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Grace of Gaia World Assembly Endorsement Program - WASP

World Assembly Endorsement Program

What is WASP, and what does it do?

WASP, as it is known, is the acronym for the Grace of Gaia's World Assembly Endorsement Program, sometimes referred to as the Gaian WASP.

WASP's primary purpose is to facilitate and gather as many endorsements as possible on each and every one of our WA members, or Wasps. Each month a dispatch shall be put out containing all Wasps which have either endorsed all nations in the region (as of the previous night's update), or have endorsed all but 10 other WA members within the region (also as of the previous night's update). Every nation which makes it onto this list is automatically entered into a weekly raffle, and each week the winner of the raffle will be featured on our World Factbook Entry (as well as receiving a special role on our Discord server, "Raffle Winner", to which they may choose the hex code color they wish for it.)

How can you participate?

Easy! First, click here to join the World Assembly. Once you have joined the World Assembly, scroll to the bottom of this dispatch and endorse your fellow Wasps! If you do not know how to endorse, it's very simple! Simply go to the nation page of one of your fellow Wasps, scroll down to the bottom, and click the "Endorse" button on the bottom left, then repeat until you've endorsed everyone!

You may also do one of the following:

  • Make a post on our Regional Message Board, asking to be sent a telegram containing all nations you have not yet endorsed. (Moderately efficient)

  • Send a telegram to either -Tulov or Arudis, asking to be sent a telegram containing all nations you have not yet endorsed. *The telegram may come back to you from one of the other two, so keep an eye out! (Least efficient)

  • LinkClick here and join our Regional Discord Server, and use the command >swap YOURNATIONNAME in the channel #bot_and_vc_text. If you are having trouble figuring it out, ask for help. (Most efficient)

Bear in mind, it may take 24 hours (or more, depending on the method you choose) for any of these to work, as it takes until roughly 03:40 AM EST to get updated lists.

What benefit is there to any of this?

Glad you asked! Every single endorsement helps to make our region more influential and more secure. How, you ask? Well,
  • Endorsements help to generate more influence per person per day, thus increasing the daily influence gained by not only the region, but every Wasp endorsed!

  • Every endorsement we can muster helps to improve our power and our standing in the world!

  • More endorsements and more influence means our region is more secure in the long run! If for some reason the Sovereigns should ever go inactive, having as many Wasps as we can, with as many endorsements as possible, will generate larger and larger amounts of influence, thus making a potential raid on the region difficult!

  • And though this reason is more of a novelty, if you happen to be into NS Stats, this will benefit both your WA Endorsements and Influence stats, helping you to climb the ladder further and further!

Who are our fellow Wasps?

Good question! We have a dispatch dedicated to listing all of our WASPS (courtesy of Bassiliya / Rhyme and Reason), you can find it directly below. Typically, it is updated every night, so check it regularly to see if there's any new WASPS!

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