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by The Eco-Socialist Nordic Kingdom of Freedomanica. . 145 reads.

The Great Founding of Fylkirvegr

The Fylkirvegr Enchiridion

After the great battle between the forces of evil and good in Ragnarok long ago. Every living thing was thought to have been perished between all the nine worlds, but in Midgard, the clever Esir gods told the great God of Air, Freedomanica, to get four families of Vikings at the time with rich in birth of young and to be with them during the great Ragnarok in the deepest roots of Yggdrasil.

“Protect them, don’t let them get into any harm and rule the society you will make!”

Odin -King of The Esir Gods

Before I had departured to retrieve the lucky bunch, Odin knew the fate of the Realm and he then gave me a special orb that was green and had leave-indents on the exterior it looked glamorous when I contemplated it, Frigg, the most beautiful goddess out of all the Esir gods said it had the ability to bring Yggdrasil to life, she called it the Orb of Life. I was honored by what they had given me. For I, in terms of the other Gods’ opinions especially Thor the thunder god, was the best leader after Odin, of course.

I had flown blissfully like a flying eagle down Yggdrasil to Midgard, the inhabitants of the humans. I already knew who I was going to choose:

  • Tropolistia -This sweet eco-friendly was one of the sweetest women alive, she had rose petals on her hair and it really brought out her hair, she had 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls, with a well-respected man who worked as a carpenter at the time, Tropolistia was the most eco friendly people I knew, when I saw those petals on her forehead, I knew nothing about the toxic air pollution there was in many of the cities in Midgard

  • Marcellion -This nobleman was not really nice in the opinions of many, however, If you really got to know him, he is the sweetest man alive. He was hurt in many friendships in his past especially being bullied during his school years, but once you get his trust, he can really be a lifesaver. He has a wife and 4 kids, one boy, three girls

  • Francessiano -This man was another noblemen at the time, who ruled the Kingdom of Fjord with a fair hand, he had a liking in diplomacy between many nations and was thought of as the ‘peacemaker’. He ended many wars and was helped by Marcellion, Duke of Heimmeir (going to come back to this kingdom later on), as this Kingdom was known for its intelligence on other nations and had outstanding military forces. Francessiano had 8 children and he was the richest nobleman perhaps alive at that time after Odin obviously, but he would not know that! 7 children were boys, 1 a girl

  • Angelic holiness -This holy nobleman was the Pope, who ruled 10 kingdoms all under her administration, yes the Pope was a powerful leader, but was humble, kind, joyful, loved, reverent to Odin and was extremely wise. Her holiness had powers she was able to summon Angels who would do her bidding, apparently, she was gifted by Odin for his reverence towards him, and was awarded for her noble actions. That is why I chose her (in my opinion, Odin forced me to pick her, but I was glad anyways). This women brought birth to 6 female angels and 8 male angels. The angels that are born proved to be much more powerful than those summoned by her. Eventually these angels would become Security Councillors, who would defend the region under the Leadership of Marcellion and then (lower in the hierarchy) Demonic evility (we will get to the lad later on) from raiders trying to get the Prime Minister position (please, this is later on)

  • Drathalon -This man, is the oldest person I had recruited. He was the Royal weapon smith in the Kingdom of Heimmeir (told you we would get back to it) it is said that if he gave you a diamond sword, it would be able to cut a whole mountain in half, so he was a great liability. He also was really into the community and was committed to social equality and peacekeeping. He has 4 children, all of them girls

  • Demonic evility -This man, to be honest with you, nothing was good about him, he was evil straight to the core, however he was the most equality-focused man on Midgard. He was a judge at one of the kingdoms of The Pope, Angelic holiness, and darn, he was a good judge! He lied a lot, but never broke any rules of Law & Order. He always served his kingdom with commitment, despite his reputation, he was the bringer of justice. He had 7 children, all boys

  • Fylkirvegr -This man in terms of leadership, was the best in his Kingdom. He told me dreams of his ambitions for his kingdom, I was so impressed, did I mention he is also the wisest even beating Angelic holiness, that I brought him before the mighty God, Odin. He shared many traits of what I wanted to have after the terrible Ragnarok. He had 15 children (the most), 10 girls and 5 boys. He would eventually become my ‘advisor’ as The Regional Nation, he had the power he deserved

I had hid them and their families in the centre deep roots of the mighty tree of Yggdrasil, I protected them while on their journey I even had to face Surtr, ruler of Muspelheim. The battle was ferocios, perhaps if you would join our region, I might tell you, but for now, NOPE! We wiggled ourselves past all of the Pope Kingdoms, past the Kingdom of Heimmeir, and then there it was, the trunk of Yggdrasil. When these mortals saw it, they were amazed. They only could see the trunk of Yggdrasil since they were at Midgard. I tucked them in the roots of Yggdrasil, so tight, luckily the Vortex would not transport us out to Asgard and the Esir, or to the bottom of Svartaflheim.

After Ragnarok, we were astonished by what we saw, however we knew we had to move forward, Asgard was in rubble, Jotunheim’s blissful mountain scenery was lost in smoke, Muspelheim, well was the same dream it always was!

We then decided to found all the nine realms of:

  • Asgard (home of the capital city of Valhalla)

  • Muspelheim

  • Jotunheim

  • Midgard (important world... soon going to be called ‘state’)

  • Svartalfheim

  • Helheim

  • Afleheim

  • Vanaheim

  • Niflheim

    These realms would be states and the capital is Valhalla in the state of Asgard. I rule the nation, we called it Fylkirvegr, there would be nine governors of the nine states, a prime minister we are still trying to find (come to our region, it might be yours). Me, the ruler, the King of Fylkirvegr. We then became the great region we still believe in, all eight of us!