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Easter eggs (from Ballpit)

Here's a handy dispatch from Ballpit's Easter Egg Guide for the Uninformed.

Hello reader, and welcome to my simplistic overview of how to get Easter eggs! I’ll cut straight to the chase, as I’m not one for idle chatter.

1. Halloween Easter egg: change your national animal to one of the following spooky creatures:
1) zombie
2) monster
3) ghost

(Others may work, but these are proven)

2. Colour Easter egg: change your nation’s pretitle to include a colour.
Eg: “The Red empire of Ballpit”
(Any colour works)

3. March Easter egg: change your national animal to Leprechaun, or your national currency to Gold Bars, or adding “lucky” to your pretitle.
(May only be able to be activated in March)

4. NationStates anniversary egg: simply get 3 Easter eggs and it’ll be activated.

5. Religion egg: the only way I know how to activate it is to include the word “holy” in your nation’s pretitle.
Eg: “The Holy empire of Ballpit”
(May be population selective, and may need at least 1 billion population to properly activate.)

6. Santa egg: change your custom fields to align with the holiday season! :)

7. Friendship Easter egg: change your motto to include the word “friendship.”
Eg: “Friendship is magical”

8. Breaking the fourth wall: change your motto to include the word “NationStates”

9. Remove the E Easter egg: remove all letter e’s from all custom fields.

10. Aliens Easter egg: (unproven) make pizza delivery and space programs high. (Scientific advancement)

11. Zombie Easter egg: let your nation CTE and then restore it. Times for egg activation may vary.

12. Issues egg: solve at least 300 daily issues.

You can also mix and match, setting triggers for different Easter eggs at the same time. For example:

Changing your motto to “NationStates and Friendship” activates two for one, changing your animal to “Zombie”, and your currency to “Gold Bars” activates 2 more, and changing your pretitle to “The Holy Blue Lucky Empire” activates 2 more! (3 if you didn’t activate the March Easter egg in another custom field.)

DISCLAIMER: Easter eggs aren’t activated immediately, and can sometimes take weeks to actually trigger.