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Technical-ly Helpful, I Guess

Semi-useful stuff that I've created (via the NS API), changes that I've provoked, and just general code-y jazz.

API Tools:
Linknspy_wrapper (Python)
A wrapper for the Nationstates API. Handles rate-limiting, user agents, response formatting, and just generally makes the API more convenient and easy to use.

Linkns-transfer-cleanup (Python)
A script that goes through a list of puppets and gifts one specific card back to your main account, if the puppet has the card. Useful for cleaning up puppet farms after mass-copy bank transfers so you don't have to go through all of your puppets and manually gift the card back.

Linkns-endo-happenings (Node.js)
A TNP-specific script that checks the last 24 hours of regional happenings for new WA nations. Originally to be used in tandem with LinkThe North Pacific's endorsement-checking tool, now unnecessary due to the functionality of this script being added to the official endorsement-checker.

Linkns-puppet-checker (Node.js)
A script that goes through a list of puppets and checks their card packs, bank, value and number of issues, to make managing large card farms significantly easier. Similar tools include Valentine Z's Gold Retriever and LinkRacoda's goldretriever-web.

Credit to Auralia for creating the Linknode-nsapi library, without which I wouldn't have made either ns-endo-happenings or ns-puppet-checker.

Technical Utilities:
LinkComputer-Readable Issues List (JSON)
A list of every Issue in Nationstates (up to Issue #1319) including description, options, effect lines, and everything else that makes an issue fun. Formatted as a .json file so that computers can read it and play around, rather than having to interpret the entire spoiler list from text.

Changes to the Site:
CTE Card Pull Chance
Cards of CTE'd nations were, up until this point, unfindable, leading to many 0-owner cards becoming unobtainable for anyone and stopping plenty of collections from reaching completion.