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My Campaign for Secretary-General

Ventus Prime For Secretary General

“For a better New West Indies, and a better NationStates.”


Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Blankenheim
Secretary of Internal Affairs - Cymiopolis
Secretary of Defense - The Sakura Nippon
Secretary of Administration - Evile puppet

Why am I running?

Under Karteria’s leadership, the NWI has flourished as a region and in the world as well. I want to continue that, and bring NWI into the bigger picture, as a region everyone knows and talks about. This will in turn bring in more people and maybe even bring in new players.

What are my goals?

When I first got involved with the government in the New Western Empire, a region full of political parties, I wanted to bring everyone to the table so that everyone’s voices could be heard. Little has changed, but instead I want to hear your voices as well as people from other regions to better our entire community.

Am I the right choice?

I can’t honestly say if I’m the best candidate, or if I would do better than my opponents since I’m sure they’re all qualified for the job, but what I can say is that I want to work hard for the region that took me in and let me do the things I want to do. On June 14, I hope you will give me and my colleagues the opportunity to represent you in the NWI and the NS community. Thank you all very much for giving me this opportunity to run.