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Ikherian State-owned/Private Enterprises and its listing (WIP)

Ikherian economic is regulated by law. As result, business in Ikheria have many type of business entity, from Public limited company (Cyrillic Indonesian/Indo-Ikherian: Перусахаан денган пердаганган сахам Публик (ПдпсП), Latin Indonesian: Perusahaan dengan perdagangan saham Publik (PdpsP), Polish: Spůłki notowane na giełdzie (S.n.n.g.), Russian: Компании с публичной торговлей акциями (Кпта)) to Scientific Research Company (Cyrillic Indonesian/Indo-Ikherian: Перусахаан Пенггембанган Илмиах (ППИ), Latin Indonesian: Perusahaan Penggembangan Ilmiah (PPI), Polish: Firma Badań Naukowych (F.b.n.), Russian: Научно-исследовательская компания (НИК)). These companies invest in many nations and follow international and Ikherian law. Here below these companies.


Type: Public limited company
Sector: ICT
Product: Encryption System and Equipment

IkheriaCryptoCom are Ikherian technology corporation was formed from 2020 for supply Federal government, Allied nations and consumer encryption equipment. This corporation can produce more than 5,000 equipment per month. IkheriaCryptoCom product are Secure Telephone, Fax and Data Encryptor, OTP(One Time Password) System, Text Encryptor and Encoder, and encryption ASIC and CPU.

NPO Novarnaka

Type: Scientific Research Company (State-owned company)
Sector: Military Equipment
Product: Missile, Guidance, Controller, RADAR, EO/IR optics, and Full weapons systems

NPO Novarnaka are join Public-Private Ikheria company was its specialization are Missile system. This company are produse more than 9,750 equipment per month. Novarnaka are one from some company are researching a next generation of Buk and Tor air defence system and also are one company to deal with repair and maintenance of M84 Argus from Sequoia Dynamics Land Systems and MIM-191B (SL) Krait from Aerodyne Inc whom both company are from Etoile Arcture. Its product are Buk-M2IFU(Ikheria Full Upgrade), Tor-M3IFU, Baskov-2 and many more.

Ikheria Satellite Manufacture and Service Company

Type: Scientific Research Company with publicly traded share
Sector: ICT, Science
Product: Satellite bus, Payload, Command and control system, and Full turnkey systems

Ikheria Satellite Manufacture and Service Company(ISMSC) are Ikherian corporation whom are one from some company with its specialization on satellite system. This company are headquartered on Maslow (IRL:Gdansk). This company are leader of Ikheria Global Satellite Navigation System(IGSNS) consortium and its flagship satellite bus are Model 1750. ISMSC domestic consumer including Ministry of Defence, Ikheria National Telecom and Telephone Company, and many private and public company, as well government organizations.

Ikheria National Telecom and Telephone Company

Type: Public limited company
Sector: ICT
Product: Network access, Telephone and networking system, Datacenter, Telephony access, Satellite ground systems

Ikheria National Telecom and Telephone Company(INTTC) or known from former name Ikherian Post and Telecom Service(IPTS) are state-owned company on telecom service. They are leader of Ikherian telecom company with market share more than 52% and its rival, Asnet are get more than 32%. The company primary service are Triple-play Telephone access on DTIS (Digital Telephone Interfaces System, a successor (fictional) of ISDN(Integrated Service Digital Network)), Networking access, Fixed and Wireless Leased Line, and many more. Also, the company sell Telephone sets, Networking system and more. INTTC also operate a satellite network, consist by Ikheriasat-2 and Ikheriasat-3 series, providing Lamonian Sea and its surrounding territory especially Ikheria, a uninterrupted access and seamless connection and deliver information more faster and support any consumer, do what they can't do when terrestrial access is not available. INTTC now also begin to cooperate with other companies on 'Proyekt Liberty' programme.


Type: Public company with Scientific Research Company status
Sector: ICT, Military Equipment
Product: Radio and Radar Equipment

Radiotel is Ikherian companies, developing state-of-art Radar and radio system for civilian and military purpose. This company was changed with developing key Radar system for Baskov-2 and Baskov-3 SAM/ABM system. This company also develop cordless telephone system for INTTC. This technology also used for troposcatter system for military and civilian purpose.