labeled by critics as "common" and therefore indiscriminately relegated to the junkyards of many nations without further thought or care,

Amazed at the efforts of the curators of the art galleries in 9003 to bring to the limelight otherwise forgotten pieces, proudly displaying more than one hundred thousand of these so-called “common” artworks, including twenty-two thousand that no longer exist; these may be forgotten entirely without the efforts of 9003,

Praising the efforts of 9003 to distribute and freely allow the use of their personal art finding software to the curators of other art museums the world over, these efforts include:

  • Creating a suite of tools that assist in the intake and cataloging of recently acquired artworks

  • Creating the Deal Finder software package, which enables curators to identify artwork that is for sale at below average prices,

  • Ensuring that the software is used properly by publishing guides for their own software as well as the software of others, and directly assisting those in need of assistance,

Impressed by 9003's maintenance of a report of more than ten thousand satellite states belonging to various art collectors, which enables traders to avoid conflict with otherwise unrecognizable states,

Recognizing 9003's position as Deputy Guildmaster of the North Pacific Cards Guild, a guild meant to promote unity and cooperation among art collectors, where 9003 has utilized their influence to play a significant role in recruiting new members and giving well-deserved recognition to creative artwork collections as part of The Monthly Card Collection Competition,

Respecting 9003's smaller collections, which are designed to bring attention to certain topics, including:

  • Mathematical Beauties, honoring mathematical concepts,

  • Nice, a similar collection celebrating a number,

  • Winter Wonderland: School During a Snow Storm, a particularly creative collection depicting a school environment during a snow storm,

  • Single Awareness Day, reminding single individuals to love themselves,

  • Another Worthless Collection, highlighting a temporary technical flaw in the artwork valuation system,

Acknowledging 9003's efforts to promote community among artwork dealers across the world by creating and hosting Olympic Games for art, where art curators from different nations competed in various events to better manage their art galleries, find unique artwork, and to learn to appreciate artwork for traits beyond critical acclaim and high monetary value,

Noting that 9003 generously gave out prizes for these games from their personal art galleries, including some of the most expensive artworks in history of the multiverse, from nations such as Soops, Nervun, and Frisbeeteria; these gifts were unprecedented in their magnitude among the artwork community,

Lauding 9003's impressive military service protecting vulnerable regions in the forces of Mordor, where 9003 rose to the rank of general, this service includes:

  • Liberating regions under control of enemy forces attempting to destroy regional history, communications, and unity,

  • Restoring regions formerly destroyed by enemy forces, by restoring regional history, detagging, and preserving important inter-regional connections,

  • Massive production of nuclear weaponry for defense of billions of citizens under the faction 'It All Goes Karputsk In The End' during the nuclear apocalypse,

Emphasizing 9003's similarly valuable contributions in the North Pacific Army, which involve:

  • Participating in the destruction of hate-filled regions known for preaching fascist ideals,

  • Creating a backup index of regional histories in case the current system fails; without this regional history would be freely and easily destroyed by enemy forces,

  • Developing a safer, more efficient version of a tool known as Breeze, enabling defenders to react quicker to potential threats,

Admiring 9003’s authorship of SC303, a commendation for a similarly deserving member of the artwork community,

Concluding that 9003 is an artwork powerhouse that has risen to prominence above hundreds of others for their generosity, positive influence in the community, and openness to new members,

Hereby Commends 9003

Coauthored by Ransium

Card Hunger Games 4
Harmonic Empire ran a more violent and fast-paced hunger games than ever before! Check out the action here:

~~~ Card Hunger Games ~~~
Total Massacre!

by Waiban, Harmonic Empire

Greetings, tributes, ‘tis Waiban once again! I’m just about to announce the results of our fourth run here, but before we get to it, I want to apologise for a teensy weensy mess-up during the simulation. The K/D rate went too dang high that it yeeted 30 tributes into the depths of hell within a span of 3 days. So… well… the next fifth run’s gonna be back to the simulation’s default K/D rate, but with more prizes! So stay tuned for the next run! E.


As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.

Zeritae stays at the cornucopia for resources.

Valentine runs away from the Cornucopia.

Mahrenbach, Holoratus Retcon, Erickt, and Racoda share everything they gathered before running.

Stomachraider sixteen finds a canteen full of water.

Scotland pushes Voxija off a cliff during a knife fight.

Smiley Bob runs away from the Cornucopia.

The Chuck snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag.

Honeydewistania finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.

Koem Kab finds a canteen full of water.

Lemonadia spears Toerana in the abdomen.

Noah runs away from the Cornucopia.

N00027 cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.

Castelia runs away from the Cornucopia.

Giovanniland snatches a pair of sais.

East Blepia runs away from the Cornucopia.

Harmonic Empire and Terra Britania fight for a bag. Terra Britania gives up and retreats.

9003 runs away from the Cornucopia.

Luna Lovers grabs a sword.

Aramythia runs away from the Cornucopia.

Love and Nature finds a canteen full of water.

Ignis Cinere runs away from the Cornucopia.

The Bigtopia, Xoriet, Boda, and Ballotonia share everything they gathered before running.

Recuecn cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.

Apostate grabs a sword.

Westinor runs away from the Cornucopia.

South Reinkalistan strangles Refuge Isle with a rope.

Sedgistan accidently steps on a landmine.

Awesomeland finds a bag full of explosives.

Vylixan snaps Cult of Koem Kab's neck.

Son of Thousand Farmers snatches a pair of sais.

Morover finds Seanat hiding in the cornucopia, but Seanat kills him.

Inven grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty.

DGES runs away from the Cornucopia.

Marxist Germany breaks Stomachraider four's nose for a basket of bread.

Skundi cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.

Giovanniland travels to higher ground.

Terra Britania discovers a river.

Xoriet goes hunting.

Apostate tries to spear fish with a trident.

Smiley Bob dies trying to escape the arena.

Seanat goes hunting.

Luna Lovers dies trying to escape the arena.

Inven thinks about home.

Love and Nature sprains her ankle while running away from Erickt.

Castelia attacks Honeydewistania, but she manages to escape.

Stomachraider four receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

The Chuck tries to spear fish with a trident.

Holoratus Retcon tends to Zeritae's wounds.

Ignis Cinere discovers a river.

Stomachraider sixteen falls into a pit and dies.

Ballotonia, Aramythia, and Koem Kab hunt for other tributes.

Racoda thinks about home.

East Blepia questions her sanity.

9003 practices his archery.

Mahrenbach, Son of Thousand Farmers, and DGES hunt for other tributes.

Noah and Marxist Germany work together to drown Boda.

The Bigtopia collects fruit from a tree.

Harmonic Empire tries to spear fish with a trident.

Vylixan makes a slingshot.

Scotland strangles Awesomeland with a rope.

South Reinkalistan defeats Westinor in a fight, but spares her life.

Valentine dies from an infection.

Lemonadia tries to sleep through the entire day.

Fallen Tributes 1

Lemonadia and Westinor sleep in shifts.

Noah destroys The Bigtopia's supplies while she is asleep.

Love and Nature's trap kills Marxist Germany.

Apostate destroys Stomachraider four's supplies while he is asleep.

Castelia receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

9003 receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.

DGES passes out from exhaustion.

Son of Thousand Farmers looks at the night sky.

Inven looks at the night sky.

Koem Kab loses sight of where she is.

Giovanniland convinces Honeydewistania to snuggle with him.

Erickt goes to sleep.

Harmonic Empire questions his sanity.

Vylixan and Ignis Cinere talk about the tributes still alive.

Aramythia taints Holoratus Retcon's food, killing him.

The Chuck and East Blepia tell stories about themselves to each other.

Ballotonia begs for Mahrenbach to kill him. She refuses, keeping Ballotonia alive.

Seanat receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

Scotland attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful.

Zeritae is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth.

Terra Britania dies from thirst.

South Reinkalistan receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

Xoriet tends to her wounds.

Racoda tends to his wounds.

Koem Kab thinks about home.

Seanat sprains her ankle while running away from 9003.

Giovanniland tends to Lemonadia's wounds.

Vylixan severely injures Honeydewistania, but puts her out of her misery.

Aramythia dies from an infection.

Son of Thousand Farmers hunts for other tributes.

Love and Nature sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.

Scotland scares East Blepia off.

Stomachraider four attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.

Racoda, South Reinkalistan, Zeritae, Xoriet, and Castelia track down and kill Apostate.

Harmonic Empire chases The Chuck.

The Bigtopia steals from Westinor while she isn't looking.

Erickt tries to spear fish with a trident.

Ballotonia overpowers Noah, killing him.

Ignis Cinere attacks Mahrenbach, but she manages to escape.

DGES runs away from Inven.

Fallen Tributes 2


DGES destroys 9003's supplies while he is asleep.

Giovanniland and Zeritae fight Scotland and Westinor. Scotland and Westinor survive.

Ballotonia and Son of Thousand Farmers fight Erickt and Harmonic Empire. Ballotonia and Son of Thousand Farmers survive.

Vylixan receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

The Bigtopia screams for help.

Koem Kab goes to sleep.

Seanat and Castelia huddle for warmth.

South Reinkalistan, Mahrenbach, Love and Nature, and Xoriet sleep in shifts.

Inven is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth.

Racoda, Lemonadia, and The Chuck sleep in shifts.

Ignis Cinere spears East Blepia in the abdomen.

Scotland makes a slingshot.

Castelia pushes Inven off a cliff during a knife fight.

Koem Kab constructs a shack.

Ballotonia makes a wooden spear.

The Bigtopia and Son of Thousand Farmers hunt for other tributes.

Seanat scares South Reinkalistan off.

The Chuck steals from Mahrenbach while she isn't looking.

Love and Nature explores the arena.

Xoriet picks flowers.

Lemonadia camouflauges himself in the bushes.

Westinor defeats 9003 in a fight, but spares his life.

Ignis Cinere begs for DGES to kill her. She refuses, keeping Ignis Cinere alive.

Vylixan falls into a frozen lake and drowns.

Racoda sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.

Fallen Tributes 3

Lemonadia loses sight of where he is.

DGES stays awake all night.

Koem Kab, Ignis Cinere, Ballotonia, and Westinor sleep in shifts.

Seanat climbs a tree to rest.

South Reinkalistan looks at the night sky.

The Chuck and 9003 work together to drown Mahrenbach.

Xoriet, Love and Nature, and Racoda discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.

Scotland and Castelia tell stories about themselves to each other.

The Bigtopia climbs a tree to rest.

Son of Thousand Farmers tries to treat his infection.

Koem Kab travels to higher ground.

Racoda, DGES, The Bigtopia, Xoriet, and South Reinkalistan hunt for other tributes.

Lemonadia pushes Ignis Cinere off a cliff during a knife fight.

Love and Nature taints Seanat's food, killing her.

Westinor and 9003 hunt for other tributes.

The Chuck and Castelia split up to search for resources.

Scotland severely injures Ballotonia, but puts him out of his misery.

Son of Thousand Farmers searches for firewood.

Fallen Tributes 4


Xoriet and The Bigtopia talk about the tributes still alive.

South Reinkalistan, 9003, Koem Kab, and The Chuck tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood.

Scotland tends to Castelia's wounds.

Son of Thousand Farmers receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

DGES looks at the night sky.

Racoda thinks about winning.

Love and Nature and Westinor talk about the tributes still alive.

Lemonadia thinks about home.

The cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes' families.

Castelia kills Lemonadia for his supplies.

9003 sobs while gripping a photo of his friends and family.

Racoda, Scotland, and Love and Nature successfully ambush and kill The Bigtopia, South Reinkalistan, and DGES.

The Chuck sobs while gripping a photo of her friends and family.

Koem Kab decides not to go to The Feast.

Westinor convinces Son of Thousand Farmers to not kill her, only to kill him instead.

Xoriet falls into a frozen lake and drowns.

The Chuck defeats Koem Kab in a fight, but spares her life.

Westinor hunts for other tributes.

9003 defeats Racoda in a fight, but spares his life.

Scotland hunts for other tributes.

Castelia searches for firewood.

Love and Nature searches for firewood.

Fallen Tributes 5

Love and Nature and Racoda threaten a double suicide. It fails and they die.

Westinor and Castelia track down and kill Koem Kab.

9003 cooks his food before putting his fire out.

The Chuck stabs Scotland in the back with a trident.

9003 silently snaps The Chuck's neck.

Westinor makes a wooden spear.

Castelia hunts for other tributes.

Fallen Tributes 6


Westinor goes to sleep.

Castelia attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful.

9003 questions his sanity.

Castelia diverts 9003's attention and runs away.

Westinor accidently steps on a landmine.

Fallen Tributes 7

Castelia sets an explosive off, killing 9003.

Discord Link: LinkNS Trading Card
[Published 14/06/2020]


Read dispatch

Congratulations to Castelia and Reformed Capitalist Scotland!

Trader Spotlight
Racoda has been an extremely helpful and innovative member of the cards community, responsible for all of the tools found Linkhere. Card News was able to obtain this interview which helps to explain their intentions and perspective on cards as a whole.

Interview with Racoda
Interview conducted by The Unified Missourtama States. Note that it is more than a month old, and answers are subject to change
Q: what brought you to collecting cards, and what is keeping you collecting?
I initially collected a few cards during the original april fool's event. I was amazed and frustrated that so many nations managed to build huge decks and collect enormous amounts of bank: I desperately wanted to get just one legendary.
When I came back to cards, I created 10 puppets and started farming, to finally get that legendary. :P
Since then, I think it's been equally the community, the thrill of transferring bank and writing tools that has kept me in the game.

Q: How do you feel the card community is changing? is it getting better or worse?
I think the cards community, as a whole, is really friendly and tries to help each other out. I'm happy to see new players and a lot of cards-related events (TNP's Cards Guild pull events and TMCC, 9003's olympics). I feel cards are like a less messy version of gameplay.
However, the recent happenings around pull events worry me: I fear a huge change in the trading culture, with much less community interactions, more backroom deals and a greater focus on getting to the top of the MV leaderboard.

Q: Many small cards players like to maintain the idea of large farmers (such as you) as villains, do you agree, do you like this perception?
We're friendly! Most of us aren't villains. Well, not openly ;)
From what I've read on the forums, this is mostly a critique of the unfairness of extensive farm networks we run.
I don't like the opinion that large farmers are evil: the truth is the cards game, like anything, requires investing time and effort into it. The more time you invest, the more you get. Anyone can do it: I was once a small player too.
A large farm can be a huge time sink, but with enough dedication, it's possible even for a new player to achieve their goals.
A great example of this is Noah, who in just a few months reached over 20k DV and created a comprehensive collection of most S2 rares.
If you're a new player, don't be afraid to ask questions! Be it through the forum, telegram, or by joining TNP's Cards Guild, all the big evil farmers can help you and give you some tips ;)

Q: What is your favorite card?
It has to be page=deck/card=434561/season=1.
I was extremely happy to see I finally got an epic! This was the first one I found during the original april event (as a bonus, the nation is now CTE :P)
(The pretitle also reminds me of a guilty pleasure song.)
Q: What is your favorite collection? Why?
Definitely one of DGES' ex-nation collections. Probably page=deck/collection=998/nation=destructive_government_economic_system. I have a soft spot for ex-nations and CTEs; and this is a collection of unique, extremely rare artefacts from nations that will never reappear.

Q: What advice do you have for others in the card community? (Both spiritually and technically)
Spiritually, I think players (especially new players) should focus on collecting cards they enjoy, or creating collections they enjoy.
I've seen quite a few players jump into trading cards and immediately try to achieve the best possible DV and MV on cards, or only collect legendaries. That can lead to frustration and burnout. Collect nations from your region, animated cards, cards with cats or crabs; or even legendaries, epics, and aim for MV. But make it a conscious decision. Most importantly, don't be afraid to learn and don't be afraid to lose: it's half of the fun!
Technically, there's a lot of tools out there that can help you out with finding cards (TNP's Guild card queries), identifying puppets, efficient transfers and farming (shameless plug: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=481816). The single most useful tool for farming is Firefox Containers.
If you want to start farming, start small and expand as needed. Maybe 10 or 25 puppets. If you feel you can manage that, then 50, 100, etc.
You don't have to farm all of them daily, though. A lot of players have "pack storage puppets": they answer issues until they have 9 packs, and wait for a pull event.
And remember: this is just a game. Don't be toxic.

Thank you Racoda for your participation! If you would like to be interviewed or you would like to request an interview, please telegram Noahs Second Country for more information.

Collection Spotlight
By Giovanniland - forum thread

A few notable collections have come to attention over the past week. Check them out!

(2+2)*(22+2+(2/2)): While some would argue this is close to a personal collection, it's listed here because this is the first time a single person controls 100 copies of a legendary card! Before this, Koem Kab held the record, having 72 copies of season 1 NERVUN.

Misplaced Aki: The Most Ostentatious Collection: The many copies of Misplaced States and Aki Zeta give this collection a value of over 190,000! Even if the value falls, it will stay as a relic of Luna Amore reign as #1 by deck value, as covered in this edition.

Kangaroos: Among the various animal collection is one about kangaroos! Although the collector, Kangaralis Varangius, is new to the game, this marsupial collection has surely jumped to the attention of several other collectors.

Cat Collections by Feline Masters, Alanis Star, and Nazbeth:
Cats are so popular that there are not one, but three collections over 300 cards! Regardless of size, these cute collections surely contain hundreds of different cat cards to be looked at!

Want free cards?
Everyone loves ‘free’ cards, and Card News is offering another chance to get some! In its current state, Card News is solely run by Noahs Second Country as an independent effort to aggregate interesting events in the cards community and hopefully draw some more attention to the scene. However, real life interests and other obligations can get in the way, hence why this edition was released a week late. To combat this, I’m trying to recruit new authors with 1 free legendary card per 2 articles written for Card News. Naturally, there will be some quality standards, but all you need to do is send Noahs Second Country the following:

Card News Writer Form

Nation Name:enter the name of your card collecting nation
Article Topic:Give a general idea of the article you would like to write
Additional Comments:Add notes here

After I approve the article topic, further instructions will be given. Hopefully, doing this will result in higher quality, longer, and more detailed articles from a variety of authors. Thanks for your support, and thank you to all of the authors that have joined recently!

Subscribers will be pinged in every future dispatch. Please TG me to let me know you want to subscribe. New subscribers also qualify for a free season 2 CTE Epic card!