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URA: Welcome, Voting Members and Consultants!

United Regions Alliance

A guide for new voting members and consultants on their responsibilities in the United Regions Alliance.
Hey there! If you’re reading this factbook, it’s likely that your region has joined us. Welcome!

Hallo. Ich heiße Bluelight. Wie geht’s? I just want you to know that your region’s involvement in the United Regions Alliance (URA) is beneficial for enhancing the voices that never had a place.

Here in the URA, voting members and consultants of regions help fulfil that purpose—to let people have a haven for discussion and voting on fundamental World Assembly (WA) legislation. As well as a place to relax and chill with people from other regions. (We have roleplays!)

Fellow voting members and consultants, we thank you for the effort you put in to reflect the people’s votes. And we hope you can continue to do a fine job. It is our earnest wishes that this guidebook may help you in extending your work to do the fullest.


What are voting members? Voting members are WA nations those who represent their URA member region in votes on WA and URA resolutions. They vote in URA WA legislation polls. Their votes and input in discussions can help sway others to vote another way. Indeed, voting members play a great and noble role.

What do I need to do to become a voting member? Your region’s authorities will be responsible for the choosing of a voting member representing your region. The authorities of the URA do not do this, so if you want to be a voting member, you will have to ask your regional government.

I’m a voting member. What do I need to do? First of all, I need to clarify something important. Though the job of a voting member sounds easy—just typing ‘aye,’ ‘nay,’ ‘com,’ or ‘abstain,’ there is actually one strict requirement a voting member needs to follow.

That requirement is to actively represent their region in URA polling of WA resolutions. How? By voting at least once in every four WA resolutions. The Overseer of the Assembly tracks your voting records, so we know if you have not done as such. If you have not done so, the Overseer, an enforcer, or any other alliance cabinet member will remind you to do so.

What if it keeps happening? We will let a voting member off the first and second time. However, we can’t keep on reminding. In your schedule, it may also be considered obnoxious of us to keep doing so. Which is why, three strikes and you’re out. The third time should a particular voting member be absent for four WA resolution pollings, we will kindly ask the regional government to provide a replacement. If there is no response, the region in question may be removed from the URA—do note an active voting member is necessary for membership.

Damn. Y’all are strict. Why do you enforce such a rule? I’d like to bring up the URA’s purpose again. We want members and their views to be represented actively—that is our core purpose. We believe that it is fundamental to enforce such rules to keep on fulfilling that purpose.

But I’m constantly busy! My schedule is full and you can’t always expect me to be there! Sorry. We are quite strict on the subject. If you can not fulfil the requirements, we advice you to pass on the voting member position to another person within your region.

Fine. Are there any requirements? Indeed. You have to have a WA nation in a URA region.

I hope that clears up any questions on this end!


What are Consultants? Consultants are WA nations that open up WA resolutions for discussion on their region’s regional message board or on their region’s discord or forums, depending on what the respective regional authorities prefer. After gathering feedback through these discussions, they will be asked to present the feedback into the URA discord’s main discussion channel.

We suggest that regions who have consultants set up a discord channel specifically for WA legislation discussions, and possibly stir up debate through the use of verbal aids (questions and facts). Get into the debate yourself if you could, too.

Consultants are also entasked with the job of delivering and announcing election ballots of their respective regions.

I see. Must every region have a consultant? Nope. It’s really up to the regional authorities, although we will definitely open up the option if your region is entering the URA.

Hm. What’s the requirements? You must have a URA region in a WA nation, and you must actively do your job.

And I’m done on this front!

Voting members and consultants, we salute you! You may not know it, but your job and persistent efforts assist us in the glorifying of our purpose as the United Regions Alliance. Thank you, and may your work be as fruitful as ever.

Would you welcome more information?
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or contact the Founder, Ellenburg directly.