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‎JUNE 12th 2020

'Together will be the voice of the American working close' -Democratic Nominee Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders accepts the Democratic nomination in Milwaukee

The Bernie Revolution takes over the Democratic Party

DEMOCRATS After a heated primary against a stacked Democratic field, Democratic Socialist Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders beat out Joe Biden in the final states as he unified the party behind him to take on a increasingly popular President Trump. Especially as the US economy continues to boom under Trump.

Prior to the convention Bernie had promised to put forward a woman as his VP Candidate, and he did so with the second term congresswoman from Hawaii in Tulsi Gabbard. Becoming the first woman of color to nominated as the Vice Presidential candidate in American history. During the convention, many cabinet positions were announced by the Sanders team in a move to unify the party as quickly as possible. Andrew Yang being given the position of Secretary of the Interior, and Pete Buttigieg Secretary of State. Joe Biden was offered a position as a senior advisor to the President. Billionaire Mike Bloomberg who wanted to attend the convention was denied entry after sexual allegations saw the Feminist wing of the party push Bloomberg out. However Bloomberg has said he will continue to fund Democratic campaign to 'beat Trump'.

After accepting the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders had the following to say.

'With belief in the change for the common men and women of this nation, I accept your nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America. The time has come for America to accept a the reality that Socialism is not evil, that Social Democracy works. Scandinavia has shown us that this works. We will not let the number of people living in the street increase, as our taxes go up, and more American's live in poverty. No more Mr. Trump. No more will be breading grounds of violence, we will deal with the cause of crime. Not keep putting poor people into jail. Our children will not into jails any longer. This campaign when it started not in 2019, but in 2015 was about progress. To show the elite that we will become a nation we can be proud of. We will make America a nation of the working class once again. President Trump claims to be the face of the working class, yet the working class continues to suffer under the Trump Presidency while his friends in wall street are enriched by his policies. You can tell how well we are doing, as we can see how nervous everyone is. The Trump campaign is nervous, the Democratic establishment is nervous, wall street is nervous, the health care industry is nervous, the fossil fuel company is nervous, we are their worst nightmare! At first the thought was 'could this really happened'. The answer is yes, it is happening! The time has come for all Americans to stand up as working class people fighting for change. Thank you and together we will be the nightmare of the establishment!

Nancy Pelosi announces retirement from politics in disgraced exit

San Francisco
DEMOCRATS Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (20072011) announced her retirement from politics in a shocking press conference. She said the time had come to step aside, this was after she led an unsuccessful Democratic challenge against Donald Trump in the 2020 midterms. The GOP went onto pick up 256 seats in the House and 59 seats in the senate. The Democrats would fall down to 179 Representatives and 41 Senators. This point blank ended any opportunity the Democrats had to impeach Trump, or place a Democrat on the Supreme Court. Especially after Stephen Breyer was replaced by Indiana Governor Mike Pence, which completely derailed the reformed Democratic Party under Nancy Pelosi. Many in the Democratic establishment have even blamed Pelosi's losing effort against Trump for Bernie Sanders becoming the new face of the Democratic party. This has been hailed by many as a 'dangerous path' that the Democratic party will take in further isolating moderate voters.

Trump hits record 68% approval rating

Fox News

GOP Donald Trump's average approval rating across the six largest national polls is at a record high of 68%, making Trump more popular than Obama and Nixon at their peak. This is something that the Trump team has been sure to share on social media, and will definitely use in campaigning as they wish to paint the Democrats Bernie Sanders as a communist. Making Trump the sane alternative compared to the destruction Sanders campaign.

President Trump most recently spoke this morning on Fox and Friends where he had to say the following about Bernie Sanders becoming the nominee of the Democratic Party.

    "Bernie, crazy Bernie, you know we are hearing from a lot of foreign leaders that they want Bernie to win. They want to keep ripping off the United States. Crazy Bernie man, the Dems had a choice between sleepy Joe and crazy Bernie. He missed his time in 2016, we liked Bernie, but his time is up. He no longer is an outsider, he is an insider playing the outsider, but given what happened he was taken advantage of. Not treated with respect by Clinton at all. We beat Hillary greatly, Bernie could not beat her. And Bernie won't beat us, because we will not surrender America to communist."
said President Donald Trump