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New World union Chronicle Vol 2.

[i][b][size=125][u]New World Union Chronicle Vol. 2[/u] --------------------------------- [u]June 12th, 2020[/u][/size][/b][/i]

[b][i]RP News:[/b]

[/i][i]Party Time in Sylvania Clans[/i] 
[nation]Sylvania Clans[/nation] has recently invited The nations of the World to gather for a celebration at the end of the Gem war despite the fact that two continents are currently embroiled in conflict and there are still many combat casualties as such no one Actually knows when the war will be over

[i]A whole army going AWOL[/i]
It’s currently late December in the role play and winter in France has set in, while most of the coalition forces in France are used to the winter  the reserve army from the South Pacific nation of amaabj are suffering badly in this weather and there is some talk that if they don’t get into the fighting soon they will perform a mass exodus going home, which may happen anyway with turmoil brewing in Unovia.

[i][b]Election July 2020:[/b][/i]
The election has begun and the three candidates are beginning their campaign’s this week, On Tuesday [nation]Amaabj[/nation] posted  a Campaign slogan of “Vote [nation]Amaabj[/nation]! Not just your average politician.” We'll see how the other candidates react to this next week

[i][b]Not in the discord? Here is what you missed out in the past week.[/b][/i]
There has been an influx of map claims in the last two weeks which has bottled up all of Central Asia and Iberia and most of Morroco thanks to new Land territories for new citizens if things keep up at this rate we may have no more room on earth for map claims as of right now most of the free land is in africa which is relatively open there also happens to be a ton of land in Antartica. 

[i][b]Ask Blueberry:[/b][/i]
Blueberry is our special discord bot and gives wise council. If you have a yes or no question for Blueberry please contact me on the discord or by telegram and I will post her response on this section for you next week.

[i][b]Thats all Folks![/b]
Thanks for Reading the New World Union Chronicle 
[u]Editor and Discord Journalist[nation]Amaabj[/nation][/i][/u]