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U.C.E.O.T.W. Times #8 (8th June AD 2020)

U.C.E.O.T.W. Times #8 (8th June AD 2020):

Concordance on Discord:

Recently, at the encouragement of LadyMorrighan of the New Reich of Bunicken, our region has launched our very own Discord server! It has proven to be quite a success so far, streamlining inter-regional diplomacy and the meetings of the Regional Triumvirs. Here is a link to the Discord: Link Our server is open to one and all, especially ambassadors from our embassy regions! We would be more than happy to see you all there! The idea to open a regional discord was first aired very early on in our region's life by Falmards, although the time was not deemed right until now.

Hail the Triumvirate!:

The results of the most recent elections are in! Xukong has been officially re-elected as World Assembly Delegate but decided to step down as Imperial Grand Councillor shortly before the election-period. This left the way open for our Imperial Councillor of Religion and History, New Jewlan to be elected as Imperial Grand Councillor, thus setting up the new Triumvirate. This event also led the way for another prominent candidate, Cellaronia, to be appointed as our new Imperial Councillor of Internal Affairs and a Count of the Region. He is the first to hold this position officially since the resignation of Blue carnation, although Dominant Oppressors had been serving the role's functions in an unofficial capacity until a right candidate could be selected.

Evangelizing the Stars:

Following efforts by members of the United Christian Empires of the West to terraform and colonise Mars, led primarily by a branch of Xukong, known as Pandomica (with significant contributions by members of the Dominant Oppressorian Space Force / Colonisation Units). The united space force became known as the United Christian Empires of the Galaxy. Now, terraforming is near completion and it is time to look at dividing the planet between our member-states. The Holy Emperor of Dominant Oppressors, Adam J. Vader (who also presently holds the title of 'Tsar of Xukong'), then personally drew up the divisions of the land. He then ran it by Viceroy Sheyn Romany of Xukong and following his input and agreement, summoned a Congress to be attended by the leaders of every member nation of the United Christian Empires of the West to show them the divisions. The Congress was held in the capital city of Xukong, Lunar Lake City. Terraforming has since been completed and the borders discussed at the congress have been realized.

Raiders of the Lost Ark:

New regional laws have been enacted to prevent hostile acts of raiding being performed by our member-nations and any raid of any calibre must be approved by the Regional Triumvirate beforehand for ti to be a legal action. In addition to this, one of our protectorate-regions, the United Christian Empires of the North has been converted into a refuge for displaced nations as an alternative to The Rejected Realms. More information can be found here. These reforms were proposed by WAD Xukong following several embassy-regions falling victim to raider-forces.

A Tsar is Born!:

Following the untimely death of Prime Minister Sophia Kennedy of Xukong, the Xukonger people cried out for a return to the old absolute monarchy system of days past. However, they had no heirs of the previous royal line to fill the position. So, they turned to long-time ally of their nation, Holy Emperor Adam J. Vader of Dominant Oppressors, who had previously served as a figure-head constitutional monarch for Xukong and offered him the Xukonger Crown. The Holy Emperor accepted the offer and was crowned 'Tsar of Xukong' shortly afterwards by Cardinal-Archbishop C. of The VRCC Bishopric of CrimsonScribbles. A transcript of the coronation can be found here. To aid him in governance, a native Xukonger was appointed as Viceroy of Xukong, a man named Sheyn Romany.

The Church and the Federation:

Our region also joined two alliances as of late. The first was with the Virtual Roman Catholic Church for RP purposes and prayer posting, CrimsonScribbles serves as our regional Bishop for them and so far their services have proven to be very valuable and we are grateful to have partnered with them. In addition to this, we have joined The New United Federation of Planets as a member-region. Dominant Oppressors is serving as our representative on the Federation Council and both he and New Jewlan are serving as Supreme Court Judges for them, with talks regarding Xukong's appointment also at play. We are also in process of joining a third agreement as a member-region but more details on that will be released soon.

A Royal Engagement:

It has been revealed to us in an exclusive interview that Viceroy Sheyn Romany of The Holy Christian Kingdom of Xukong and Holy Princess Sarah J. Vader of The Holy Christian Dominion of Glorious Ascension, second cousin and Goddaughter of Holy Emperor Adam J. Vader of The Holy Christian Empire of Dominant Oppressors, are engaged to be married. It has been found by our reporters that they have much in common including a shared birth-date and them both being orphans (for different reasons however) as well as other factors we are sure they share! It has also been announced that Holy Princess Sarah wishes still for the regency of Glorious Ascension by Holy Emperor Adam J. Vader to continue for the foreseeable future. Adam J. Vader will also remain Tsar of Xukong until his passing, however the line of succession will be altered to favor any offspring of this upcoming marriage as the next Tsar or Tsarina of Xukong. Sheyn Romany will also continue to serve as Viceroy for the time being, with his relationship with the Tsar only being strengthened by the marriage. It has also been speculated that the marriage could produce a new cadet-house of House Vader if the couple have more than one child, with one needing to be of House Vader proper to be heir, according to Glorious Ascensionist and Dominant Oppressorian Law. More details about the upcoming wedding will be released shortly.

A Packed Summer:

Several regional events are planned for this summer. These include most prominently the 1 Year Anniversary of the Region on Thursday August 6th, a special event for Xukong on Thursday 16th July and the 1 Year Anniversaries of Dominant Oppressors and New Jewlan on Friday 31st July and Sunday August 2nd respectively. All of these events will be accompanied by celebrations on the RMB and on our Discord. We would be happy to see you all there! More information to come as we approach these special days!

Thank you all for reading this issue of the U.C.E.O.T.W. Times! We will see you all in the next issue! Thank you very much, may God bless you always and have a great week ahead!

Written by Dominant Oppressors with Special Guest Co-Writer, New Jewlan