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Join The Fylkirvegr Army! (FA)

The Fylkirvegr Enchiridion

The Government of Fylkirvegr calls upon all nations to dedicate themselves to the security and prosperity of our region. This is best achieved by a large, active and responsible military.

The FA as a military body has several functions and if you wish to join, you can choose what sort of role you wish to take:
The Auxiliary or Pilers - Nationstates updates two times a day (these two updates are known as minor and major) and during these periods every nation in a region has their endorsements calculated and the nation with the highest number of endorsements is made the WA delegate. Pilers do not have to be around during either update but rather need only check their email, forum PMs or nation telegrams to check if they need to move and reinforce a position during any given time. The benefit of being part of this division is that you are not required to be online at update and will be given a rank. It is notable that you will not gain promotions as fast as the second force, the updaters.

Special Forces or Updaters - Updaters as mentioned above, are required to be online close to update so that they might move into a region at a given time. It is also generally a requirement that updaters have access to Discord, which is easily achieved by visiting the link at the top of the forums. Updaters will be promoted much faster than the Auxiliary and are also considered to be members the Auxiliary.

Note that by being a member of the FA, you will be required to create additional nations (puppets), transfer your WA membership from your main nation to those puppets, and move the puppets to other regions.

Membership in more than one army is not allowed in the FA.

This may all seem a bit complicated and overwhelming but feel free to Telegram the Minister of Defense if you have any concerns or queries about what it all means and by all means, fill in the form the best you can in the interim.

If you are interested in taking part in various missions in the name of Fylkirvegr, please fill out this form and take the oath correctly.

Applications must take the form of:

Nation in Fylkirvegr: Nation name here
Current World Assembly nation: Nation name here
Previous NationStates military experience, if any:
Other NationStates military or non-military organizations you are involved in, if any:

By my honour and by my conscience, I will endeavour to be a trustworthy and faithful soldier of the Fylkirvegr Army. In peace and in war, I will support and defend Fylkirvegr and its legal system of government. If I perceive or gain knowledge of activity to overthrow the legal government of the region, I will report it to the Minister of International Security without delay. I promise to act properly and uprightly, to obey the lawful orders of the Prime Minister and my superiors, to comply with the law and all military rules, and to keep the military secrets trusted in me. Should I be given a position of military leadership, I will endeavour to set a good and encouraging example to my subordinates. When deployed, I will be mindful that my actions reflect on my region, and endeavour to represent Fylkirvegr with honour and dignity. I swear all this freely and without reservation.