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Guidebook [URA]



Welcome to the United Regions Alliance! Whether your region has just joined, you're a long time member, or you simply are interested in what we do, this dispatch is for you! In the rest of this page, I am going to explain the various facets of our Alliance: our purpose, our government, our activities, and more! If you have any questions that weren't answered by this dispatch, please contact the Alliance President, Suvmia either through telegram or on discord at Suvmia#1607.

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The official, constitutional purposes of the Alliance are to:

  1. To vocalize the opinions of smaller regions in the world assembly, and provide assistance for the writing of resolutions.

  2. To develop friendly relations with other organizations and regions for the goal of furthering peace.

  3. To achieve international cooperation with solving problems of any nature, and to promote and encourage respect of human rights without distinction of race, sex, language, or religion.

  4. To be a center for harmonizing nations and regions for those ends.

In addition to these purposes, the alliance also works to generally improve its members, as well as promote a community between our member regions.

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In order to become a member of the URA, there are a few simple requirements that must be met. A region must have:

  1. A World Assembly Delegate,

  2. Be able to provide an active Voting Member, and

  3. Uphold the rules and standards of our constitution.

If your region fulfills these simple requirements, then congrats! You are eligible to become the next member of our Alliance. But why should you?


By joining the Alliance, there can be many benefits to you and your region. Let's go through them, shall we?

In a smaller region

As a member of a smaller region (between 5 and 30 nations), here are a few of the benefits you can experience:

  1. Access to a larger pool of nations and other members to socialize with,

  2. The opportunity to participate in huge, Alliance-wide events like our Interregional Roleplay, URA Olympics, and more,

  3. Better access to professional assistance in recruitment and activity for your region from our multitude of medium to large sized members, and

  4. Opportunities to serve in a governing structure for an organization of 3000+ nations.

In a medium region

As a member of a medium region (between 30 and 100 nations), here are some of the benefits you can experience:

  1. Options to expand your region to use the WA as a facet for activity,

  2. Opportunities to discuss with other regional leaders that are experiencing similar issues as you, in a community-like setting,

  3. Have access to regional leaders of large regions, to ask questions and discuss the issues they face, and

  4. Have the opportunity to discuss and implement ideas and legislation on a scale that your region has yet to attain.

In a large region

As a member of a large region (100+), here are some of the benefits you can experience:

  1. Many more options for influence within the WA,

  2. Have opportunities to mentor regional leaders of small or medium sized regions,

  3. Have the option of displaying your region during our annual URACon, and

  4. Bring your region further into the International spotlight.

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So what's the catch? With these benefits that we've listed, there has to be some sort of drawback, right? Well, if you count these things to be drawbacks, here they are:

  1. In order to maintain your membership, your regions voting member must vote on at least one in every 4 WA Resolution recommendations.

  2. Your region (and the nations within it) must not be associated with any dangerous or xenophobic ideologies; those sorts of beliefs are not tolerated in the URA.

  3. Your region must notify the government of the URA of any major changes that are relevant to the relationship between your region and the Alliance, such as the replacement of your voting member, or your region performing a merger/refound.

And that's it! Those are the only requirements that we need from your region in order to become a member!

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The Alliance is almost entirely governed by the Alliance Cabinet, with the power granted to it by the Civil Council. The Alliance Cabinet is made up of the Executive (made up of the Founder, President, and Vice President), as well as the various Heads of Councils that each govern a different aspect of the Alliance. We will go through the various roles now.

The Founder of the Alliance is Ellenburg. They hold executive power, but are not in charge of any specific taskings. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the government stays on track and maintains the original purposes of the Alliance.

The President of the Alliance is Suvmia. They hold executive power and are the Head of Government. Their main responsibility is to lead the Alliance in decisions and provide direction to the Heads of Councils. As well, they represent the Alliance to others and are responsible for crisis management within the government and the general Alliance.

The Vice President of the Alliance is Noble Titans. They hold executive power and assist the President in leading the Government. Their main responsibility is to provide oversight for the various councils and activities within the Alliance, in addition to providing direction for the Heads of Councils along with the President. If the President is unavailable or incapacitated, they are to take over Presidential duties.

The Overseer of the Assembly is Scalizagasti. They are responsible for the coordination of efforts within the WA Affairs Council, mainly focused on facilitating the discussions and voting of WA resolutions, as well as discussion within the Civil Council on regular legislation and constitutional amendments.

The Head of Recruitment for the Alliance is Maricoen. They are responsible for the coordination of efforts within the Recruitment Council, mainly focused on reaching out to new regions and facilitating votes on membership for regions wanting to enter the Alliance.

The Head of Elections for the Alliance is Orca and Narwhal. They are responsible for the coordination of efforts within the Electoral Council, focused on facilitating all aspects of the Alliance election process, including but not limited to candidate registration, the organization of debates, and the verification of ballots.

The Head of Public Affairs of the Alliance is Pekares They are responsible for the coordination of efforts within the Public Affairs Council, focused on facilitating all aspects of public affairs for the Alliance, including but not limited to partnerships with news organizations, regular public informative announcements, and ensuring an Alliance presence on the NS Forums.

The Head of Interregional Roleplay is Adachi. They are responsible for the coordination of the efforts of the Interregional Roleplay Council, focused on facilitating the Interregional Roleplay for the entire Alliance.

In addition to those various positions, there are also several committees that assist in the smooth running of the Alliance. Finally, the main legislative body of the Alliance is the Civil Council, which is responsible for passing all Alliance Legislation and is made up of a voting member from each member region.

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Links & Contact Information

Well, you've made it to the end! Here is a compilation of all the links and other relevant contact information that you may need. Feel free to telegram or discord message the President if you have any questions or comments!

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Authored by Suvmia. Do not reproduce, in whole or in part, without explicit permission.