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May Executive Report

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May Executive Report

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Led by Minister Druing, with the assistance of Deputy Ministers Dome Artan and Kanglia

As we pass the halfway mark of the Phoenix Government's term, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has continued to foster diplomacy with friends of the region - We're seeing new interest in the region with new consulates established and curious ambassadors heading over to see what we're all about. Additionally, we have persisted in taking seriously, health, safety and security in foreign relations; Which is why during the past month, we took punitive action towards a region, cutting ties with them entirely. The Ministry doesn't see fit to reiterate a notable disturbing incident that was previously covered in an official statement, so we conclude with a reiteration that the Union is committed to maintaining a safe environment.

The Ministry of The Census
Led by Minister Glaciosia, with the assistance of Deputy Ministers Dome Artan and Die Kronprinzessin

The Ministry of the census underwent some slight reorganization during the month of May, with Minister Glaciosia appointing Die Kronpronzessin as Deputy Minister for Archival, and adding needed complexity to the structure of the ministry . A link to the Master Dispatch has been added to the citizenship acceptance letter. The Ministry, in its capacity of recruitment and record keeping has overseen the expected increase in CTEs among the regions populace, and with the assistance of Comlogical compiled a spreadsheet recording them. In the course of the Ministry's citizenship mission, 37 applications were handled this month.

The Ministry of Culture
Led by Minister the Second United States Republic with the assistance of Deputy Ministers Duckstan and Asdersland

The Ministry of Culture has been able to maintain activity in its roleplay server. Unioncraft continues to operate in a decentralized manner, with some members of the community (like The Noble Thatcherites) starting build projects in the main city. Roleplay- which saw an increase of ooc tensions and unrealistic roleplaying- has cooled down to its normal state. We believe this growth is sustainable in the long-term. I personally think it is best for us to consider a reset in the future when the community is active enough to undergo such a transition because it'll be hard to tell how technology will evolve in the 2030s and 2040s. If we reset though, it won't be for some time.

The Ministry of Defense
Led by Minister Comlogical, with the assistance of Deputy Minister Kanglia

The Ministry of Defense keeps up with its mandate to defend founderless regions - and from April 30 up till the present time, the UDSAF has participated in 416 defenses, 115 detags, 2 drive-bys and 3 liberations, with a total of 536 successful operations within just a month, an unprecedented number since the revival of the Armed Forces. The Defense Ministry will continue to assist regions in dire need of protection from raiders.

The Ministry of Justice
Led by Minister Brittalia

The Ministry of Justice has served it's constitutional duty to the President as provided, but has not had much activity nor substantive roles to fill. We are currently waiting on the Legislature to pass a judicial bill, which will provide the Ministry the tools to enforce and uphold regional law.