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Better Together

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Better Together


The New Pacific Order, as represented by the Emperor, His Senate and the Charter of the New Pacific Order, hereby enters into this accord as the sole legitimate government of the Pacific,

Bran Astor, his Manner of Governance, and rightfully chosen successors hereby enter this accord as the sole legitimate government of The West Pacific.

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Article I - Cultural Exchange

In general, interregional events and collaboration between signatories will be actively encouraged and supported.

In particular, the signatories commit to the creation of a calendar of dates reserved for bi-regional and multiregional events within thirty days of ratification, to be adjusted as needed, and dedicate the wholehearted effort of their government to actualize such events.

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Article II - World Assembly

In general, signatories will discuss World Assembly proposals and votes, and will work towards both regionsí interests in the World Assembly when possible. Neither signatory shall be forced to vote against their interests.

In particular, a joint task force shall be established within the first 30 days post-ratification with the intention of creating joint resolutions and repeals for both the Security Council and General Assembly.

Joint military operations to disrupt quorums are expressly sanctioned.

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Article III - University

In general, signatories will collaborate, exchange citizens, and promote knowledgebase learning within universities and cultural events. The signatories will promote mutual development of key resources, leadership knowledge, and appreciation of the otherís unique cultural strengths.

In particular, key exercises and exchange programs will be conducted to celebrate and advance each signatory's diversity and success. Such exercises shall begin to be phased-in within 45 days of ratification.

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Article IV - Mutual Defense

Mutual defense shall be provided against hostile regions or organizations engaged in attempted sabotage, blackmail, or espionage upon request of either signatory.
Intelligence concerning the other signatory shall be shared. In particular, information from any source of an attempt to harm or that is engineered to harm the other signatory is expected to be shared. Intelligence not concerning the other signatory is recommended to be shared when prudent.

Where a signatory is a treaty ally to a region or organization engaged in hostilities or aggression with the other signatory, opting for neutrality is explicitly allowed. All intelligence sharing requirements remain in force in the case of such neutrality.

The defense of a signatory will be made priority of the other signatory in the event of a third party attempt to overthrow either signatory. This explicitly includes a re-evaluation of neutrality due to a pre-existing treaty option of neutrality.

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Article V - Military Cooperation

Joint operations will be conducted in interest of furthering good relations, encouraging increased military experience, and to cooperate in a spirit of goodwill. Both signatories acknowledge their respective ideological preferences.

In general, neither signatory will censure the other for participation on an opposing side of an operation, nor will either signatory pressure the other for support of an operation against the working preferences of its military. Operations initiating or supporting deliberate hostilities against the other signatory shall be actively avoided.

Also in particular, signatories agree to keep the military intelligence of the other classified and will not share without consent.

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Article VI - Termination

This accord may be terminated by either signatory at any time. This accord shall remain in effect for two full days (forty-eight hours) following notification of cancellation. Notification will be given privately to the opposite signatory's government.

This accord will sunset one year after ratification, unless both parties agree to continue the provisions of this accord for another year.

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Article VII - Amendment & Ratification

The signatories may by simple agreement modify any provisions of this accord.

By the signatures below, this accord is ratified:

East Durthang, Emperor

The Seeker of Power, Consul
Xoriet, Legatus

Bran Astor, Delegate

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