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The Confederation's Technology Exhibition


Dear members of the Confederation,

We shall be opening our doors to the region and beyond for the first event under the Department of the Arts and Communications. The Crew of HMS NHS is glad to present the Confederation's First Technology Exhibition.

The event shall be taking place both on a Discord server and the RMB.

The Crew of HMS NHS is looking for 10-15 members of this glorious region to present their technological innovations to the rest of the Confederation to show what the Confederation has to offer.

Trading of technology will be encouraged, and all exhibitors have the full assurance that our security team will stop any and all malicious intent in the Exhibition.

Enter the exhibition hall to the wonders of the Confederation's culture through technology. There will also be a fully functioning bar and entertainment available to all.

Any and all technology is available to be presented at the exhibition if it follows the rules of the region, so if you want to be an exhibitor then telegram the Director of the Arts and Communications and the Curator of this exhibition, Dr. Anastasia Clarke of HMS NHS.


All nations that want to be exhibitors must give a full description of the technology they want to exhibit. This description must only go to the Curator. Diagrams and blueprints are encouraged but will not be required but a fully-fledged prototype must be displayed.

If an exhibitor wants a demonstration of their technology, for example, a missile being launched, then this must be discussed with the Curator first and only will be allowed if the Curator grants permission.

Exhibitors must be active between 3 pm - 5 pm UTC on Saturday 13th of June 2020.

A Discord account will not be required but is highly encouraged to improve communications. All exhibitors must be available on the RMB to discuss their technology.