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Notes for F7ers

Since the first time I've joined Forum 7, I have noticed that some of the responses did have some misinterpretations about my nation. Henceforth, although this has largely died out as of right now, I've decided to make this factbook to prevent further confusion, arguments or misinterpretations among these responses. Keep in mind that these notes will vary depending on the F7 thread that I'm referring to.

F7 flag threads(Constructively Rate The Flag Above You, Is the AN's Flag Cool?, Two Nations Above You - Who Has The Better Flag?)
Not much to say here, but if you are going to include and consider the meaning of my flag in your response(unless its on a thread involving guessing the meaning of my flag), then consider looking here for information on that regard.

F7 war threads(Which AN would win in a war, Would YN beat AN in a war?)
Quite a few things to say here. In terms of capabilities that seem to have been ignored, please take into account that our phoenixes can only be destroyed by space or anti matter weapons and the exact magical abilities that our wizards and phoenixes have (especially if your response is between this nation and a nation that also has magical capabilities). Oh, and don't forget to look at my defense factbook for these threads.
Note: This should be considered to a lesser extent for threads that involve siding/declaring war/both with the AN(s).

F7 guessing threads(Guess where the AN is from IRL, Guess the favourite real life nation of AP, How do you imagine the player above in real life?, What real-life ethnicity is the AN likely to be?)
Try your best not to cheat for any of these threads(that includes looking at my OOC factbook) when responding to me although you can base your guess on clues that I give you(won't be the case for threads about having guesses based purely on certain features though). Also, for the guessing threads, if your guess is precisely correct, then I may consider giving away a card with the level depending on how specific that guess was(once I have a big enough stock pile that is) as long as you didn't cheat, but try and remind me if you don't want one.

Other F7 threads
Would you live in the AN?, Which of the AN would you rather live in? - If you're taking NS stats and policies into account, then please consider reading these factbooks.
What does AN's capital look like? - Try not to use a picture or a description that is directly from my factbooks.
This may or may not be updated depending on the circumstances.

Oh, and of course, as you generally should in these forums, don't forget to follow these rules(this is particularly directed to those who are new to NationStates).